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BetOnline Review 2018 – Read our Bookmaker Rating in 5 Mins

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In a sea of well-known bookies, BetOnline is one of the lesser-known names. Founded in 2004, the operator has broken out of its initial US market, gaining a niche following in the UK and beyond. Now headquartered in Panama City, the sportsbook is really hitting its stride. Customers from destinations around the world sign in on a daily basis to sample the sports betting bonuses. As this is the case, it’s fair to answer ‘yes’ when someone asks ‘is BetOnline safe?’. Of course, safety isn’t the only aspect we’re interested in. Throughout our BetOnline review, we want to see how this bookmaker compares to its competitors in terms of its sportsbook, odds, customer service, and other key areas. We know it’s held in high regard, which is why we’re so keen to discover more about the BetOnline sportsbook. Read on and find out our full BetOnline rating.

The result of the OpenOdds BetOnline review

When it comes to appeal, BetOnline may be a niche brand, but it’s one that still packs a punch. Due to its dominance in the American gambling industry, the bookmaker has a distinctive US feel. While other sites let you bet on NFL and NBA, etc., here, you can bet on college games and US horseracing. With this bookie, there’s also a chance to bet on financial markets and eSports odds. As we worked our way through the site, compiling answers for our BetOnline rating, we discovered that many bigger sportsbooks had neglected areas of the markets that this bookmaker emphasises. In short, we’ve been converted, and so we use our BetOnline sportsbook review to recommend the brand. Anyone who enjoys the intensity of US sports, will struggle to find this level of sports betting elsewhere. Don’t let the basic interface of BetOnline fool you; having been working within the industry for over a decade, they know what to give their customers, as you’ll see for yourselves. To make our BetOnline review fair, and to ensure that the OpenOdds team has done their jobs, we provide a BetOnline rating based on the 10 categories below. By doing this, we can compare bookmakers alongside one another.

Experiences with Betonline: An up and coming bookmaker

  • Customer service is around the clock, providing support via emails and telephone 24 hours a day
  • BetOnline allows players to use bitcoin and litecoin for banking
  • Many promotions are available, such as the sports betting bonus, as well as rewards for other areas
  • Wager on matches as they unfold by using the live betting feature
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BetOnline: OpenOdds 10 Review Categories Comprehensive Rating Report Concerning This Top Bookmaker

All bookmakers thoroughly tested by the OpenOdds team, must prove themselves in the following 10 review categories, even BetOnline!

01.Bonuses:New and existing customers treated equally

If equality is what you crave, then the BetOnline bonus has what it takes. Designed to treat all customers the same, newcomers and returning players alike get rewards. These offers take many forms, such as a 100% deposit bonus on casino accounts to a 50% welcome bonus using the BetOnline promo code (NEW2500). It’s clear BetOnline reviews its promotions to cover all the bases, with bonuses for bitcoin betting, referring other players, and for the racebook. But does BetOnline offer a free bet? Yes, in fact you can enjoy $25 in free bets when punting on live matches. It would be inaccurate to say that BetOnline has the best free bets offers, but they give their all to make their customers happy. As our Betonline sportsbook review highlights, the wagering requirements tend to be minimal, as low as 6x, allowing for more chances at withdrawing funds. We’ve haven’t even got around to all the casino bonuses on offer!

02.Customer Service:Is BetOnline one of the best online bookmakers for support?

Our BetOnline reviews leave nothing out, which is why we now turn our attention to customer support. Although the games and sports betting are important, it would all become useless if you had no one to turn to for help. Fortunately, BetOnline is ready and waiting, delivering multiple email options, as well as a contact number. On top of that, there’s also a FAQs page alongside a ‘help’ section, all of which tells us that you’re put first. All of the services they’ve listed are accessible 24/7, meaning you don’t have to worry about waiting days on end for a response. That being said, the lack of live chat is noticeable, especially if you prefer more immediate means of communication to answer a quick query. This is really the only omission from an otherwise impressive customer support provision.

03.Sports Covered:US sports, general sports, racebook and more

When it comes to sports coverage, BetOnline isn’t necessarily the main event, but a way of engaging with less obvious sports. The sports covered are still mainstream, but for a slightly different target audience (chiefly American players). Although this makes the bookmaker appear smaller in size and depth, it also means that BetOnline can offer markets that others don’t. This in turn makes them a prime destination for US sport fanatics. The number of matches is also greater than other sportsbooks because of this. You don’t merely get the big events here, but you also get the lower ranked ones as well, such as basketball played in Italy and Germany, pre-season events and the WNBA. Tennis, golf and soccer (including the Premiership) also feature on the site, making it accessible to non-US sports fans. The racebook covers mainly US meets, so we’re talking Kentucky Derby and Belmont Park, as opposed to the Grand National and Epsom.

04.Payment Methods:One for e-wallet gamblers

How do I cash out with BetOnline? BetOnline allows you to flash some real money by using various banking methods, with e-wallets taking centre-stage. Typically, we see credit and debit cards championed over other options, but BetOnline has said goodbye to that tradition. Credit cards can still be used, but this is a site that prefers e-wallet deposits and withdrawals. This is why we see the likes of Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard. There’s obviously other methods provided also, such as the Person to Person option. This enables individuals to send money to one another, which they can then use to punt. As for limits and fees, no fees are listed in the Cashier section, however the limits for banking vary with each provider. Some are quite low, while others are high; the best way of combating this is reading all the details first. When discussing Betonline deposit and withdrawal methods, it’s worth restating that as well as traditional currency, you can use cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and litecoin.

Payment Methods Available

05.Security:Is BetOnline safe?

When gaming online, whatever the activity, we need to be safe. You can rest easy when you play with BetOnline, as they are licensed by Panama. Although not a common regulating body, it’s one that is respected nonetheless. We’d be more concerned if there was no official license at all. In addition to the rules and regulations, there’s also a rigid privacy policy setup, ensuring that your details remain locked down. BetOnline has SSL encryption, meaning accessing your information is an arduous task for even the most advanced of hackers. To read up on the policy, and to make sure you’re aware of any changes, make sure to visit the terms and conditions.

06.Betting Odds:Know the score with American formatted betting odds

Now we move on to the odds that this bookmaker provides us with. With regard to their advantages, a betting odds comparison shows BetOnline adheres to industry standards, delivering odds not too high in value but not too low either. We wouldn’t say that their odds are the best on the market, but they’re certainly competitive when wagering on the likes of baseball. This is, of course, due to the brand’s American origins and connections. To make the betting odds more accessible, this bookmaker rating points you in the direction of the odds format. It may sound trivial, but being able to change whether the odds are American, fraction or decimal alters how easily you can make a wager. This is especially true if you’re only versed in one format. In reference to the odds themselves, typically the events have one of three outcomes you can select, even for results that might seem highly unlikely.

07.User-friendliness:Organised for more experienced punters

Should you have had a peek at BetOnline before reading this, you’ll have seen for yourselves that the site is basic, bland even. Despite this assumed minimalism, there’s a chaos to the layout, one that only those well versed in sports betting will navigate with ease. To be blunt: BetOnline doesn’t look that great, nor does it offer the most user-friendly navigation. However, not all hope is lost, for there’s the BetOnline app as well. Having been made to fit the parameters of a smaller screen, BetOnline has a fluidity that the desktop version doesn’t, making it one of the better betting apps. There’s still that simple design, but with a slick edge to it. Neither of the interfaces will win awards for their accessibility, but at least they do what they’re supposed to do. They deliver the betting markets in a reasonable manner and therefore enable a, fairly, easy means to bet.

08.In-play Product:Flat interactions with live sports

Our attention now turns to in-play offers, an area which throws up some negatives for BetOnline. Don’t get us wrong, the live betting odds they provide, and the sports covered, are good; it’s just the lack of live streaming that’s an issue. Due to our expectations of live betting, we’ve become accustomed to seeing live streams of matches, so to not have it hits hard. To try and combat this, BetOnline offers a 2D image of a pitch, with details placed on top. We grant you it won’t generate a massively high BetOnline rating, but it does give us something different to interact with. We’d also say that the in-play is better in terms of user-friendliness, which is a big victory, considering the mechanics of the site elsewhere.

09.Other Products:Multiple non-sports betting options and casino gaming

This bookie isn’t only good for sports betting. It’s also great for taking a spin on roulette, or perhaps trying the reels of the most popular slot machines. BetOnline delivers a casino and live casino, as well as a few other favourites. All in all, they know how to keep you coming back for more. There’s other betting to engage with, as we’ve hinted at previously, but the casino really spices up the action. What is more, you can still put your betting strategies to good use, just in a different way. It’s all very exciting! If you want to really punt on something new, BetOnline offers options to wager on eSports and even the financial markets.

10.Betting Limits:Appealing to all budgets

Every bookmaker has betting limits, this we know, but some can be harsher or friendlier than others. In regard to BetOnline, the limits are more than reasonable, with the minimum stake being $1. This is more than other bookmakers, true, but it’s still a tiny sum in the grand scheme of things. As for the betting limits when you win, the values are kept within a 24-hour period. Therefore, you can never exceed the amount for that time limit. Still, knowing we can win as much as $150,000 isn’t all bad. In fact, we’d be more than happy with that in our accounts! Even the most critical of budget players could aim big, thanks to the large returns and the low pay-ins.

Our Verdict of Betonline:Dependable sportsbook

in the editorial board: Betonline
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Pulling all of the details of this BetOnline review together, we form a picture of a stable sportsbook. It delivers the odds and markets you want, the ones you may not have been able to find anywhere else, and it does so in a no-nonsense manner. Our BetOnline rating hammers home how important it is to investigate lesser known brands, ones that have gained popularity outside of the big brands that dominate.

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BetOnline: Opinions & Experiences of Actual Users


We hope we’ve given you a lot to think about in this BetOnline review. But what do you think? To help other customers, we’d love to hear about your experiences with BetOnline – what was its best feature, did the odds meet expectations, would you recommend it? By including your personal feedback, we can improve our comparison of bookmakers.