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Sky Bet Deposit Bonus Code 2017 – All Terms Explained

Sky Bet Bonus in detailSky Bet is a British bookmaker that operates its betting business with a license of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). The company belongs to the large BSkyB-Group, which is known as a Pay-TV provider above all. Sky Bet was founded in 2006. From the beginning, an important objective has been to combine live transmissions with online betting offers.

This company offers other betting products such as poker, casino and games. They also offer betting via an app, and the Sky Bet app is one of the more user-friendly ones on the marketplace. It is compatible with virtually any smartphone you can get your hands on.

The combination of live TV or live radio with betting services that SkyBet offers is particularly attractive. Sky Bet focuses on popular sports but has relatively few niche sectors in its range. For us, a £20 free bet is the icing on the cake! Having a selection of other products is beneficial as it gives you plenty of opportunity to mix up your betting experience.

On this page you'll find the Sky Bet deposit bonus terms explained in detail. For more information regarding this top bookmaker read OpenOdds' Sky Bet Review.

Sky Bet: What kind of Sky Bet bonus is available?

The Sky Bet sign up bonus is currently a £20 free bet when you bet £5. Every new customer can take advantage of this sign up bonus. The bonus amount is not particularly high or impressive compared to other sports betting bonuses, but the bonus rules are simply designed. For our bonus review we had a closer look whether this matched bet bonus is worth using.
Also it is worth reading through the Sky Bet deposit & withdrawal rules so that you thoroughly understand everything you need to know regarding the bonus. At times a minor detail can be missed and you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Making your first deposit with Sky Bet

The first thing you'll need to know are the details for making deposits with this bookie. Sky Bet allows you to make safe and secure payments to your account through a number of different providers. You can pay with Visa credit, Visa debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, and PayPal. Unfortunately some of our favourite e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill are not offered by Sky Bet, and we hope they will add these payment methods in the future. To make a deposit, head to the "My Account" page; the tab is located in the top right corner. There you can choose your payment method or confirm the payment method you last used, and enter in the amount you'd like added to your account. On the mobile version of Sky Bet you can also make deposits, no matter where you are! Just click on the deposits tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose how you'd like to pay. All payment information that goes through the site is encrypted to prevent money laundering and fraud.

Withdrawing your winnings

Sky Bet wants to get your winnings back into your bank account quickly and without any surprises. Be sure to check with your bank to be sure they will allow Sky Bet to send withdrawals directly to your account; some banks do not allow this and you'll have to enter an alternative payment method for withdrawals. Sky Bet fulfills withdrawal requests as quickly as possible, however the processing time for your specific bank can be anywhere from 2-5 business days. The minimum withdrawal amount is £10. Sky Bet does not place any limits on how much you can withdraw from your account at one time. Check with your bank to make sure they don't have any restrictions. If you're looking for the payment method with the fastest processing time, PayPal is your best choice. You'll see your winnings in your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Sky Bet bonus overview:

  • £20 in free bets when you place £5 worth of bets.
  • Only the winnings can be withdrawn.
  • No Sky Bet bonus code required
  • Your account will be credited with two £10 tokens.
  • The £5 bet must be placed in one transaction.
  • Cannot use Moneybookers or Neteller as the deposit method.
  • Must be a new customer.
  • In case of a won bet, only the winnings can be cashed out, not the free betting stake itself.

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The Sky Bet bonus explained:

The first thing that we liked was that the Sky Bet sign up bonus is granted to any customer. Simply create an account and check the details of the free bet in order to make sure you qualify. At Sky Bet, new bonus codes are regularly published, so that it is really worth it to have a look first at which promotion is available at the moment. However, for this particular bonus no Sky Bet bonus code is actually required.

The amount of the free bet is modest, but it is still a good offer, since the customer does not have to make any advance payment. In addition, there are no fastidious wagering requirements. As soon as a bet is placed once, the resulting winnings can be withdrawn. This is quite remarkable, since most bonus offers at other sportsbooks are definitely more complex. In any case it’s worth looking at the rules to have the Sky Bet deposit bonus terms explained to you.

The fact that the stake cannot be withdrawn cannot be criticised, since this is typical for most free bets. With a little luck it is possible to have a very lucrative start at Sky Bet. In fact, the free bet is not the only offer in the portfolio.

Customers are regularly offered free bets and deposit bonuses. Keep an eye on the website to see what Sky Bet bonus codes are on offer. In the end, the free bet for new customers is only the beginning of the bonus world at Sky Bet. More best free bets offers will be given to you from time to time.

It can also happen that other free bets are offered for a short time only. According to our experience, every Sky Bet sign up bonus is worth using, because the offers are generally customer-friendly. Anyone owning an attractive Sky Bet signup bonus for 2016 is well-advised to use the chances linked to it.

On the whole, the bonuses make a good impression. In addition, we liked very much the fact that the bonus rules are documented extensively in the help centre. In particular, the customer is warned against any possible catches.

The Sky Bet deposit bonus rules are not hidden somewhere in the general terms and conditions. They can be found after a short search with any problems. In case of questions, the customer service should be addressed directly, because the staff is well versed.

Bonus conditions for the Sky Bet deposit bonus explained

  • Name: £20 Free Bet.
  • Bonus type: Matched bet.
  • Maximum bonus amount: £20.
  • Able to be cashed out: Yes
  • Betting requirement: 1x
  • Minimum odds: 5/1
  • Bonus code: no Sky Bet bonus codes are required.


Sky Bet Deposit Bonus: Our conclusion

At first glance, we did not find the Sky Bet signup bonus particularly attractive, since the bonus amount is low. On closer inspection, it turned out that the bonus is quite lucrative, since there are no complicated bonus rules and the offer can be redeemed. As such, it is very easy to obtain winnings with the free bet. After all, the customer only has to win one bet in order to generate additional betting capital, and there's no need to remember a Sky Bet bonus code.

With a bit of luck, it is even possible to join the betting business at Sky Bet without making any deposits. This is a very customer-friendly solution, which requires some luck, of course. But luck always plays an important role of the total package in sport betting. One thing to note with this Sky Bet deposit bonus is that you must place the £5 in one single go. You cannot place many micro bets and for that reason it increases the risk with regards to losing your initial deposit. However, you can attempt to get your money back when betting with the bonus. We rate the new customer bonus of Sky Bet an excellent 92 out of 100 points.
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5 Expert tips for the SkyBet Bonus

Are you interested in unlocking your SkyBet bonus, but are worried you’ll lose your bankroll before you can do that? This is a concern that a lot of sports bettors have, and you are right to be wary of this happening. However, by taking advantage of our 5 betting strategies below you can tilt the odds of success in your favour.

Spread the bets out:

The worst thing that you can do is to place one or two bets on a single event because it could backfire – you could lose those bets and your entire bankroll is gone. You will have to stop before you really had a chance to get started. In order to preserve and protect your betting bankroll you must spread your bets among as many different sporting events as you can. If this means placing the minimum wager, then do so. By spreading your investments you may run the risk of not hitting big on one event, but instead you increase your chances of being a winner over the long run. At least as a compromise you could place many small bets to decrease risk and place only one sizeable bet on a match that is of interest to you.

Select the sport you know:

If you have been playing tennis all your life as a hobby, it makes sense to place bets related to tennis for the most part. One of the biggest mistakes that amateur sports bettors make is to place random bets on sports that they have a very limited understanding of. Although if you are really keen to place bets on a specific sport then first of all do a little digging around to betting info. Even just an hour of research can give you an idea of what odds for a particular sport represent good odds. You can also leverage friends who have a very intimate understanding of a sport. Perhaps they can help you pick out some good matches to place bets on.

Bonus whoring websites:

The term “bonus whoring” refers to the process of placing a welcome deposit with the hopes of unlocking the bonus. There are plenty of sites that describe the different betting strategies used to successfully perform bonus whoring with the minimal risk of losing your welcome deposit. Placing bets when you have a professional betting strategy in place is a lot more fun since you’ll see a higher profit for the most part. If you go about sports betting in a random manner you can begin to get overwhelmed as figuring out a strategy of your own can take many years of experience.

Keep track of your bets:

To assess your own performance you need to record the bets that are placed. You can do this manually or using software. If you do go down the software route then it’s a good idea to acquire graphical representation of the betting history. Such data analysis can help you spot the trends regarding where you are going wrong, and where you are doing things right. For instance, maybe you are always losing when betting on a particular sport you have little knowledge of, or you might find out that when betting on a specific team you tend to turn a profit. Analysing your own data will allow you to make changes that in turn improve your ability to make profitable bets in the future.

Odds enhancement promotions:

SkyBet will occasionally run odds enhancement promotions and these are excellent to take advantage of. In fact some sport bettors only bet if such a promotion is running. When you do a betting odds comparison with other bookies you can tell the value of such a promotion. If you notice a big boost in value then it really is worth taking advantage of. However, don’t wait too long for such a promotion if you are still in your bonus period. Eventually your bonus period will run out and you won’t qualify. Perhaps it would be best to make a deposit to Sky Bet once you notice that an odds enhancement promotion is about to take place. This will give you ample time to process your bonus and take advantage of the offers.

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