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Football World Cup Odds Comparison | Current Betting Odds & Tips

The World Cup is a football event occurring once every four years, as the title suggests the world cup is the largest global football event! The Football World Cup has the best players from around the world compete against each other making it the ideal playing field for sports bettors as well, because there are top betting odds to be had!
The Football World Cup odds comparison at can be used in a number of ways. For example, by using the fast and direct search via the large search box or by using the sports types search.

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1. A participating country (e.g. “England”, "Germany", "Brazil").
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3. Or for an exciting knock out round (for example "World Cup Semi-Final").

Once you have found what you were looking for, just click on the corresponding suggestion and you are brought directly, without any detours, to the up-to-date betting odd tips for the Football World Cup. As an alternative, you can also type out your search term completely and then click on "Find odds", this works just as well!

Our tip: The location of a Football World Cup is set years in advance, and qualification also takes time, meaning that you have ample opportunity to prepare for this stellar event. Why not place some bets early in order to take advantage of bookmakers’ great odds for the Football World Cup?

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By using the ‘sports types’ search provided at our portal you can take your time and have a look around to discover many other football betting options! By using the corresponding category, you can select a country, league or another tournament other than the Football World Cup. Just one more click on the right side of the ‘sports type’ search and you will be brought directly to the desired event.

The range of football betting odds at is huge and includes

Our tip: During the Football World Cup, the third group games, which are crucial for advancing, almost always take place simultaneously. This is to even out the chances for all teams. This makes it reasonable to not only place just one bet on one of the two teams, but to rather bet on both match outcomes. If you open our betting odd tips for the Football World Cups in two browser tabs, then you can keep an eye on the odds for both games ahead of time!