Football Betting Odds

Last updated & tested: 2020-02-10

There are many ways for sports bettors to check the best football betting odds here at OpenOdds. For example you can either choose the quick and easy direct access via the search box or you can start the transparent sports types search and then click on your favourite sports type to bet on, in this case, Football!

When searching for the best odds available here at OpenOdds there are a number of ways to do it, for example you can search by:

  • A club name ("Manchester United").
  • An upcoming match ("Europa League Cup Quarter Final").
  • Your favourite league ("Capital One Cup").
  • Or a worldwide tournament ("Football European Championship").

Click on "Find odds" – and there they are. Thanks to the most up-to-date technology only the newest betting odds and tips can be found here at OpenOdds.

Our tip: Make use of the convenient "Suggestions" option!
All you have to do is enter a few letters and the OpenOdds online betting odds calculator will provide suitable suggestions for an event, league, match or club. With just one click on the corresponding suggestion, you will be conveniently directed towards the desired football odds calculator!

Start the sports type search with just one click on "Football"!

It is also possible to use the sports types search function to quickly and easily find the desired event. The sports types search is ideally suited for getting to know the world of football betting odds at Below the search box for direct access, the sports types search function is started by clicking just once on the left field titled "Football". Within the middle, numerous interesting suggestions are brought forth for the country, league or sub-categories. All the way to the right, within the sports types search, the event, match, or tournament can then be selected. Voila! The desired odds of football bets are displayed! The selection options range from:

  • Odds for football bets for all matches from English leagues such as The Capital One Cup and the Champions League.
  • To football odd tips for the world star-studded leagues in Spain (Primera Division), England (Premier League) and Italy (Serie A).
  • As well as football odds for the large matches of the nations team, Football World Cup and Football European Championship.

At OpenOdds you can also find valuable football betting tips for just about every football event. Is there a football event missing in the OpenOdds database that you would like to place a bet on? No problem, write an email to the passionate OpenOdds team and we will try to create a football odds comparison for the desired match! Also, why not combine your search with one of our in-depth football betting guides – now that’s a winning combination.

Our tip: If you want to keep an eye on the current betting odds and tips for numerous football matches simultaneously, then open this page in numerous tabs at the same time! Now you are able to bet on all desired events simultaneously and will never miss a football betting tip again!


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