WC 2018 – Here’s what we have to offer!

Last updated & tested: 2020-01-19

WC 2018 - Here's what we have to offer!

The WC 2018 in Russia is finally upon us, with the prestigious tournament the most highly anticipated event in football. From Pele to Bobby Moore and Diego Maradona to Lionel Messi, the tournament provides a platform for the best on the planet to perform and it captures the imagination of the fans. It brings different cultures together for a festival of football, with representatives from Africa, Asia, Europa, South America and Central America all competing for the biggest prize in the game.

Whilst many fans will be eager to watch the likes of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and several more top talents, the WC 2018 has a few remarkable stories in it as well. Iceland and Panama are two of the 32 countries who will be experiencing their first ever global tournament this summer, whereas it could be the final time many notable stars from around the globe feature on the biggest stage of them all.

The countdown is already under way for betting fans, with the first game between the hosts and Saudi Arabia kicking everything off on June 14. The WC 2018 schedule runs for just over a month, with the final set to be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and June 15. In that time, heroes and villains will emerge, legends will be made forever and one lucky country will be crowned FIFA world champion.

Your direct access to the best and most up-to-date odds for WC 2018 bets:

Within the search box of OpenOdds, you can search for:

1. A participating country (e.g. “England”, "Germany", "Brazil").
2. A preliminary round group of the tournament (e.g. "WC 2018 Group F").
3. Or for an exciting knockout round (for example "WC 2018 Semi-Final").

Once you have found what you were looking for, just click on the corresponding suggestion and you are brought directly, without any detours, to the up-to-date betting odd tips for WC 2018. As an alternative, you can also type out your search term completely and then click on "Find odds", this works just as well!

Our tip: The location of  the tournament is set years in advance, and qualification also takes time, meaning that you have ample opportunity to prepare for this stellar event. Why not place some bets early in order to take advantage of bookmakers’ great odds for the WC 2018?

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OpenOdds – At the heart of the WC 2018

Here at OpenOdds, we know exactly what this tournament means to fans and we will be your number one source for all your football WC 2018 odds. Whether you want outright betting odds on the WC 2018, Ronaldo to be top scorer or England to win odds if you’re feeling particularly patriotic, we’ll have it covered.

We will effectively become your WC 2018 betting odds checker, ensuring you have little to do when it comes to finding the best betting odds and importantly the best value.

WC 2018 Group stage previews:

You’ll also find all the WC 2018 football betting tips you’ll need to get you through the competition.  Our researchers will provide insight into every game, along with tips for the group stage and knockout phase plus any other bets that stand out. As well as that, we will offer a news page that will constantly be updated with all the latest goings on in Russia, because as we know an injury or suspension can have a big impact on where the punters put their money.

Finally, we will have a betting guide that will be extremely handy for those of you seeking the best value and odds with your WC 2018 football betting. This page will break down everything you need to find when it comes to betting on the games and Russia and enable you to find whatever bets you are looking for. So, make sure you check everything out to ensure you don’t miss a thing in Russia this summer!

WC 2018 Betting Tips

Our WC 2018 football betting tips page is essential for any of you who are planning to have a flutter on the football this summer. Plenty of time and research will go into scouring the WC 2018 bookmakers to make sure we provide the readers with the best odds available for everything in Russia.

As we know, betting nowadays isn’t restricted to whoever will win the match. Therefore, we will provide you with a range of opportunities and advice, from group winners, to top scorer for each country and many more different types of bets if we deem them good value and potential winners.

Route to the final:

Additionally, most enjoy going with a team from the start and our tips will cover whether you should be looking at France WC 2018 odds because of their power and speed when attacking or Spain WC 2018 odds because of their technical ability. Or are their players overhyped? We can help your outright bets with our in-depth knowledge on each team.

Of course, you don’t have to follow all of the WC 2018 football bets that we recommend — but it can be good for any punter to check their thoughts against what our experts think in order to see the general consensus before a big game.

We will go into great detail on all the qualified teams, meaning you will get to know everything about each participating country. Such information can be especially important when looking at some of the smaller countries that punters may not know enough about.

As mentioned, all of our tips will also look at the best odds for the punter. There are countless different bookmakers out there and many different promotions that will run specifically during the tournament, so it can be quite difficult to find the best value.

OpenOdds will do this for you, highlighting the best football WC 2018 betting odds on every single game, meaning you will get the most out of every bet you make even if our betting predictions won’t always be spot on! So make sure you are following our page as the build-up to the WC 2018 continues as this is the number one site for your football betting.

WC 2018 News

For those of you interested in WC 2018 odds, our news page will be a vital source of information for you all. It’s important that you stay on top of everything that’s going on in Russia if you are looking to have a bet. Fortunately, here at OpenOdds we have everything you’ll need.

Whether a star man has been suspended for the knockout game or the goalkeeper has suffered an injury before the first match, our news page will enable you to stay up to date with all the goings on in Russia. Fine margins can make a massive difference in football and as we know one injury could play a big part. Would you still want WC 2018 odds Belgium if Kevin De Bruyne was injured?

History of the torunament:

Furthermore, even if you are an avid football fan, it can be very hard to keep across everything that’s happening, particularly with the games played so quickly. There will be three or four games a day throughout the group stages which can mean you easily fall behind and miss what is going on.

Our news page will provide information on the latest results, news and fallout and that can also link back to our betting tips and influence how you want to bet. For instance, as we approach the final round of group games, does a side need to win by a certain amount to qualify? Will a draw suit both teams as they look to advance? That can have a big impact on the betting odds for the WC 2018 games including how it’s priced.

Even if you don’t want to follow our tips, the news page will allow you to build your own knowledge and understanding of the game which could seriously impact how you bet. Plus, football fans in general will find it very useful given that it will cover all the teams across the tournament.

At OpenOdds we want to make sure you have everything accessible within a few clicks and our news page will provide you with the opportunity to understand everything that’s going on in Russia concerning all 32 teams.

WC 2018 Betting Guides

Not everyone who wants football WC 2018 odds will be an experienced punter and some of you may even be looking to bet properly for the first time. Well, if that’s the case, or you still want some help, then our betting guide is the perfect place to start.

This isn’t the place for your WC 2018 odds, instead it will be the place for you to understand how betting works, what you’re looking for, how the odds work and even searching for your own bets. Also, we will look closely at the bookmakers, ensuring you know exactly how to find the best value bets for yourself.

If you are new to betting, looking at all the numbers, understanding them and the wide range of bets that are available on each game can be quite hard to comprehend. Our guide will break that down for you, ensuring you will grasp exactly what each bet means and making sure you find the bet that is right for you.

For instance, if you think England will beat Panama convincingly, then instead of taking the short odds on a match win, you may benefit from betting on them to win with a handicap – which means they have to win by a certain amount of goals. That will provide you with a much better return than just a normal win.

That’s just one example of how our guide will help and can teach you different aspects of betting and there are many other ways it will benefit punters. Even if you feel you know enough it can be worth checking out, whilst we will also cover the bookmakers as it’s important you know how to find the best value given the number of choices you will have over the summer.

Another positive feature with our OpenOdds site is the search feature that allows you to find the perfect bet for you. For instance, if you want Harry Kane to be top scorer, Germany to reach the final or Brazil to win WC 2018 odds, the search function will allow you to find the best bets that are out there. This page is a must for any of you who are unsure on how the market works and it will get you up to speed in no time.

Find the best WC 2018 odds with OpenOdds today

Our aim at OpenOdds is to make everything easy for you to ensure you have the best overall betting experience possible throughout the tournament in Russia. We provide the reader with WC 2018 tips betting on a range of different markets that will all come from the extensive research covered on every single team entering the tournament.

As well as that, our site will appeal to all different types of punters out there. Those who are new and inexperienced but fancy a few bets on the football will benefit from the betting guides that simplify everything and clearly show how you can find the best odds.

Whereas, even if you do know a lot about betting, our tips will allow you to compare your own thoughts and our determination to find the best odds from the WC 2018 bookmakers will also come in handy, making sure you know exactly where to get the best price on any bet you decide to make in Russia.

Our betting tips will be extensive and for every single game that is played at each and every one of the WC 2018 stadiums, meaning you can have that added bit of interest on every game you watch. Meanwhile, we will strive to keep you updated with the latest news to aid and support your betting on the tournament.

Ultimately, the WC 2018 is the biggest and best event in the football calendar and it really is a special month of sport that we have in store. Here at OpenOdds we have done all the background work on the betting, so you can just sit back and enjoy the football!

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By using the ‘sports types’ search provided at our portal you can take your time and have a look around to discover many other football betting options! By using the corresponding category, you can select a country, league or another tournament like the Euros. Just one more click on the right side of the ‘sports type’ search and you will be brought directly to the desired event.

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Our tip: During the WC 2018, the third group games, which are crucial for advancing, almost always take place simultaneously. This is to even out the chances for all teams. This makes it reasonable to not only place just one bet on one of the two teams, but to rather bet on both match outcomes. If you open our betting odds tips for the tournament in two browser tabs, then you can keep an eye on the odds for both games ahead of time!


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