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Esports betting is becoming increasingly, and perhaps surprisingly, popular. Punters can bet on a variety of video game contests, where teams compete against each other in specific games, as part of a league or in tournament play. Popular with younger people, the idea of betting on computer games often seems alien or eccentric to those who are used to more conventional types of sports betting. Nevertheless, some great value can be found in the eSports markets, if you know what you are looking for.

Counter Strike: Global Order is one of the more popular games, both for players and punters. Usually abbreviated to CS:GO by fans and others who are familiar with the game, it is the fourth series in the Counter Strike franchise, and was released originally in 2012. Its scenarios are based on two teams competing for differing objectives. A team role playing as terrorists will take on a team of counter-terrorists in a first person shooter game. The objectives of the two teams are, obviously, in direct opposition to each other. Punters can now bet on teams competing against each other in leagues and tournaments at CS:GO. Read on, and we will help you to identify 10 of the best CS:GO gambling sites on the market.

We have ranked the Best CS:GO gambling sitesBest CS:GO gambling sites


Betway is a bookmaker which has identified the importance of the developing eSports markets, and offers a good range of events on which to bet. In the autumn of 2016, they demonstrated their commitment to eSports by sponsoring a team – Ninjas in Pyjamas – who are on the top eSports teams in the world right now. Betway is one of the best CS:GO gambling sites, offering punters the chance to bet on the ESL Pro League, ECS Development League, the Binary Dragons Cup, the SLI League and the ESEA Premier League, depending on which events are taking place at that time.
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Straightforward win, lose or draw odds are on offer for most competitions. Odds are also offered on in-play eSports markets, adding another feature to CS:GO gambling. Betway also offer some good markets with decent odds for players who want to bet specifically on Ninjas in Pyjamas, with in play and result based markets on offer. Punters can also pick up tips and eSports betting strategies from Betway’s dedicated blog, and there is the usual range of casino games on offer too, for some variety. Their offer of a £10 free bet every week is also very tempting.


Netbet allow players to test their skills at making CS:GO predictions, and bet on eSports competitions. As with Betway, players can bet on the Binary Dragons Cup, the SL Ileague, the ESEA competition, the Stream Me Gauntlet and the Rising Stars League. Netbet offers players the chance to lay over/under bets (O/U), which means that punters can bet on the chances of scores being over or under the bookmaker’s prediction. There are also spread betting options, outright winner markets and the chance to bet on finalists in competitions. Odds are not as generous as Betway, but the different markets on offer mean plenty of chances to make money from CS:GO gambling. There are no in play markets available for those players who want to bet on Counter Strike at Netbet.
Competitive CS:GO gambling


10Bet is very similar to Netbet, in terms of the markets and competitions available to punters who are seeking out the best eSports betting offers. The markets on offer are pretty limited, with full time results really the only thing that players can bet on, at least when it comes to CS:GO gambling. Punters can place money line or spread bets, and the odds compare pretty favourably with those on offer at Netbet. O/U bets are also available on some events. For punters who are also looking for good League of Legends betting websites, 10bet offers markets on LoL, as well as Starcraft 2 and Defense of the Ancients 2 events. Nowhere near as detailed in its options or odds as Betway, 10bet nevertheless provides a pretty straightforward choice of markets for eSports gamblers, whether they are novices or more experienced. The £2000 bonus code on offer is also something to think about, when choosing which eSports betting site to use. There is also a 50% bonus up to £200 available on a player’s first deposit.Fnatic at DreamHack Masters, Las Vegas


Ladbrokes is a well-established UK bookmaker, which offers straightforward odds on eSports markets. Currently taking bets on the ESL Pro League, punters can bet on the results of matches between teams. Odds are easy to understand, and fairly generous, comparing fairly evenly with Betway. There are no in-play markets available for eSports gamblers, however. Ladbrokes generally concentrate on more conventional sports, and sponsor soccer’s FA Cup and rugby league’s Challenge Cup competitions. A £50 free matched bet is a decent offer, however, to tempt punters to use Ladbrokes, and the simplicity of their markets makes them a good choice for players who are new to eSports betting apps and websites. As well as CS:GO betting, players can dabble with LoL, DOTA and Starcraft markets too, and Ladbrokes also offer markets on FIFA17 contests and Streetfighter E League events.

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Check Out the Best CS:GO Gambling Sites for Newcomers

William Hill

William Hill is one of the better known bookmakers in the UK, having been originally established as long ago as 1961. It was one of the first UK bookmakers to spot the potential of eSports betting, establishing their eSports betting portal in early 2015. Although initially they offered markets solely for League of Legends events, they have since expanded their markets. Dota 2, Starcraft 2, LoL and, of course, CS:GO all now have markets available at William Hill. They also have a tempting offer available for new players, with a 50 per cent bonus of up to £200 available for a player’s first deposit. Again, like Ladbrokes, match result betting is really the only market on offer, but the odds are straightforward, the markets are clear to read, and placing a bet is a very simple process. William Hill are perhaps not one of the best eSports betting sites for experienced players, but they certainly hit the spot for newcomers who are looking for an accessible way to bet on the major eSports leagues.
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Betsafe also offers punters the chance to test their knowledge of eSports, providing markets on the Binary Dragons Cup, the ECS league, ESEA league, ESL Pro League, the iLeague and the Stream me Gauntlet. As CS:GO gambling sites go, it is a solid option, especially for new players. Again, there are no in play markets available, but punters can wager on the outcomes of specific matches. Simplicity really is key when it comes to Betsafe, with the odds being presented in decimals, like they are on mainland Europe, rather than in the more complicated fractional format favoured by UK bookmakers. This makes it much more straightforward for players to calculate their likely profits, and to make an accurate eSports odds comparison. For players who want a little break from eSports betting, Betsafe offers a particularly good casino, and a bet £10 get £20 offer to tempt new customers their way.


888Sport provides punters with more options than Betsafe, Ladbrokes or William Hill, with match result markets being complemented by the option to bet on tournament outcomes. Bets on matches can also be placed, with the odds being pretty much the same as those on offer from the likes Ladbrokes or William Hill. The odds are presented in the conventional UK format, not in European decimals, which makes the experience more familiar for those who are used to betting on other sports. There’s also a stats button for punters to use, which is clearly marked and simple to use. Other sites have this option too, but it is not as clearly marked as it is on the 888Sport website. Opening a separate tab, this allows players to make more informed bets, and is a very useful feature for those players who are serious about making money from a CS:GO gamble.
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Mobilebet has a nice offer available for new punters, with a £10 free bet on offer for any new players who stakes £10. This bookmaker offers CS:GO betting in a very similar way to Netbet, with winner at full time and over/under at full time betting available on individual matches. Spread betting options are available too, and punters can also wager on overall tournament winners and tournament finalists. The odds are presented in a conventional UK manner, and the value on offer is broadly similar to Netbet, in terms of the types of prices available. For players looking to make their CS:GO predictions worthwhile, it offers reasonable value, without being outstanding in what is a crowded marketplace.


Energybet are a brand new bookmaker, and they are currently offering a very tempting bonus for new eSports punters. New players who register an account will receive a 100 per cent bonus of up to £50 when they make their first deposit. The website is straightforward to use, and eSports are listed on the site in their own individual categories, rather than just being located in a general eSports section. This makes it easy to differentiate between games, and therefore simpler to place a bet. Markets are available on most of the major CS:GO events and leagues, with odds visible on the ESL Pro League, ESEA competition, the Star Ladder iLeague Invitational, and the Stream me Gauntlet.

Markets are available on individual maps in CS:GO matches, with players able to bet on results or Over/Under markets. Odds are presented in the European decimal manner, which makes it simple to calculate odds quickly, especially if a player has multiple bets or an accumulator lined up. There is a stats icon available on the bookmaker’s website, but it is not yet operational for eSports. With good slot machines and casino options, the Energybet experience is a positive one for both seasoned punters and newcomers to the world of eSports betting on legal CS:GO betting sites.


Jetbull is another bookmaker which offers punters the chance to wager on eSports, with markets available on CS:GO, LOL and DOTA 2. If you are seeking out Overwatch betting websites, then they also offer markets on this game. As things stand at Jetbull, the number of markets available to eSports gamblers is pretty limited, with only match outcome bets available to players right now. The site covers events taking place across the world, including those in China and Europe, as well as North America and South Korea. There is an extensive range of stats available to serious punters with Jetbull, which allows players to examine a team or player’s form in detail before placing a wager. The odds are presented as decimals, making it easy to compare markets, despite the limited range of bets which are available to players. Jetbull also have some tempting new player offers, with a 50 per cent matched bonus up to value of £100 available, as well as 20 per cent cashback on all accumulators. Players can also pick up a free £5 bet at weekends.

10bet 50% welcome bonus

Conclusion of the CS:GO Betting sites comparison

feedbackMaking a betting games 2017 comparison is a far from simple process, with an increasing number of online bookmakers now seeing the value of at least dabbling in the burgeoning eSports market. The list above will give both newcomers and seasoned punters a fair indication of where the best value is to be found, though. The list is sure to expand and grow as time passes, however, with the value of the eSports betting market growing all the time. Expect more bookmakers to sponsor teams, make improved offers and provide more detailed markets in the near future, but, for now, use this list to make an informed choice about where you should bet your hard-earned cash.

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Always remember that betting is about fun, though, whatever your choice of sport, and gamble responsibly.