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Betting sites for CS:GO | Online bookmaker for CS:GO

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There’s never a dull moment in this adrenaline-fuelled virtual reality world of eSports where competitors pit their wits to conquer all along with thousands of bets on every move. With so much choice, you will need to find the best online bookmaker for CS:GO for your particular strategy. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise of multiplayer first-person shooter video games developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.

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Classic esports betting sites like Cyber.bet take great pride in serving up an exhaustive range of odds for Counter Strike Global Offensive. From the major tournaments to the minor showdowns, sites like Cyber.bet should be able to give you competitive odds to help you win a little more from this iconic first-person shooter. If you want to know more, then you should read our Cyber.bet review to see what kinds of betting markets you can expect to wager on for a game like CSGO. Just remember that bonuses are some of the best ways to get a little more on your Counter Strike betting profits.

Competitive CS:GO gambling

As well as tournament circuits, Valve has organised a series of majors with big money prizes, which have proved so popular they are now being televised with millions watching on live streams as well as thousands packing into the stadiums for the majors.

To add to the fun, you can also have a wager on these big money games, which is why OpenOdds has reviewed the top 10 betting sites for CS:GO. Find out more about the top brands in our bookmaker comparison table.


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CS:GO betting – What to consider

Gambling on eSports is a growth industry with more gaming operators getting involved in this exciting sector. So many people either play or watch eSports such as CS:GO that it makes sense to open a book on these games. But how do you find the best bookmaker for CS:GO? Last year the eSport sector generated global revenue of more than £260 million from media rights, merchandise, tickets and advertising and this is set to grow in the next few years with predictions that players will be betting £18 billion on eSports by 2020. So it’s no wonder that some of the biggest brands are turning their attention to eSports such as CS:GO. OpenOdds betting sites comparison will show the best betting sites for CS:GO.  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting ranges from simple bets to more complicated procedures or even fantasy bets.

As with all sports, get to know your subject, the players and their teams. Don’t just gamble because the odds look good or because the chat in forums is backing a particular team. The odds are determined by other bettors and so can be swayed unless you use a betting exchange rather than a sportsbook. Reading up on reddit and specialized CSGO casino forums is useful but how do you know which posts to trust? It’s always better to trust your own instincts and do your own research. Always keep a note of all your bets, how much you have gambled and how much you have won. You should start to see a pattern emerging so you know which type of bets do well for you. If sports betting interests you generally, then knowing more about the Best Gambling Sites in UK is a good place to find out which ones to sign up to.

solid cliche for csgo gambling sites

If you are new to CS:GO betting you will start reading a lot about skins but how do they work? You will find normal skins, Stat-Trak and Souvenir. The latter two are the more valuable as Stat-Trak tracks kills made by the gun’s owner while souvenirs are special weapons dropped randomly during the big CS:GO tournaments. Each skin has a value and you can buy or sell them so it is certainly possible to make money if you trade at the right time. You can also place a bet with skins on some sites.

CS:GO has different game modes with players buying weapons and gear from money earned by completing various missions such as assisting on kills.

Betting sites for CS:GO | Online bookmaker for CS:GO

The different games are:

  • Bomb scenario with the terrorists protecting their explosive while the counter-terrorists try to stop it from exploding.
  • Hostage scenario where the counter-terrorists have to rescue hostages in the terrorists’ hands
    arms race with players rewarded for every two kills with a new weapon or every one kill if they write off the enemy leader.
  • Demolition where players are given predetermined weapons for their kills.
  • Deathmatch where players need to get the highest possible score by killing with different weapons in a series of 10-minute matches.

So with so many modes and missions, there are many betting options for CS:GO as well as the straightforward bets on win, draw or lose for matches or the entire tournament. A match is made up of individual maps so you can bet on the winner of each map as well as on the handicap where the odds are adjusted for perceived imbalance in abilities between the teams. This effectively gives the weaker team a head start.  If you are new to betting or want to try new strategies, you may want to learn How Does Betting Odds Work?

Although there are many betting sites for CS:GO, OpenOdds have reviewed them to find the best online betting sites for CS:GO.

Best CS:GO gambling sites


Pinnacle Sports consistently offers the biggest betting limits and best value odds, which explains why it is found at the top of the league table for payouts. It also takes eSports seriously with its own hub so you can find all things relating to eSports in one place with live odds, forthcoming tournament listings and articles. There is also a handy introduction to eSports betting such as how to bet, what types of bets are available and how to fund your account. You can see the betting calendar for each eSport such as CS:GO and Dota 2. This attention to detail on the top eSports makes Pinnacle a firm favourite with players because eSports is not seen as an add-on but an important part in the world of betting. Many players would say Pinnacle is the best online bookmaker for CS:GO.

William Hill

William Hill is another trusted bookmaker with a good sign-up offer of betting £10 to get £20 in free bets. William Hill has an impressive selection of markets and options in eSports betting and you can check out the odds on the world’s top competitive online gaming events. Its odds for CS:GO are pretty much in line with the other leading sportsbooks and you have a long list of matches to bet on. It is often first to go up with the prices so check out William Hill to see if it’s offering odds before the other online bookmakers.

william hill esports betting


Ladbrokes is one of the top high-street names and its online site is impressive too with plenty of sports and games to try. If you’re a new customer you can get up to £50 as a free bet as well as some new customer exclusives on football betting. You can even join The Grid to get your hands on free bets, money back offers and bonuses, which are definitely worth signing up for. The Ladbrokes site is easy to follow the types of bets and odds offered on CS:GO events, particularly simple wagers such as tournament winner and match winner.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power certainly knows how to create a storm with some of its controversial advertising campaigns. This Irish bookmaker certainly keeps life interesting with its promotions for a wide range of sports – with a particular love of the horses of course – and a sign up offer to bet £10 and get £30 in free bets. You may not get the full range of bets offered by some others but you can make simple, fuss-free bets on matches or the outright winner. Paddy Power has an interesting history which may be of interest to you in our Paddy Paddy Review.



NetBet has a really clean look to its websites unlike some of the others which are so busy it’s difficult to know where to look. It also has some great offers, including a £50 sport bonus for new customers. It offers odds on the top eSports such as CS:GO and you can choose to bet on the winner, spread bets or over/under wagers. It’s clearly set out and you just click on the bet you want for it to be included on your betting slip.


You can tell Betway takes eSports seriously because the category is one of its Quick Links at the top of the website. it has some interesting offers on sports as well as odds boosts for football and a matched free bet up to £100 for new customers. Bets on CS;GO include match winner, outright winner, or 1X2,correct score and who will win both pistol rounds. Whilst many bookies have blogs, Betway has an impressive array of eSports blogs which could come in handy if the competition is getting tight.

Betway eSports Free Bet


Unibet is another online bookmaker for CS:GO with good promotions and welcome offers including risk-free bets. Unibet has more than 40,000 live events for you to watch so sports lovers are going to enjoy their time here. eSports are also well covered, particularly CS:GO and Dota2. Odds formats are available in decimal, fractional and American so you can choose what to go for. Betting options include match result, round handicap or total rounds, for example, which are certainly enough for most players. We also like Unibet’s Luck Is No Coincidence category with interesting blogs mixing sport and science.

eSports Plus

Die-hard CS:GO fans will enjoy a dedicated eSports site, like eSports Plus, where you can deposit or trade skins and place a bet on matches. Coin bets pay out 90% of the total pot as the company has a 10% admin fee. So for bets with multiple options, your prize could be less than your entry fee. So your prize = total coin pool – 10% service fee x % of coins contributed among the correct winners.


Unikrn doesn’t trip off the tongue easily but serious gamers will remember the name. This dedicated eSports site has an impressive selection of games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and Call of Duty as well as live streaming. You can bet on the matches as well as the chance to win prizes like CS:DO skins in the Unikrn raffles. Connect your gaming account to earn Unikoins each time you play. These coins can be used in the raffles to get your hands on eSports prizes, which makes it one of the online bookmaker


CS:GO is one of the top games in the world with huge money prizes, tournaments and millions of followers so it is only natural that fans will want to bet on the outcome of each match. Many of the high street sportsbooks offer great odds for eSports and you can feel confident that your bet is safe and secure. As a bookmaker for CS:GO, Pinnacle goes that extra mile with its eSports hub, live streaming and articles which ardent fans will appreciate. Beginners or new followers would do well to stick to the top brands in the world of gambling while seasoned gamblers and passionate players will enjoy the extra details offered by specialist eSports sites.


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