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Interwetten Bookmaker Review – Read our Sportsbook Rating

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The bookmaker Interwetten (Interwetten Gaming Ltd was founded in the capital of Austria, Vienna, in 1990. As unbelievable as it might sound, due to the endless list of online sportsbooks today, this sports bookmaker began by only taking bets over the phone.

Thankfully, it did not take the operators of Interwetten long to discover the true potential of online sports betting and in 1997 the offers found at were provided to the public. Even in the earliest days of mobile application, Interwetten was able to secure a position as one of the forerunners in this area. Since 2004, it has been possible to call up the website of this bookmaker using mobile devices.

The result of the OpenOdds Interwetten bookmaker review

Everything about Interwetten: customer service, professionalism, support, rewards for existing customers, consistency concerning cash-outs and transparency concerning deposits is simply perfect. The betting odds for favourite bets are exceptional and at the Interwetten website it is easy to find your way around and incredibly user friendly.

However, there is a downside: for most bets in general, and specifically underdog bets, the level of the betting odds is not as impressive as a sports bet enthusiast would like. By doing this Interwetten guarantees itself a comparatively high margin compared to other bookmakers such as, for example, Pinnacle Sports.

The bookmaker Interwetten has a lot going for it, but unfortunately it was not (yet) enough to get a higher rating in the OpenOdds bookmaker review and currently shares joint 18th place with the mybet review.

With its 85 of possible 100 points, the Interwetten sportsbook review has not made the 90 points which should be reached to clearly be a top bookmaker by Open Odds standards. This does not mean that there are any doubts as to the professionalism that Interwetten exhibits, because Interwetten is 100% professional and a safe bookmaker to use.

Interwetten experiences: The strengths of this top bookmaker.

  • Since 2010 there has been an exemplary loyalty bonus program for existing customers from which numerous other bookmakers could learn a thing or two.
  • For favourite bets there is nothing left to be desired.
  • Interwetten is as serious and professional as they come.
  • Not only are deposits taken care of quickly, earnings and cash-outs are also dealt with promptly.
  • The Interwetten website offers a solid package consisting of clarity and user-friendliness concerning sports bets, in-play bets and a number of promotions.

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Interwetten Review: Comprehensive test & Interwetten experiences.

Even bookmakers who have an outstanding reputation and are as professional Interwetten are still extensively reviewed by our OpenOdds test team. All bookmakers must prove themselves in the following 10 review categories, even Interwetten:

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting odds
  3. Customer service
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Sports covered
  6. In-play product
  7. Payment methods
  8. Other Products
  9. Security
  10. Betting limits

1.) Bonuses.

Interwetten has given thought to both new customers and existing customers with its bonus program. Unfortunately, the Interwetten Bonus for new customers is not a recommendable amount and actually rated below average in the OpenOdds test. Such a gripe within the Interwetten review is surprising to say the least because of the fact that the bookmaker itself is very professional and we did not expect their offers to be lower than average.

Thankfully, the bonus program for existing customers found under the name "Interwetten Club" is able to pull win us back. Using the points collected here customers can redeem them for offers such as sports tickets for the VIP area or points that can be exchanged for valuable betting credit. Unfortunately, you cannot register for the Interwetten Club, Interwetten invites "selected customers" from its existing customers to join. Whether or not a customer wishes to accept membership is at the behest of the sports bettor. Our experience within the Interwetten Club is quite favourable and only let down by their selective nature.

2.) Betting odds: When a bookmaker does not offer top odds, we are initially sceptical.

The betting odds and the odds key are unfortunately a weak point. Marvels can neither be expected from areas such as underdog betting nor from tie betting within the football area. Only in the category of favourite bets, are the Interwetten betting odds able to reach top rankings. The surprising weakness of the betting odds makes it obvious why the Interwetten experiences in all of the other nine categories are so positive. After all even with uncompetitive odds key Interwetten was still able to collect 85 points within the OpenOdds ranking! What did please us at Interwetten was the fact that there was relatively little movement within the betting odds, meaning that the development of the odds is rather predictable for experienced sports bettors.

3.) Customer service: Interwetten is professional, fast and dependable.

The fact that Interwetten is professional is demonstrated first hand due by the competent and fast replies to inquiries. Our Interwetten experiences with the customer support of this sports bookmaker have been impressive. This is not surprising, in the past Interwetten was able to bring home several industry specific prizes thanks to the quality of their customer support.

Our only point of criticism concerning the Interwetten 24-hour service team. The team is only available under the one Maltese telephone number (0035-6-23 276 355), for more lengthy support calls this could result in additional costs. If you are looking for a free form of communication whose quality is comparable to that of the telephone support, then there is an email service offered by Interwetten. However, our OpenOdds team also found that the option for an English speaking live chat would also be desirable.

4.) User-friendliness: Very user-friendly website, but the speed is lacking.

Overall, the user-friendliness (Usability) of the Interwetten website is quite commendable, desired areas are easily found, but the speed of the site leaves something to be desired. Especially on important game days, and definitely for season climaxes, the somewhat lagging speed of the Interwetten server solidified into a real point of criticism during our Interwetten experiences. Specifically, for sports bet professionals and their strict focus on even the smallest odds deviation, time is literally money. We are most certainly not accusing Interwetten of doing this intentionally, but differences in speed compared to other bookmakers are definitely noticeable and in need of improvement.

5.) Sports covered: Successful across the board, from football and motor sports through to winter sports!

The bet products provided by Interwetten are well rounded. After all the focus is clearly on individual bets and special bets for professional football. The football bet products from Interwetten are, within its range, spectacular and even includes lower-league divisions. Using Asian handicap variations, tie bets can be designed lucratively.

However, the bet products per match could be a bit more comprehensive for the absolute top games and important competitions such as the Champions League. A relevant selection of bets is also available for sports types which are popular within Europe, for example: ice hockey, tennis, handball, and motor sports (Formula 1, MotoGP, Moto 2, Moto 3). The unique selling point of the bet offer from Interwetten is the option to place bets on biathlon, alpine and Nordic skiing competitions, boasting an impressive sportsbook from the company.

6.) In-play product: A convincing live offer including live streams.

Top sports such as football and tennis are honoured by a well-rounded in-pay product. Many important events, in addition to the in-play bet product, can be watched using live stream in a very high quality. Our Interwetten experiences have shown that the live offer from this bookmaker is extremely competitive, only a few top sportsbooks have managed to jump ahead by also making some marginalized sports types available within their live stream offer. True to the Interwetten motto "Betting is our sport.", the in-play betting has a crucial positioning on the homepage along with a results box on the right-hand side and, of course, there is also the menu item "Live" which leads directly to all in-play sports bets.

7.) Payment methods: Fast, but subject to charge.

There are, unfortunately, a number of bookmakers who are suddenly not fast and efficient when it concerns the aspects that are imperative to us in the OpenOdds community, namely earnings and cash-outs! Thankfully, according to our experience, Interwetten does not belong to that category of bookmakers! With this bookmaker, desired cash-outs are dealt with just as promptly as deposits. Unfortunately, in many cases there is also a charge. The processing fee is between two and three percent, meaning at a level which can quickly become an issue financially when there is frequent movement within an Interwetten account. Deposits can be made using credit cards (Diners Club, MasterCard or VISA); using giropay, Neteller, Skrill and using the prepaid service providers Paysafecard and Ukash. The initial deposit made to Interwetten must be done, for security reasons, using a bank account. After this, other deposit methods may be used.

8.) Other products: Casino, games, skill and virtual football.

The additional offers from Interwetten have won us over. This is directly related to the fact that, the casino, live casino and slot offers are unobtrusive whencompared to the core element of sports and live bets, especially compared other bookmakers. An extra point was given for the special bet offers for virtual football. Here, bets can be placed on the Virtual Football League founded by Interwetten. Another interesting area for sports bet enthusiasts is the skill offer with games such as snooker, backgammon or solitaire. After all, even sports bettors take time to relax.

9.) Security: At Interwetten everything is transparent.

The aspects security, data processing and sports bet risks are addressed on Interwetten's website with four separate menu items: "Privacy policy", "Fairplay", "Imprint" and "Responsible Gaming". The areas "Privacy policy" and "Fairplay" are of special importance because it is here that the interested sports bettor receives background information, gains insight concerning the legal aspects from the headquarters in Malta and can learn who the competent supervisory authority is. In reference to responsible gaming, Interwetten does not take moral high ground, but makes a question catalogue available to sports bettors which can be used to evaluate one's own risk level. Due to this exemplary security the OpenOdds review has given an Interwetten rating of 10/10.

10.) Betting limits: Aimed more at novices than professionals.

In our Interwetten ranking, we not only take the perspective of the sports bet novice into account, but also the perspective of professionals and high rollers. For novices and long-since returnees, Interwetten is quite suitable. Here, the OpenOdds team would give a score of 10 out of 10. Contrary, to such friendliness towards novices, Interwetten has been less kind to professional sports bettors. This is why this Interwetten review was not given a perfect score. Novices can get to know the sports betting world quickly without fearing high bet limits, but professionals are recommended to not win too much in a short time or risk having limits applied to their accounts. This, unfortunately, means that Interwetten is not ideal for high rollers.

Interwetten: User tests & experiences

feedbackTell the OpenOdds community what your experience was with Interwetten! Is your personal opinion positive or have you gained negative experience with Interwetten? Your experiences with the bookmaker Interwetten make this evaluation even more comprehensive! Thank you so much for helping other sports bet fans to better decide if Interwetten is professional or rather a scam for us betting experts.

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