American Football Odds Comparison 2020 | Best Betting American Football Odds

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Over the past few years, American football, particularly the National Football League, has become prominent on online betting sites for non-US customers. American football is even making a small foothold in the UK, with at least 3 regular-season games being held in London. The UK was the first country to become part of the NFL’s International Series which now sees three regular-season games held outside the United States. Given American football’s increasing internationalisation, top online bookmakers are now offering more American football betting odds on their sportsbook.

Besides the professional level, you’ll also find on some online sports betting sites other fundamental parts of the North American football culture: the NCAA, which is the university level which showcases the NFL’s talent of tomorrow and then the smaller Arena Football League. In addition, some bookies will also have markets for Canadian (CFL) and Australian (AFL) football leagues, this article will ONLY cover the US football markets available for British punters. We’ll give you the American football odds comparison you need to best capitalise on these markets. In this American football betting odds comparison, we’ll also fill you in on any special bonuses available.

  • American football betting is primarily dominated by three betting lines that you’ll see in any sportsbook.
  • Most North American punters prefer to handicap the league, making American football a very tempting sport to add to his or her expert punting portfolio.
  • Not all bookies have the same depth of markets and leagues; while the NFL is a pretty universal offering not all bookies will offer NCAA (university-level) and arena football.
  • The depth of available markets depends on the bookie; it’s important to find a bookie that gives you the betting options that you are looking for.

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The three types of American Football betting odds

The American football sportsbook has a unique way of operating, much different than what most Brits consider to be football. When you have a look at the American football sportsbook, you’ll see a betting line. What’s a betting line, you may ask? This is the number that every bookie will post for a particular game. In the betting line you’ll typically have the distinction between the favourite team and the underdog. Within the betting lines, you’ll see three primary markets. Depending on the online bookmaker, you may see different names. In order to provide you with a comprehensive American football betting odds comparison, we’ll get into the different options available.

  • Money Line/Total Wager: Depending on the bookmaker, the money line wager is also known as the total wager. As the total wager synonym implies, when you place this bet, you’re essentially deciding who you think will end up winning the game.
  • Point Spread/Match Spread/Handicap Wager: This second type of bet is one of the most popular for American football punters. This is because this is the area where handicappers most thrive, and as a consequence, is the most popular bet type for the North American audience. By studying all of the ins and outs of teams, this type of bet is used as a point of reference when thinking about the opportunities a team may have to come out on top. Since bookies will try to handicap in order to level the playing field, even in those games where one team clearly overpowers the other, this is a great way to see the types of chances there are.
  • Total Wager: The total wager bet is an over/under bet for the total combined score for both teams. The total wagers, depending on the online bookmakers, can be offered for the entire game but could also be broken down by individual markets for the 1st Quarters (1Q), 1st Half (1H), and 2nd Half (2H). Out of these markets, the 2nd Half market is very popular given the fact that you can use the data from the first half to better inform your decision based on how your team is looking. You must take note that not all sportsbooks will half the 1Q option available to you. And while 2H is incredibly popular, the more professional punters often feast on 1Q and 1H markets since they have the inside information about how NFL coaches script their plays for the first two quarters.

The best bookies for American Football

What are the best of the bookmakers in terms of odds available for UK punters to capitalise on North American football? We have the list here below. You’ll find American football on lots of the major bookies but we feel that these are particularly noteworthy for numerous reasons. While the best odds you’ll find will be on bet exchanges, there are a number of bookies that offer great odds.


Ladbrokes is one of the better traditional bookies for NFL markets. For every match, you’ll have odds available for point spread, money line, and the total points (total wager) markets. You’ll also be able to find good odds for Outright, Half/Quarter Lines, the point spreads, and some other special bets. There are plenty of outrights for the whole season, including the winners of the AFC and NFC (the two divisions that encompass the overall National Football League).


Since Betfair is a bet exchange, this is where you’ll find the best American football odds. You’ll be able to lay bets, go short, and that way, you could even bet against a team winning or against the realisation of a certain event. The one caveat is that your bets do need to match up with other users but the NFL should bring enough betting traffic in for you to place wagers.

Paddy Power:

Paddy Power is another bookie that’s a worthy choice for betting on the NFL. Paddy Power has Acca Insurance available or 5+ fold Match Coupons with odds of 1/5 in fractional odds or 1.2 in decimal odds. This promotion is only valid for pre-match accumulators but it’s certainly a good deal to get up to £25 back on losing bets. Besides the match coupon, you can also bet on the handicap markets. You can also bet on players’ total receiving or rushing yards, various bets based on the different quarters, and then halves. You’ll have plenty of facets to handicap on Paddy Power. It’s also showing that as one of Britain’s most popular bookies, you can take advantage of the NFL’s push into the UK market on the sportsbooks.

William Hill:

As the UK’s most-trusted bookie, there’s no surprise that William Hill is home to some of the best American football betting odds for a number of reasons. As for regular NFL American football betting, there are 85 markets as your disposal, going even further beyond the three standard betting lines. You can place bets by quarters and by halves, so rest assured that you have plenty of options. Not only are there 85 NFL markets, there are also ten markets open for fantasy football, so there are plenty of ways for you to jump on the fantasy bandwagon just like your counterparts on the other side of the pond.

William Hill also has two NFL promotions to whet your appetite: the first is NFL Acca Insurance for accumulators of 6 picks or more. If one of the selections loses, you’ll get a free bet as compensation for the bet you lose on Money Line, Match Spread, and Total Points markets. The other, the Touchdown Scorer 2nd Chance, simply makes an already popular promotion on football available on the North American game. If your player scores the second touchdown instead of the first, you’ll see a refund of up to £50 in your bet slip as a free bet. If one of them loses, you’ll get a free bet as compensation for the bet you lose on Money Line, Match Spread, and Total Points markets.

Some statistics to use to better inform your betting decisions

If you’re an American football novice, not only is it important to learn about betting lines but there are some other useful statistics that you ought to learn. These are great things for you to master to join the North Americans in handicap betting, and above all, continue refining your handicapping skills for other sports.

  • Yardage differential: The yardage differential is an easy number to look at because it’s vital for the overall strength a particular team. This is because the difference between the yards that a team gains and the yards allowed is a fairly accurate reflection of the overall strength. In general, if the average yards gained is greater than the average yards allowed, a win is the most likely result (however, we mustn’t consider this to be completely fool-proof because no measure is ever perfect).
  • Home-field advantage: Another way the NFL differs from English football (or any of the other major European football federations) is that the league is always closed. Since there’s no question of teams getting either promoted or relegated into different tiers, you’re able to really use a lot of the statistics from pasts seasons to get accurate information. Home-field advantage, or HFA, is one of these factors that can help you get a better idea of the team. The average HFA for the past 20 seasons of any of the NFL’s franchises is around the 3-point mark; there are websites that can teach you how to properly calculate the number for you to properly capitalise on the handicapping capabilities.

As a final nugget of advice, there are two useful numbers that you need to keep in mind as you try to determine the margin of victory of any NFL matchup. They have to do with the overall scoring system of American football: 3 and 7. The number is the most popular because 3 points is the value of a field goal; a very large number of games will be decided by a field goal in the later parts. The number 7 would then be for the touchdown, which is worth 6 points, and the extra point that is awarded for a successful conversion on the kick that occurs after the touchdown.

American Football Odds Comparison 2020 | Best Betting American Football Odds

Conclusion: Compare American Football Betting Odds

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money on North American football. It’s a game ripe for the most intense handicappers given its vast popularity with North American punters. The primary betting lines are the major basis of American football betting but many bookies have dozens, even hundreds of other markets to capitalise on. While the NFL is the most popular offering available on major UK bookies, others have other leagues available, including NCAA Football, CFL, or even more niche leagues. We believe that we’ve given a good selection of some of the best online bookmakers for American football available to you.

In your search for the best American football betting odds, it’s important to take the time to do your homework. Compare American football odds for yourself, read up on team and player stats, and explore the different sportsbooks available to find out what’s the best fit for you.