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Online Betting Guide: Everything you need to know covered

Of all the industries in which the internet has made a difference, betting is certainly among the most striking. People who would never have considered walking into a betting shop can, with a simple online betting guide, use their knowledge of sport, games, and politics to make a bit of money by correctly predicting events.

Taking the process online has changed betting to a point where it is unrecognisable to people who choose to bet in the original way; and there are more than a few advantages for the online bettor from this change. We’ll use this guide to show how that can benefit you.

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How Sports Betting Has Changed Completely

Back in the mid-1990s, when learning of surprisingly generous odds meant a rare chance to beat the bookies, tips that could turn a major profit were like gold dust. In the present day, there is much more information out there; knowing how to use it is vital.

Just 20 years ago, if you heard that the bookies had odds of, say, 3/1 on something you were hugely confident would happen, you’d immediately wonder where the nearest bookmakers’ shop was. Today, it’s in your phone or tablet, or on your laptop and can be accessed by merely setting up an account with an online bookie.

If you ask your grandparents, or maybe even your parents, they’ll be able to tell you of a time when betting meant deciding which horse might win a race. Now Aintree horse racing is just one of many sporting events that can be bet on, and race winners are just one aspect of betting on it. You can find an online betting guide for football derbies, rugby, golf or a range of other sports.

Back in the day when horse racing predominated, placing a bet meant getting to the bookies’ before the race started, then either watching the action unfold on the in-store TV screens or going home to follow the race there, then (hopefully) returning to the shop to pick up your winnings. Online betting has changed pretty much every aspect of that process.

Most importantly, online betting provides a way to bet flexibly and dynamically; you can place as much or as little of a stake as you want, you can bet after a game has started, and you can collect (some) winnings before it is over if things are going your way.

How Football Betting Has Become A Betting Goldmine

Brighton football

Placing money on a football match was certainly possible before the internet came along. As well as predicting who would win, you could also place “Correct Score” and “First Goalscorer” bets with a lot of bookmakers. However, the advent of the internet has seen a chance to bet on more potential markets than you’d have imagined possible with the likes of up and down bets and even lay betting. A beginners’ guide to betting on football in 1995 would have been a page long. Now, any similar online betting guide would be a book.

It’s usually not difficult to predict who will win a football match – out of two teams, one will usually be a definite favourite, whether by a long way or a narrow margin. As such, there often isn’t much value in betting on the winning team, unless you have good reason to believe the outsider will win. As any online betting school will tell you, there are so many other markets you could explore, and they’ll often offer more value. And by using interesting wagers like draw no bets and round robin bets, you can make some decent winnings.

On a football match taking place in a relatively obscure league, you can find odds on anything from the total goals in the match, the team to score first, the total number of corners in a match and even the total of all the minutes in which goals are scored. To clarify the last of those markets: if the game finishes 2-1, and goals were scored in the 13th, 48th and 72nd minutes, the total for that would be 133.

Online Betting Guide For Football: Where Does The Value Lie?

Some of the markets may seem esoteric and even a little frivolous to begin with, but this is where close watchers of football can really leverage their knowledge.

  • If one or both of the teams involved in a match has a reputation as entertainers, with a great attack but poor defence, then “total goals” is a good bet to look at.
  • The team to score first may well not be the eventual winners, so if you know a team that always tends to start well before falling away, you may find value here.
  • Although the “total goal minutes” may seem like a frivolous bet, it has sense behind it. Say you know a team has a habit of grabbing late goals – to win or to draw – after going behind in games. You can be confident that in their matches, especially against tough opponents, that the combined minutes will be above 120-130.
  • Similarly, you can also bet on an “early” goal – before a certain point in a game – or a “late” goal, which comes after a certain point, if you know a team tends to come out of the blocks strongly.

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Live Streaming: How To Beat The Bookies’ Predictions With In-Play Betting

Kevin Wimmer Tottenham

Most major bookmakers have a live streaming function on their websites these days, which makes it easier to follow a game you’ve bet on. It’s not easy to follow, say, Austrian football if you’re living in the UK; reacting to a goal alert from an app is about as much as you can hope for.

With live streaming, you can vastly sharpen your chances of making some money; while reacting to goals will probably still not be all that lucrative, you can certainly get much more of a feel for the way a contest is headed. If one team is peppering the other’s goal with shots and near misses, it is likely that they’ll score soon, and you can only get a real feel for that by watching. With the use of live streaming, you can let online betting guide you on how to make money.

Advantages Of Online Betting: No Need To Bet On The Near Future

It’s possible with online betting to react to news up-to-the-minute and profit from it in a way that offline options just cannot offer. If you’re watching a football match and a star player goes down injured, this will improve their next opponents’ chances of winning the following game, so it’s worth getting a smart bet on quickly.

Advantages Of Online Betting: It Doesn’t Have To Be Sport

Most online bookmakers offer markets that go beyond sport, including relatively extensive politics markets that can allow for an interesting four fold wager, or even a Goliath bet. As odds are influenced by money taken, and people are more likely to bet for what they want than what is most likely, you can find generous odds on political eventualities that were always likely to those with some knowledge. The same is true of betting on the Christmas Number One single – don’t bet on what you’d buy, and you could be happy on Christmas Day either way.

Advantages Of Online Betting: Someone Will Always Be Offering Odds

If your sporting interests are esoteric, there will be times that you are filled with certainty about the outcome of a contest, and because you’re one of very few people with that certainty, could make a tidy profit off it. You may doubt, though that anyone would be offering odds on it. Be sure of one thing; online, someone is always offering odds.

In-Play Betting: Make A Profit By Reacting In Time

So much of the betting done online these days is in-play betting, which is a way to react to changes as they happen, minimise losses and potentially maximise gains. It’s also a second chance to bet on something that you considered prior to the contest, but then backed out of.

What Is In-Play Sports Betting?

As the name suggests, betting in play can be done after a game has begun. Even if 90 minutes are up in a football match, a bet can still be placed on the outcome. Of course, if one team is leading 3-0, you won’t find profitable odds on them, but there are other ways it can work for you. For example:

Quick Spec Betting

If one team is winning by a single goal, and sitting on that lead, then the last five minutes of a match can see the trailing team peppering their opponents’ area looking for the equaliser. If they do this, they’ll leave themselves open to a counter attack and killer goal. This is where a relatively small stake can return real money.

Hedging Your Bet

If you’ve placed a bet which isn’t going well, then you may find some benefit in placing a new, “hedging” bet on the opposition in the same event. The odds will have shortened and you’re unlikely to win real money, but you could at least make your stake back.

Early Cashout

Perhaps the most attractive option for in-play betting, cashing your bet out before the contest is over may well allow you to make profits that would otherwise be impossible. Simply put, if you bet on a team or a player at long odds, and your choice then takes the lead, you’ll have the chance to redeem your bet for a percentage of your potential winnings. It might not be as much money as if you allowed it to go to the end, but it does have the advantage of being guaranteed cash.

In Conclusion

Betting online has many advantages over any other way of betting, and few – if any – disadvantages. As long as you know what you are doing with the online betting platform, then you can make a profit just by backing your own knowledge and knowing when to hedge your bets and when to cash them out.