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Arcanebet eSports Review – Read our eSports Betting Site Rating in 5 Mins

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arcanebet esports betting reviewThe esports betting website Arcanebet is one of the most exciting dedicated operators around for League of Legends, Dota 2 and CS:GO betting.

This fully-dedicated esports bookmaker has plenty of esports bets that can give you a nice profit when wagering on this classic first-person shooter, MOBAs and many other top esports gaming titles.

Claim your Bonus at Arcanebet

Read our Arcanebet esports review now to see how you can have some fun and make some potential winnings on your first Dota or CS:GO bet.

Introducing Arcanebet in eSports Betting

There are many esports betting sites out there, but our Arcanebet esports betting site review found that this is one of the best. Although the brand are fairly new, they have wasted no time in getting a good Arcanebet esports rating as a result of their massive range of betting markets.

The brand is owned by TH Gambling N.V. and they are in possession of a Curacao Gaming License. In a short span of time, Arcanebet have become one of the best-known CSGO betting sites who also feature esports bets on other titles so that you can enjoy some League of Legends betting or even wager on Dota 2.

It’s Arcanebet’s focus on esports that has helped it become one of the best esports betting sites around. Not only have they enjoyed a favourable Arcanebet esports rating as a result of their competitive odds on esports bets, but their live betting opportunities are some of the best currently available.

esports betting review

Whilst Arcanebet might be already one of the most popular CS:GO betting sites, it seems as though they are packing in plenty of other great features to encourage us to bet on esports at their website. So read our full Arcanebet esports review to find out more about this exciting brand.

The result of the OpenOdds Arcanebet eSports Betting Site Review

Our Arcanebet esports review found that this website is one of the best CSGO betting sites around at the moment. Whilst there is no shortage of traditional online bookmakers offering customers an easy way to bet on esports, it’s clear that Arcanebet has some of the biggest selection of odds on Counter Strike Global Offensive that you are going to find anywhere.

From Premier CS:GO tournaments like the ESL Pro League to some smaller qualifying rounds of the ESEA competition, it seems that Arcanebet gives us many options for making a profitable CSGO bet.

Although some other bookies have just a handful of esports betting options, it’s clear that Arcanebet gives us many interesting betting markets. From wagers on the outright winner of a tournament, to being able to make an over/under bet on the total number of maps won in the match, it seems that Arcanebet has plenty of creativity in coming up with their esports bets.

And whilst the options to try Dota 2, CSGO and League of Legends betting can be found at many sites, it’s only at Arcanebet where you’re going to be able to bet on lesser-seen titles like Halo, Clash Royale, and Vainglory.

Call of Duty eSports betting

Although Call of Duty is one of the best video games, it’s evident that it has lost some ground to titles like Counterstrike when it comes to esports betting. Whilst there is no shortage of CSGO betting sites, there are much fewer options for people who want to place a safe and secure bet on Call of Duty.

Thankfully, our Arcanebet esports betting site review has found that this online bookmaker serves up a good range of options for making a profitable bet on this iconic first-person shooter.

Call of Duty eSports Betting

This means that you can finally get the chance to make some esports bets on legendary teams like FaZe, Evil Geniuses and Luminosity in top Call of Duty competitions such as the CWL Pro League.

Although many people focus on Arcanebet as being one of the best CSGO betting sites, it’s nice to find that the brand has made a decent provision for Call of Duty fans.

So by signing up to the website, you can pick up the Arcanebet welcome offer that’s one of the best esports betting offers to get a nice profit boost on this classic title.

League of Legends eSports betting

Everybody knows that League of Legends is one of the most popular esports to bet on. And by checking out our esports odds comparison, you can see that Arcanebet provide you with some seriously competitive odds for making a bet on this legendary battle arena title.

Our Arcanebet esports betting site review found that the online bookmaker had an excellent selection of League of Legends tournaments for you to try some esports betting strategies on.

LoL eSports Competitive Games

From betting on esports legends like Fnatic and Misfits in the LCS Europe competition to making a last-minute bet on G2 in the LVP Superliga, there’s plenty to enjoy at the Arcanebet website.

What made our Arcanebet esports review so much fun was the sheer variety of betting markets that the brand had for League of Legends. From simple bets like match winner, first blood and first to ten kills, there were other lesser-seen betting options like guessing the total kills, predicting the total time of the match, or even betting on whether there would be an odd or even total number of kills.

So whilst Arcanebet might not have one of the best esports betting apps, they more than made up for it through the sheer choice of LoL bets.


Arcanebet eSports experiences: Highlights from our review

  1. Massive range of bets for CSGO, LoL, Dota 2 and Overwatch
  2. Good odds for Call of Duty, Hearthstone and Starcraft II
  3. Markets for lesser-seen games like Halo and Clash Royale
  4. Many payment options including Bitcoin
  5. Decent welcome bonus offer for new customers
  6. Awesome live betting service including streaming
  7. Imaginative and lucrative betting markets
  8. Fully licensed and regulated in Curacao
  9. User-friendly website makes esports betting simple

OpenOdds eSports Bookmakers Comparison

Arcanebet: OpenOdds detailed rating reports regarding eSports betting

Our OpenOdds team examines all bookmakers according to a list of 10 categories.
Our Arcanebet review focused on:

  1. Bonuses
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Customer Services
  4. User-friendliness
  5. Games Covered
  6. Events & Tournaments
  7. In-play eSports betting
  8. Payment Methods
  9. Security
  10. Betting Limits

1.) Bonuses: Decent welcome offer from Arcanebet

We all know how welcome bonuses are a big selling point for most esports betting sites as they can help you make some nice profits on your initial bets. And thankfully the Arcanebet esports betting bonus hasn’t let us down as they are willing to give you a 100% deposit bonus of up to €200.

This means that you can get a decent profits boost on your first esports bets, but be sure to remember that you need to meet the brand’s wagering conditions and use the ES200 bonus code. These state that you need to rollover your bonus at least 15 times on odds of 1.60 or higher in order to receive your bonus funds, and you have 180 days to do this.

2.) Betting Odds: Competitive odds on all esports

Arcanebet don’t just offer a massive range of esports tournaments to bet on, but they have also proven to be reasonably competitive in terms of the odds that they offer. Whether you are betting on CSGO, LoL, Dota 2 or even Heroes of the Storm, then you can be sure of a decent return on your esports bet at Arcanebet.

dota 2 esports betting

In our betting games 2019 comparison we found that Arcanebet ranked highly amongst some of the larger online bookmakers. Whilst some of their competitors like Pinnacle managed to provide marginally better odds on some esports, this lower betting margin came at the expense of not including a welcome bonus. So if you want decent odds on esports and a great bonus, be sure to give Arcanebet a try.

3.) Customer Services: Live chat, telephone and email options

Anybody who asks is Arcanebet safe will be glad to find that this company have laid on some reliable customer support options as a way of getting in touch. The easiest way to raise a query with the brand is to use the handy live chat feature that automatically loads as soon as you access the Arcanebet website.

In addition to this, the brand also have a dedicated email address for customer queries. And with a fairly detailed help section on their website, you should have everything you need to make the most of the Arcanebet esports betting service.

4.) User-Friendliness: Simple and intuitive website

It’s incredible simple to navigate around the Arcanebet website to quickly find your desired esports bet. The overall design is eye-catching and easy to read, and the handy navigation bar means that you should be able to find everything from the latest in-play bets to your account details.

Unfortunately, the brand haven’t developed an Arcanebet app yet, which will let them down compared to their competitors who have been quick to develop their own dedicated esports betting apps. But on the whole, Arcanebet have provided esports fans with a simple and intuitive way to place bets on their favourite video games.

5.) Games Covered: One of the biggest choices of esports

Whilst some rival brands struggle to offer a handful of odds on well-known games like CSGO and League of Legends, it seems that Arcanebet have enjoyed giving us access to odds on a massive selection of esports.

esports games covered

From iconic battle arena games like Dota 2, to fun titles like World of Tanks, there’s a huge range of great games to enjoy placing a bet on. What really boosts the Arcanebet ratings is the fact that they include less obvious titles like Clash Royale, Halo and Vainglory. So whether you want to bet on Overwatch or Smite, then Arcanebet should have plenty of great betting options for you.

6.) Events and Tournaments: All major and minor competitions covered

As Arcanebet is a dedicated esports betting website, it should come as no surprise to find that they cover all of the major esports tournaments. From iconic events like DreamHack, to ongoing tournaments like the ESL Pro League series, then you can be sure that Arcanebet will cover these events with their competitive odds.

esports events and tournaments

But it’s the brand’s dedication to smaller esports events that really impresses. Where else are you likely the find odds on lesser-known tournaments like the Hellcase Cup, the Turkish Champions League and the Epicenter XL qualifiers? So whether you want to bet on a massive event or a smaller competition, there’s plenty to enjoy at Arcanebet.

7.) In-Play eSports Betting: Superb live betting experience

It’s common to find many online bookmakers who offer a handful of in-play bets for events like CSGO and Dota 2. But it looks like Arcanebet have gone a step further as they not only provide a massive selection of in-play bets, but they also allow you to stream the esports events whilst you watch the money roll in.

Thanks to the in-built Twitch streaming on the Arcanebet live betting page, you are now better informed than ever in making your in-play bets.


If only more online bookmakers could provide this service so that we can really feel the excitement of some last-minute betting on esports.

8.) Payment Methods: Many options including Bitcoin

If you want to make a bet on esports at Arcanebet, then there are plenty of options for making your deposits. Whilst the brand doesn’t allow you to make deposits with PayPal, there are many other options included reliable credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, as well as e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

In addition to this, the brand also allow you to boost your account balance with Bitcoin which shows just how forward-thinking Arcanebet are. So if you plan to try some esports betting, legal payment options ranging from Visa to Bitcoin are all accommodated at the Arcanebet website.

9.) Security: Fully licensed and regulated

We all know how there are plenty of shady esports betting websites out there who are happy to take our money without providing a clear and transparent betting service. Thankfully Arcanebet is looking to provide everybody with a reliable way of betting on their favorite esports.

So if you were asking is Arcanebet safe, then you’ll be glad to see that the brand are fully regulated and licensed in Curacao who ensure that all gambling operations are legitimate. This should help to provide a fair and secure way to make your esports bets in the knowledge that your deposits and personal information will stay in safe hands.

10.) Betting limits: Restricted to €10,000 per day

Regardless of whether you’re betting on CSGO or LoL, you will want to know how much you stand to win.

Arcanebet has implemented a €100,000 cap on winnings generated in a 30-day rolling period. Currently, the most that you can win with a single bet is €10,000. 


There’s no doubt that Arcanebet has put together a great betting service that’s sure to be a big hit amongst many esports fans. From their great range of betting markets on iconic titles like CSGO and Dota 2, to some lesser-seen betting options for Clash Royale and World of Tanks, it seems like there’s something for everyone here.

esports openodds

In addition to this, the brand has a fantastic live betting service that adds an extra dimension to your esports wagering. Whilst the betting limits are fairly small, it’s more than made up for by the strong welcome offer, helpful customer support, and tried and tested payment methods.

Arcanebet: Opinions & Experiences of Actual Users

Let us know what you thought of Arcanebet by writing your own short review of the brand’s betting service. By posting your review, you’ll help many other potential customers find out whether they should try Arcanebet for their esports betting. So be sure to share your experiences of Arcanebet at OpenOdds.



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