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Betclic Bookmaker Review – Read our Sportsbook Rating

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The bookmaker Betclic ( is by far the market leader in France due to the fact that the Everest Group, the organization behind Betclic, grew up in the French market. The parent group of this sportsbook just also happens to be located in the French capital very close to the boulevard Champs Elysées.

The Betclic Everest Group is not just a bookmaker, but rather a bookmaker empire: The three largest subsidiaries Betclic, bet-at-home and Expekt: which is responsible for the day-to-day business of the bookmaker, all have their headquarters in tax havens such as Gibraltar.

The managing company of the Betclic website is the Betclic (Gibraltar) Ltd. You can learn more about the Betclic Everest Group through their informatively designed group website Betclic is, according to its own information, active in more than 100 countries and has more than 12 million customers. The Betclic website is currently available in 13 languages such as Hungarian, Romanian or Finnish.

The results of the OpenOdds Betclic Bookmaker Review:

Even though, Betclic advertises using Thomas Berthold testimonials (1990's World Champion), this bookmaker was not able to convince us within the OpenOdds bookmaker review. This started with the, sometimes hard to deal with, website and continued with negative experiences regarding the Betclic bet offer. The betting odds are only slightly more pleasing than the betting product and even the additional features do not redeem Betclic.

We do not mean to speak of this as an absolute false start, but we had expected much better from this bookmaker in Germany due to the previously positive bookmaker experiences concerning Betclic and the Betclic Everest Group. With 77 out of 100 possible points, at least the Betclic rating is better than the bookmaker Expekt which is also operated by the Betclic group. This bookmaker only reached 70 out of 100 possible points.

Betclic experiences: The strengths of the bookmaker from France.

  • If you are interested in football and want to bet on football, then Betclic is right for you.
  • Since Betclic is not a small independent bookmaker, you do not have to worry about payment possibilities.
  • Among the rather average odds key, favourite bets stand out especially for top European football leagues.
  • The bookmaker Betclic is able to assist novice bettors with its comprehensive Help and FAQ section.
  • Betclic's live chat customer support is worth noting due to their prompt response times.

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Betclic: Our comprehensive review of this bookmaker

All bookmakers must prove themselves in the following 10 crucial review categories in order to be rated, even Betclic.

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting odds
  3. Customer service
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Sports covered
  6. In-play product
  7. Payment methods
  8. Other Products
  9. Security
  10. Betting limits

1.) Bonuses: The new customer bonus is okay, existing customers are also taken care of.

At the time of writing this review there were only a few minor joining incentives to be found at Betclic including a summer draw, enhanced odds and a refund on a bet made by mobile phone, however it appears that the promotions and bonuses at Betclic change regularly and are worth keeping an eye on. To learn more about the bonuses offered by Betclic, click Betclic Bonus. A continuous bonus program for existing customers or a VIP area are not to be found at Betclic. There are, however, regular bonus specials advertised on the website as well as within Betclic's newsletter.

2.) Betting odds: For favourite bets, Betclic is a must.

The odds key provided by Betclic is, unfortunately, only average and for some sports types even below average. As far as favourite bets go, you might get lucky and find the occasional excellent betting odd. Thanks to this odds advantage, the bookmaker Betclic makes itself suitable for combination bets which are normally a strength of German and Austrian bookmakers. However, as far as underdog bets are concerned, there is nothing to be had from Betclic. There are below average betting odds at Betclic for tie bets in football, handball and other such sports types where there does not necessarily need to be a winner for each match, but the number of bet variations offered here are definitely worth a look.

3.) Customer service: Very good! This is where Betclic is able to keep up with the other bookmakers out there.

The customer support provided by Betclic is available during the day via live chat, but only between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Our OpenOdds team members would like to see these hours extended to a later evening hour especially because many top events take place within these hours. The customer service itself is very competent and friendly. Emails are sent to Betclic directly ( or by using the contact form, and this bookmaker even promises a reply within 24 hours but you rarely have to wait that long. It is not always necessary to contact customer support because the Betclic website also has very informative menu items such as "Help", "FAQ" "The (Sport) Dictionary" found within the "Help Centre" section. Within these areas, novice specific questions are competently and directly answered. Even the members of the OpenOdds team made some very positive Betclic experiences.

4.) User-friendliness: oddly Betclic choose to hide their strengths.

The Betclic website is mainly one thing: Crowded, unfortunately not with numerous sports bets and in-play product, but with special banners advertising aspects of Betclic such as the mobile area or for the online slots. This eats up a lot of webpage space which is already quite limited. The fact that the sub-menus of the individual sports types are already opened up is not exactly a bad idea, but a button is missing to minimize them. Each individual sub-menu has to be closed manually. This makes it necessary to scroll down quite far, especially when you are looking for something other than football or tennis bets. Once there, you are still "bombarded" with sports betting adverts. There is, however, one notable function: The menu items of the individual sports types can be brought into the desired order using the Drag & Drop method! This is an absolute unique selling proposition for Betclic, which we just happened to stumble upon during our Betclic experiences. Betclic itself oddly does not mention this very user-friendly feature.

5.) Sports covered: Football and motor sports make a good figure.

The bet offer provided by Betclic, fulfills just about every football wish there is. It is even possible to place some rather exotic bets and also allows bets on several lower-division leagues. For many leagues, there is a very interesting offer of bet variations, for example handicap bets or half-time bets. Other team sports types, except for basketball, are not really convincing at Betclic as far as the betting product is concerned. Even the selection of leagues is just too small for volleyball, ice hockey or handball. As a bookmaker for motor sports (Rally, Speedway, Formula 1), Betclic was able to recover itself within our bet offer review. There are also classic British sports types to be had such as Rugby Union, golf, cricket and snooker however other betting classics such as horse racing and greyhound racing are not offered.

6.) In-play product: This is where Betclic really needs to get to work.

Betclic did not necessarily miss the boat as far as the increasingly important trend of in-play betting and live streams go, but has also not really made any changes here since its start in Germany. Of course, it is possible to bet on many important events for numerous sports types, but less popular events and marginalized sports types have not been included by the operators of Betclic. The bet variations offered for in-play betting also do not really capture the attention of experienced sports bettors.

7.) Payment methods: How about adding a couple more payment methods?

At Betclic, deposits are always free of charge except for credit cards. Why is it that many average bookmakers cannot, like so many top bookmakers, make all deposits and cash-outs free of charge? This still remains a mystery to the OpenOdds team. The first cash-out is, thankfully, free of charge at Betclic. After this, an additional free-of-charge cash-out can be requested every 8 days. If you area able to do just be bit of planning, then you do not have to worry about additional costs at Betclic. Deposits and cash-outs are possible at Betclic using the following payment methods: MasterCard, VISA, Skrill (formerly moneybookers), Neteller, giropay and paysafecard. Compared to other bookmakers, this is a rather short list which led to an additional point deduction within the Betclic review.

8.) Other offers: Why are the additional offers pushed so hard?

The additional offers provided by Betclic are, thanks to the group Betclic Everest Group backing it, quite extensive. These offers are, unfortunately, not only apparent in the form of menus found on the Betclic website, but also in the form of fixed advertisement banners and full page articles ("Currently at Betclic"). By clicking on the sports bet offer provided by Betclic, a passionate sports bettor has made it quite clear that he/she is not so interested in poker, casino or slots. The casino area is logically complemented by a live casino, but the mobile offer provided by Betclic is, for us sports bettors, even more interesting. Their motto is "With Betclic Mobile, I am always close to the betting action", meaning that you use your iPhone, Android, Blackberry devices and Windows Phones to experience mobile betting enjoyment.

9.) Security: Safe and professional.

As far as safety and professionalism go, there is only one opinion of Betclic: Betclic is absolutely professional and there is no trace of a scam, contrary to what has been posted in some web forums concerning this bookmaker. In this aspect, Betclic is still fighting against healthy scepticism which always arises towards new bookmakers who have not yet established themselves. Another weak point is the fact that the safety and dependability of Betclic is not communicated very well within the corresponding website section ("Privacy & Cookies Policy"). Top bookmakers take the worries of their sports bettor more seriously. The most interesting aspect under the Privacy & Cookies Policy section is the second point "Use of your personal data", here numerous processes are listed which a customer often experiences.

10.) Betting limits: Not as novice-friendly as one would like.

The minimum betting amount at Betclic is 0.10€ or £0.09 depending on which currency you select when starting an account. This is somewhat novice-friendly and a competitive amount when comparing Betclic to other bookmakers. If you are just wanting to "practice, then Betclic is not really ideal, especially since in the beginning you will probably lose more bets than you win and every lost Euro hurts. The maximum win per bet is 200,000€/£175105 (at the time of this review). This is enough to earn a solid middle field status for the Betclic sportsbook review. Betclic experiences with the bet limits for individual sports types are not so clear cut, but the customer support is very understanding when it comes to raising the bet limit in specific cases.

Betclic: Opinions & Experiences of actual users

feedbackHow professional is the bookmaker Betclic really? Does our Betclic review coincide with your experiences? If you have had the opportunity to form your own opinion concerning Betclic, then do not beat about the bush. Other OpenOdds community members are very eager to hear about your experience! After all, there is no better help when making a decision than real evaluations from real users. Thank you for your Betclic review!

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