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Betbright has been known to concentrate their efforts on providing a service that’s all about the end user. So expect attention to detail, intuitive interfaces and a comprehensive range of sports to select from.

The result of the OpenOdds Betbright review

The result of our Betbright review is that this bookmaker should not be discarded without first giving it a try. With this bookie, you can place a very large number of bets quickly because of how clean and tidy the interface is. There are many different sports that you can bet on with odds that are generous. This gives you a great chance of processing the bonus offer, which is a free £20 worth of bets when you wager £5.

However, no bookmaker is without their shortcomings. As our Betbright review shows, betting and deposit limits should be changed so that a large segment of the sports betting population could be catered to. Also, considerations must be made towards other products such as poker, lotto and bingo. Finally, there is a limited amount of deposit options, which could block you from being able to play at this bookmaker altogether.

Overall, it’s not the best out there but still worth a try. We’ve given this bookie a Betbright rating of 76 out of 100.

Experiences with Betbright: A reputable bookmaker

  • A generous £20 welcome bonus when £5 is wagered.
  • Good quality user-friendliness to make the betting experience a pleasant one.
  • A friendly customer service department.
  • Competitive odds across a wide range of sports.
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Betbright: OpenOdds detailed rating report regarding this top bookmaker

The OpenOdds team has been hard at work trying to analyse Betbright so that a judgment can be made regarding its overall quality. It can be difficult to select a bookmaker when you know little about it. We have taken the time to review the quality of Betbright using 10 different categories:

01.Bonuses:a good quality offer for newcomers to the site

The Betbright bonus is simple – you get £20 worth of free bets when you wager £5. This is an offer that’s worth taking advantage of and gives you a great reason to give this bookie a try. It’s a sports betting bonus that requires you to bet at odds of only 1.5, which, when you do a betting odds comparison with other bookmakers, is very reasonable.

Keep in mind that to receive the bonus, the qualifying bet must be made within 4 days of opening the account, and then within 21 days, the bets must be settled. This should give you plenty of time to use whatever betting strategies you want to successfully process the bonus. Betbright has not put obstacles in the way for customers to enjoy this bonus, which goes to show that they want to impress newcomers to the site.

02.Customer Services: professional and efficient service

Customer Service
Customer service is important to take into account when considering registering with any bookie. Set you expectations high. Service should be capable and considerate. What can customers expect from the Betbright signup process? The customer service team at Betbright offers professional service that is quick and reliable. They offer a comprehensive breakdown of their services in the support section of their website. Click the category of your questions to find a list of helpful FAQs. You’ll find answers on everything from promotions to technical help. If the FAQs can’t answer your questions, customer service representatives are available via telephone from 8am to midnight every single day. The staff are polite, friendly and, most importantly, can very quickly deal with any issues you might have.

03.Sports Covered:What Betbright games are available

You won’t be disappointed by the variety of sports on offer at Betbright. The options include volleyball, tennis, table tennis, snooker, rugby union, rugby league, Olympic games, novelties, ice hockey, horse racing, handball, golf, football, e-sports, darts, cricket, boxing, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, Australian football and American football. This large variety of betting options gives you a good chance of processing your bonus offer. It also gives you the chance to enjoy betting on the sports you like.

Betbright is up there with some of the Best UK Sports Betting Sites in 2016. However, there could be more in the way of speciality sports that are less popular. This would provide a more comprehensive experience that a large number of people could enjoy.

04.Payment Methods:An improvement is required

In the age of e-wallets and innovative payment technology, online bookmakers have to stay fresh to keep up with the payment methods of their customers. You’ll be disappointed to know that the Betbright deposit & withdrawal options are somewhat lacking when compared to the rest of the industry. The minimum deposit is only £10, but there are only 4 different deposit methods that can be used to make the transaction: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and PayPoint. This is much lower variety than you can expect at other bookmakers. Soon Betbright will have to step it up and offer payment through en e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller. On the bright side, payment through a debit or credit card has its advantages. Processing time is usually quick and your winnings end up right in your bank account. An average deposit or withdrawal transaction takes the standard 48 hours.

05.Security:Is Betsafe safe?

Before registering with a new bookmaker, we all ask ourselves the question "Is Betbright safe?" Since Betbright has a gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission, you can be at ease about the fact that your money is at this bookmaker. This official governing body in the gambling industry only awards a license to a bookmaker that fulfills all of their requirements.

Betbright reviews security standards and protocol frequently. This bookie also makes use of the top encryption methods in the business to ensure that all transactions are done in the proper manner. Furthermore, the deposit and withdrawal methods are carried out by the biggest names in the money handling business, such as MasterCard and Visa. These payment processors have their own rigid security protocols that come into play when making a financial transaction. So although the options are a little limited, the options they do offer are safe.

06.Betting Odds:Great range of markets on offer

When it comes to betting odds, Betbright can definitely hold its own. This bookmaker seems to scan over the industry’s odds and offer better ones time and time again. If you are into horse racing, then you’ll love this bookie even more. They have some of the best odds in horse racing and offer a variety of quality markets. However, that doesn’t mean other sports are lacking at the expense of horse racing. Overall, Betbright is doing a good job of providing some of the best odds we’ve seen across the board. No matter what market you’re interested in, you’re in for a treat.

The best online bookmakers understand that in order to attract and keep customers, the odds are what really what matters. Without great odds even the most loyal of customers will consider going elsewhere.

07.User-friendliness:Down to a science

It’s important to have a website that’s user-friendly, as it can make the betting experience a more pleasant one. Navigating a poorly designed website is not only frustrating, but it also makes the bookmaker look unprofessional, and you may begin to lose faith in them. Fortunately, Betbright has done a great job with their user interface. The menus are intuitive to use and you can make a large volume of bets in a short period of time. Additionally, the colour scheme is an attractive one that gives the overall appearance a nice touch.

Moreover, the Betbright app is user-friendly. Nowadays punters like to place bets on their smartphones as much as or more than they do on desktops. Therefore, betting apps are important, and this one doesn’t disappoint. You won’t notice a decrease in performance as you switch from your desktop to the Betbright app.

08.In-play Product:A good effort in the racing department<

In-Play bets
The live betting section at Betbright offers something for everyone. Football and tennis fans will be trilled with the amount of market offering available all season long. However, Bet bright really shines when it comes to their horse racing live betting features. As the race unfolds, bets can be placed where the odds are constantly adapting to reflect how the race has unfolded thus far. Betbright clearly displays the action in real time. The combination of great odds and a variety of live betting options makes Betbright a good quality destination for a lot of punters.

Unfortunately, there is no live streaming service where you can watch the action unfold. Although you’re not there to see the action unfold, the thrill of watching the events unfold before your eyes makes for a great betting experience. Watching the games you have bet on adds another layer of fun to the whole experience.

09.Other Products:more could be added

There’s a fair amount to explore on the Betbright website. The site offers a comprehensive range of casino games in addition to their sports betting. Enjoy slots, table games, and video poker during the off season. You’ll find separate bonuses for the casino section of the websites, which are just as good as the Betbright sports bonuses. Betbright also offers a live casino option if you’re looking for some face time.Betbright doesn’t yet offer poker and bingo, so there’s still room for growth.

But punters should be kept plenty busy with the Betbright blog. Here you’ll find the latest in sports news. Sections specifically designed for their punters will post new promotions and a full listing of sports statistics. We love this feature as a bettor can never have enough resources to improve his strategy. Betbright offers hand picked stories and stats that will help you make the most out of your betting experience.

10.Bet Limits: need to be improved

The maximum deposit that you can make at Betbright is only £500, which is definitely on the low side and it means that professional bettors might have trouble. However, for most amateur bettors on a limited budget, this limitation shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, Betbright has the facility to reduce the amount you can deposit in a given period of time. This is a great feature for those who might be having an addiction problem with gambling.

The minimum stake at Betbright is £1, which is relatively large when you compare this with other bookmakers. Most offer a minimum stake of £0.10, or at the very least £0.25. When the minimum stake is £1 it means that those with a limited budget will not have the freedom to test out a few betting strategies. Perhaps in the future Betbright could change their betting limits so that a large segment of the sports betting population is satisfied.

Our Verdict of Betbright:Top quality bookmaker

in the editorial board: Betbright
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Our Betbright sportsbook review found that there are plenty of good quality odds to be had across a comprehensive range of sports and there is a good quality bonus offer that gives you more than enough incentive to try Betbright out. Also, as can be expected of a top bookmaker, the user interface is top notch, and the customer service department does their job very well. On the other hand, the bad points are that there is a lack of deposit and withdrawal option and the betting limits do not provide the flexibility that some punters would like. Overall the Betbright rating we have come up with says that this bookie is well-rounded and deserves a try, if only to take advantage of their welcome bonus that can get you started with a bankroll. Visit Betbright and open account now

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Betbright: Opinions & Experiences of actual users

feedbackHave you had a chance to test out Betbright? Did you feel that your experiences of the bookmaker differ to what you have read in our Betbright review? In any case please do not hesitate to leave your comments in the Betbright reviews below. We welcome all feedback on this website, and our hope is that we can improve our own review of the bookie and members of OpenOdds can enjoy a Betbright sportsbook review that’s as accurate as possible.


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