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SuperLenny Deposit Bonus Code – All Terms Explained

Superlenny Bonus in detail

Founded in 2014, SuperLenny is a fairly new online bookmaker that wants punters to “deer” to be different. Lenny is a half-gentleman, half-deer in charge of structuring the whole brand identity that aims to give a premium betting experience. It’s claimed that he is a legendary punter, also alluding to the fact that SuperLenny was developed by a group of betting and gambling aficionados.

As part of Betit Operations (making it in the same family as,, and, SuperLenny is registered in Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under licence number MGA/CL1/898/2013. SuperLenny also has a licence from the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom and collaborates with GamCare to ensure that responsible gambling mechanisms are in place for all users. And finally, SuperLenny has a Digicert encryption, trusted by many of the world’s biggest enterprises such as Facebook, PayPal, and IBM. It shows that SuperLenny pulls out all the stops to maintain the proper security mechanisms to ensure the best experience for all.

You’ll find the SuperLenny deposit bonus explained in depth below, but for more details about the bookmaker itself, read OpenOdds’ SuperLenny Review.

Important Information:

the described superlenny bonus is not available at the moment!

SuperLenny Sign Up Bonus

SuperLenny Highlights
You’re not going to like how we preface our discussion of the SuperLenny Deposit bonus. The biggest problem about it is that UK residents aren’t eligible for the bonus; this is why you’ll see the currency in Euros instead of in pounds sterling. For bookmakers that offer sign up bonuses to UK residents, take a look at OpenOdds’ Best Online Betting Sites Offers 2016.

In spite of that, there may be ways to work around it if you happen to have a way to be a resident of any of the eligible countries. However, we at OpenOdds are NOT by any means condoning any type of dodgy activities to take advantage of any welcome bonuses. Now, the basics of the bonus are that after signing up for the account and you make a deposit above the €10 minimum, you’ll automatically be credited 50% of the value of that initial bonus. There are a lot more little details that you need to keep in mind when deciding to jump through the hoops to use it, but that’s what we’re here for.

SuperLenny Sign Up Bonus Overview

  • UK residents aren’t eligible
  • Bets on horse racing are not part of the bonus
  • 50% first deposit bonus
  • 30 day deadline for use
  • Wagering requirement of 6x at odds of 1.6 or more.
  • No other bonuses can be active within the same 30-day period.
  • No SuperLenny bonus codes to remember.

Instead of the no longer existing Superlenny Bonus we recommend the Betway Bonus.

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SuperLenny Deposit Bonus Terms Explained

bonusTo activate the bonus, the first thing you have to do after becoming a brand-new SuperLenny punter on your computer or on your mobile is make your first deposit through any payment method of your choice. There’s no need to enter a SuperLenny bonus code but you do need to make sure that you deposit at least €10. The incentive with this bonus is that the more your first deposit is, the more money you’ll get because you’ll get 50% of that money back as a bonus.

The maximum bonus you’re going to get is €50 so we recommend that you don’t deposit more than €100. Once you’ve done that, your deposit and bonus money will be held in a section called “bonus balance” on your bet slip. That amount is locked until you’ve satisfied all of the wagering requirements and once the requirements are met your bonus balance becomes real money. And as you make valid bets, those wagers then get deducted from your bonus balance.

In 30 days, you need to have wagered your deposit and bonus money 6 times at odds that are at 1.6 or greater. If you try to place a bet at odds under 1.6, you’ll see an error pop up that says “insufficient funds” on the bet slips and you would need to deposit more money into your account.

None of the sports betting offers can be grouped with the welcome bonus, so this means for 30 days you’re only eligible for the welcome bonus. You can place one bet per match, so you can use the money to dabble in a bunch of different sports leagues, in football or basketball, for example. If you’re able to wage according to the requirements with the turnover requirements met, then you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings and use the money earned at your discretion.

And while it may be cumbersome to emphasise this again and again, UK residents are NOT eligible for the bonus. Take a look at OpenOdds’ Top 10 UK Sports Betting Sites 2016 for our comprehensive list of bookies that are available to UK punters. However, if you happen to have a way to prove that you’re a resident of Canada, Australia, Austria, Malta, Switzerland or the Netherlands, then you’ll be able to use the bonus to add SuperLenny to your portfolio of bookies. While we are not by any means condoning any types of devious behaviour, we know that some of you may be able to capitalise on the opportunity.

Even though you can’t use the SuperLenny deposit bonus on the sportsbook, British residents are able to use the casino bonus. While OpenOdds focuses primarily on sports betting, the casino offer gives you up to €100 and 150 extra spins as a bonus. All you have to do is deposit at least €20 – no SuperLenny bonus code required. 50 extra spins will be rewarded immediately, then you’ll get an additional 10 per day for the next 10 days. The wagering requirement for this casino bonus is 40x bonus amount, within 30 days. Winnings generated from extra spins need to be wagered 20 times.

Terms and conditions apply.

This is a very enticing deal for punters that want to try the casino. There’s a little section called “Yes, I want a Deposit bonus” when you make a deposit that you must tick. And as you get your bonuses credited, they’ll be part of the BUX program. If you want more information about the bonus and BUX, have a look at the Casino Terms and Conditions and the BUX information when clicking onto the Promotions section at Compare the SuperLenny sign up bonus to the some of the best online bookmakers.

SuperLenny Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

        1. Name: "50 Euro Welcome Bonus".
        2. Bonus type: Deposit bonus.
        3. Maximum bonus amount: €50.
        4. Able to be cashed out: Can only be withdrawn after the turn over requirements are met.
        5. Betting requirement: Deposit and bonus money must be turned over 6 times.
        6. Minimum odds: 1.6.
        7. Bonus code: No SuperLenny bonus code; it just will show up automatically in your account.

The review of the SuperLenny bonus:

sports bettingThe biggest problem with the SuperLenny bonus of course is the ineligibility of British residents. This makes things more complicated, and for some of you, it may seem that this entire article is futile. But if you have a way to get around it, there are some good benefits to the bonus.

You’ll be able to wager one per match on any of the sports available on the sportsbook, except for horse racing. For horse racing punters, this is definitely a disadvantage. In spite of that, this will give you the opportunity to explore the rest of the site’s areas, especially since SuperLenny are putting a huge amount of resources into football lines. You should have plenty to keep yourself occupied.

However, there are some very specific conditions that you need to keep in mind that may make it difficult for you to really maximise the value of the SuperLenny sign up bonus, other than the restriction for British residents, of course. The turnover requirement and minimum odds may seem a little strict, considering that you have to do it 6 times at 1.6, but as long as you bet rigorously on SuperLenny during the 30-day duration of the bonus you should be just fine. It is worth noting that there is no SuperLenny bonus code required. And of course, the fact that horse racing is not part of it is another disadvantage for the bet.

But what does work to SuperLenny’s advantage is that, as a newer bookmaker, they have one of the more generous offers out there since many of the more established players have welcome bonuses that leave much to be desired.

And there you have it, the SuperLenny Bonus explained.

SuperLenny Highlights

5 expert tips for the SuperLenny bonus

With the SuperLenny deposit bonus terms explained in detail above, and no SuperLenny bonus codes to remember you’re off to a good start. In order to help you make the most of the SuperLenny sign up bonus here are 5 expert betting tips on betting strategies that work. These will give you the potential to not only increase your chances of gaining greater returns on your SuperLenny deposit bonus.

        1. Stick to familiar territory:

          One of the most sensible strategies for placing smart wagers and guaranteeing your winnings is by focusing your betting strategies into the sports you know best. This could mean that you only bet on football, or if snooker’s your thing, then you only bankroll on snooker. For those of you who happen to have a broader range of sports to bet on, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your sports and put all your eggs in one basket. You just have to make sure that you don’t stretch your resources too thin or go in way too deep.

        2. Expand your horizons with head-to-head bets:

          Given SuperLenny’s expansive sportsbook, particularly its emphasis on football, you don’t always have to bet on team matchups. So for those of you who are simply tired on betting on Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Leicester, or any other players in the Premier League, you can bet on individual players and how they match up. When you’re looking for these bets, you’ll see them as H2H.

          To see how this works, let’s think about Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Leo Messi from Barcelona, and you want to place a different kind of bet in the next Clásico. You can choose to bet on whether Ronaldo will perform better than Messi or that Messi will perform better than Ronaldo. Or you can bet on whether Ronaldo will score more goals than Messi or that Messi will score more goals than Ronaldo. And as La Liga progresses throughout the season, you can bet whether Real Madrid ends the season with more goals than Barcelona or if Barcelona score more goals than Real Madrid.

          The possibilities are endless and SuperLenny can help you with your new sportsbook strategies. Even though its use in football is a newer phenomenon, H2H betting is ideal for individual sports like tennis and cross-country skiing on offer on SuperLenny.

        3. Progression strategy:

          If you have the mental stamina to roll with the punches that come with the fluctuations of luck in sports betting, then the progression strategy is a good expert tip for you to try. This is the type of strategy that you undertake smack dab in the middle of a season; it is not advisable for the beginning and end.

          For those of you who have a higher bankroll, this medium-risk strategy is good for you, because with the higher risk you’ll have a secure income stream coming in. What are the odds you need to use in football to reap the rewards? You just need to bet on a tie for a football team betting at odds of 3.0 or higher.

        4. Surebet strategy:

          Now, we think that this strategy is definitely attractive for the majority of our OpenOdds community because it really fits the profile of a typical punter: one that has multiple accounts for multiple bookies and have enough funding to bankroll this strategy.

          You simply sign up for accounts and take advantage of the multitude of sign-up bonuses available to give you some extra incentive to bet more and increase your profit. While this strategy does seem pretty easy at the surface, the one caveat is that you have to dedicate a lot of time to look for those surebets given that the profit margin is not as high.

        5. Multiple bets system:

          Now, if the surebet strategy hasn’t whetted your appetite because you lack the patience, then the Multiple Bets System is surely much more up your alley. Your chances of winning, even if you’re wagering tiny amounts, are high with this strategy. Why? Because it’s a high-risk strategy.

          That indeed is a caveat. So if you’re rather squeamish about this, then one way to minimise some of it is by adopting a draw no bet option because you may end up losing an entire coupon by going all into the multiple bet system. However, if you prefer to punt dangerously, you could make bank by using the accumulator bonus and have a sizeable amount of winnings in a very short window.

Instead of the no longer existing Superlenny Bonus we recommend the Betway Bonus.

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