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Betfair Deposit Bonus Code 2017 – All Terms Explained

betfair Bonus in detailBetfair, part of the Betfair Group PLC is known for being one of, if not, the biggest internet betting exchanges in the world. Originally based in Hammersmith West London, Betfair is now licensed and registered in Gibraltar.

Betfair has been active since 2000 and is known as one of the largest online betting companies in the UK, Betfair themselves claim to offer on average at least 20% better odds than those offered by other bookmakers. Betfair is a comprehensive gambling destination, as it offers a variety of other products such as poker, arcade, casino and bingo. So if you get ever get bored with sports betting, there are other betting options to enjoy.

Below you'll find the Betfair deposit bonus terms explained in detail, and make sure to check our Betfair review, to learn more about our OpenOdds ranking of this bookmaker.

Betfair sign up bonus code 2017

What deals are available for Betfair customers? The OpenOdds team is currently only reviewing the new customer bonus of the fixed odds offer provided by Betfair.

For this reason, we examined the Betfair sign up bonus in great detail and have decrypted the bonus conditions for the community as well as answered the important questions regarding the Betfair bonus code 2017. Also make sure that you take a look at the Betfair bonus terms on the official website to get a comprehensive understand of the rules. This should ideally be done before you make a deposit.

The Betfair sign up bonus overview:

      • Up to a maximum amount of £30.
      • The ideal deposit amount is £10.
      • The minimum deposit amount is £10.
      • After an account is created, you have 30 days to place the first bet.
      • It does not matter if you win or lose the first bet
      • Betfair rewards the customer and gives back the lost amount or takes its share of the winnings.
      • No Betfair bonus codes necessary!

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Current promo code & sign up bonus – Betfair deposit bonus explained

bonusIn order to redeem the Betfair first deposit bonus there is no bonus code or Betfair promo code required. It is enough to open a new customer account and then deposit at least £10. This is a relatively small deposit amount that should allow even those on a tight budget to try out this bookmaker.

The bonus itself is quite simple to understand. Wager £10 on a sport of your choosing and you get £30 worth of free bets. This is great value for the money, because you get 4x what you deposited. Most similar offers would only give you £20, but in this case Betfair has gone the extra mile to ensure new customers are satisfied with this Betfair deposit bonus. “Join today for a £25 Sportsbook Free Bet" is accredited to the personal betting account.

Have fun placing sports bets with Betfair and the Betfair bonus!
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Bonus conditions for the Betfair bonus and the Betfair bonus code.

      • Name: "Bet £10 and Get £30".
      • Bonus type: New customer bonus pertaining to the first bet.
      • Maximum bonus amount: £30.
      • Able to be cashed out: No.
      • Betting requirement: 1 x bet.
      • Minimum odds: 2.0.
      • Betfair bonus code: not necessary.

The Betfair bonus review:

sports bettingThe Betfair bonus explained above is somewhat average by industry standards and when compared to the best online betting sites offers. While a £30 free sports bet is by no means a disappointing offer there are a number of bookmakers who offer a great deal more when giving a signup bonus. However, the other best free bets offers require you to deposit a lot more money in order to access a large bonus. If you are looking for a bonus that requires a very small deposit amount, yet gives you an opportunity to build a bankroll, then this Betfair bonus is ideal.

Also, the bonus balance cannot be withdrawn until the bonus has been turned over, and you have 90 days to accomplish that. This is a lengthy period of time that shouldn’t be a problem for most sports bettors who are eager to place bets. Remember that this offer is for new customers only that open up an account. With no Betfair bonus codes to memorise there's nothing standing between you and this bonus.

Currently, the Betfair bonus receives 80 of 100 possible points from the OpenOdds team.

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5 Expert tips for the Betfair Bonus

Once you've understood the Betfair deposit bonus terms explained above, you need to focus on processing the bonus. Many sports bettors struggle to process their sports betting bonus for a number of reasons. This might be because they go broke from making too many risky bets, or simply cannot find the right sports bets to make by the time the expiry date for the bonus arrives. With the 5 betting strategies below you can improve your chances of processing your Betfair deposit bonus, and maybe make a profit in the process.

            1. Record all bets:

              Every single sports bet that you place at Betfair should be recorded so that at a later date you can analyse the results. Attempting to keep all of these results in your head is an amateur way to go about things. It’s worth trying to use software that can record and organise data automatically as bets are placed. Ideally the software will be able to create graphs that show your betting patterns in a visual format. This gives you in-depth insight into your betting patterns.

              For example, if you are betting on Premiership football, then it might be the case that when betting on a specific team you are not having positive outcomes, possibly because this team is hard to predict or you support it and your betting judgment is clouded. So try to keep an organised record of your bets to give yourself a chance of improving your sports betting performance at Betfair.

            2. Select your bets carefully:

              The bets you place and don’t place will ultimately determine your levels of success. Ideally stick to sports that you have a comprehensive understanding of. For example, if there is a sport that you have followed since you were a child then consider sticking to those sports when placing bets.

              When there is a shortage of games that you are knowledgeable about, or the season has ended for your favourite sport, then you need to get the help of a professional sports picker. Such an individual can help you make educated bets on sports that you know nothing about. Perhaps you can find one who has a mailing list and regularly gives picks, or there could be a section on great sports picks in your local paper. Look everywhere so that the number of sports that you can bet on increases.

            3. Stick to small bets:

              It goes without saying that wagering the majority of your bankroll on a single bet is a recipe for disaster. You might win a couple of times in a row, but eventually this strategy is going to fail. With sports betting the individuals who are disciplined will be in it for the long haul. Chasing a big return might seem tempting, but you need to select a strategy that isn’t going to put the majority of your bankroll at risk. What you should do is place small bets in relation to your bankroll, perhaps 2-3%, and stick to these limits no matter what. The stress factor will also be lower since you won’t be opting for a high-risk strategy.

            4. Odds enhancement promotion:

              A clever way of ensuring you get the best possible deal on each bet is to wait for an odds enhancement promotion. Betfair is very generous with the variety of promotions that they run, which includes ones for customers who have signed up a long time ago. Their odds enhancement promotions are a great way to process your Betfair deposit bonus without putting your bankroll into jeopardy.

              Not sure how valuable an odds enhancement promotion really is? To figure out the answer to this question, next time Betfair runs a promotion do a betting odds comparison with the various bookmakers out there. A word of a caution – don’t wait around too long for a betting odds promotion when you still have the bonus to clear. The worst thing that can happen with a bonus balance is not having enough time to process it.

            5. Go for the underdog:

              Bookmakers regularly underestimate how well an underdog will perform in a match-up. Therefore, as a rule of thumb it’s a good idea to look for odds that represent great odds in favour of the underdog. However, since the underdog is not going to be a regular winner try to minimise your risk by keeping your betting amount small.

              Placing bets on an underdog can be fun because usually the payouts are several multiples of the wagered amount. When you have money on an underdog it can be interesting to watch the sporting event live to see the outcome. Just be cautious of the underdogs that are really poor performers and are actually not going to win very often. At times long odds against a sport person or team are fully justified because they will win very rarely. A small bankroll cannot absorb the hit when many bets are placed on underdogs that don’t turn a positive result.

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