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Betsafe Deposit Bonus Code – All Terms Explained

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Betsafe has been around since January 2006, making itself known for its “No Bullshit Betting” approach that claims that it is “in it to win it.” Part of the Betsson Group of companies and run under the BML Group umbrella, it is operated from Malta and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. In order to operate in the United Kingdom, Betsafe has a licence from the British Gambling Commission. Betsafe is particularly known for the large offering in its sportsbook, especially given the 28 sports you are able to bet on.

Besides having a huge range of sports available, punters can also bet on television, politics, film, and business should they decide to expand their betting beyond the football pitch, tennis courts, or in the world of bandy, snooker, or Gaelic football. Betsafe is known for having quick and responsive customer service and ensuring that all of the legal terms that have to be thrown around are in language that all betters can understand.

Finally, Betsafe is the official betting partner for the Manchester City Football Club, giving Betsafe users a selection of exclusive branded content related to all things City. If you’re a city fan, and want to be one of the high rollers when coming to Etihad Stadium one day, Betsafe’s VIP users get a world-class experience. What other motivation would you want when choosing an ideal betmaker?

We’re going to take a closer look at the betsafe sign up bonus, and you’ll find the betsafe deposit bonus terms explained in depth below. For a more detailed review of this bookmaker, read the Betsafe Review.

Betsafe Bonus details:

Bonus sum: £20
Bonus type: Replacement bet if initial bet loses
Example: 100% up to £10
Revenue (rollover): N/A
Minimum quota: 1.8
min. deposit: £10
max. time: 7 days
Payable: Nein
T&Cs Apply, 18+

The Betsafe deposit bonus:Are free bets given with the Betsafe bonus?

Claim BetSafe Bonus

The Betsafe bonus is pretty simple: if you make a qualifying bet of £10 or more, you’ll get a £20 free bet! It’s a 200% bonus on the initial bet you need to make to qualify. There’s nothing like free money, especially if you want to press your luck a little bit but don’t really like the idea of facing a huge loss. While it’s not the most generous one out there, and if you want to see those check out the Best Free Bets 2016, the free bet comes with relatively few strings attached when you compare it to other bookmakers.

How to claim the Betsafe Bonus:

  • Up to £20 in bonus funds available
  • No Betsafe bonus code required
  • Just deposit £10 to get started
  • Make sure you bet on odds over 1.8 (9/5)
  • Available to new punters
  • Get your Betsafe bonus before time runs out
Visit Betsafe and get the bonus now

Making your first deposit with Betsafe:Quick and simple with Betsafe

Once you’ve created your account with Betsafe it’s time to make your first deposit and begin placing bets! Before you deposit, choose your currency. Betsafe allows users to make transactions in EUR, SEK, NOK, USD, GBP or CAD. The currency you choose will be the default setting for your account. Customers should note that the personal information attached to the payment method must be the same as the personal information submitted to open your Betsafe account. If any information such as name, age or address do not match, Betsafe can cancel or postpone your transaction until your identity is confirmed. Once you login to your account click on the "Deposit" button at the top of the page. Betsafe customers can make payments with Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, PayPal, bank transfer, Visa Entropay or instant banking. Payments made with a Visa or MasterCard may charge a service fee of up to 2.5% of your deposit amount. The minimum deposit amount for all payment methods is £10. Entropay and instant banking are the quickest ways to deposit. You’ll receive your funds in your Betsafe account immediately. On the other hand, paying with a Visa or MasterCard could take up to 5 business days.

Detailed Current Betsafe Promo code & Sign Up Bonus:The basics of the sign up bonus you need to know

bonusTo take advantage of the Betsafe welcome bonus, there’s some good news. It’s not too complicated to complete the first step towards getting your free bet. How does that happen? Well, it relates to one of the most popular search terms related to the bonus: is there a Betsafe bonus code?

If you’re not fond of bonus codes, you’re in luck. There are no Betsafe bonus codes that you need to enter in a textbox when you open your account. But there is a little trick that we mentioned in the bonus overview, but we’ll remind you in this part. The first thing you have to do after registering for a Betsafe account is to make the initial deposit to place the qualifying bet.

The qualifying bet has to be at least £10, which is the amount you need to have on deposit in your account. You need to make sure you place your bet with any payment method that’s not Neteller or Skrill; if you use either of those you won’t be able to capitalise on the free bet offer. However, with Betsafe all deposits under £40 are without extra charges, so you won’t see any unnecessary fees. Also, your deposits are instantly credited to your account when you make it with credit or debit but there’s a waiting period of between 2 and 5 days on those coming via bank transfer.

Withdrawals are typically processed within 12 hours of your request for the automated requests (responsible for 60-70% off all withdrawals on the site). For the other 30-40% that are manual, it will take 24 hours. Keep in mind that at the weekend it will most likely be manual rather than automated so be patient. And the patience is worth it; you can cancel withdrawals if you decide you want to keep playing!

After you have your £10, you pick the event from the Sportsbook you choose, however they can only be events from the SPORT and LIVE BETTING tabs. Virtual sports, while included in the sportsbook section, are not eligible for the offer. The only other restrictions are that the bet cannot be a non-runner, push, or void selection. Now, you have quite a bit of freedom, but there has to be another requirement, right? The odds have to be at least 1.8 (or 4/5 in fractional odds) or more for the qualifying bet to go through.

You place your bet, it’s settled. What happens next? 24 hours later, you’ll see the free bet credited into your betslip. Want to use it? Remember that you need to do one thing: tick the box! What box? The free bet box. In the case of this bet, the text next to the box you need to tick will say “£20 Free Bet.” Once you tick the free bet box in your bet slip, you’re good to go to get your well-deserved £20 free bet. As you keep playing on Betsafe and earning more free bets, the box you need to tick will say “(Free Bet Amount) Free Bet” on the side. And once you tick, take your pick (on the event you want to wager)!

There’s one final thing: before you can go ahead and withdraw the money or play in another of Betsafe’s products, the net winnings have to meet some requirements. You need to have wagered the odds on SPORTS or LIVE BETTING events at odds of 1.5 or more within seven days of your credit showing up in your account. Make sure to follow those rules so you don’t end up unhappy with money getting forfeited.

And there you have it: all of the details of the Betsafe deposit bonus terms explained. Compare this bonus with other Online Bookmaker Promotions & Sign Up Offers.

Our Verdict of Betsafe:The Betsafe Bonus

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The Review of the Betsafe Bonus

Even if many of the best online bookmakers are offering more generous welcome bonuses, this is definitely offer that gives a lot of added value to make it generous in other ways, and with no Betsafe bonus codes to remember we think they’re on to a winner. As you saw before, you have a significant amount of flexibility with the types of events you can use with the bonus, as long as you satisfy the odds requirements and deposit the money from sources that aren’t Neteller or Skriller. Other bookmakers have much longer lists of restrictions on the bets you can use your bonus with!

Now, the Betsafe deposit and withdrawal policy has the fastest withdrawal times in the industry; this is ideal for punters who really don’t like waiting for too long for their winnings to become money in the bank. As we said before, deposits under £40 aren’t charged—a perfect incentive to take on an initial £10 deposit to get £20. And finally, an added value that we greatly emphasised in our Bookmaker Review, is the customer service. With numerous ways to get in touch with the people you may need to get the most out of your bonus and fast, you’re all set to make the most of your Betsafe Welcome Bonus!

So there you have it, the Betsafe deposit bonus explained, compare it to the Best Free Bets Offers for some perspective. Go to Betsafe and open your account

5 Expert Tips for the Betsafe Bonus:Learn from the true professionals


This betting strategy could be the most counterintuitive, and you might consider it much for suited for one of our Online Bookmaker Comparisons when discussing the general safety of sports betting sites. However, here’s our case for doing it: what the Betsafe sign up bonus and other sign up bonuses do is give the customer (in this case, the punter), the opportunity to perhaps take more risks than usual. What bankrolling does is decide how much you can afford to lose as you bet on a sport over a particular season. Once you decide your magic number, the general rule of thumb is to not wager more than 1% of your budget for the season. Wagers greater than 1% are then, therefore, riskier bets. This helps you make you sure you don’t try to win back your losses and go in deeper of a whole than you can afford to.

2.Bet on a lesser-known team for hidden gems:

For those bookmakers who are specialised in one sport, there’s money to be had in “more obscure” areas of the sport. This means depending on which is your fancy, scouring the databases for worthy entities to wager. If you’re into Premier League, this may mean looking at Crystal Palace or Queen’s Park Rangers instead of Chelsea. Remember, this was how people were able to make HUGE returns at the end of the last Premier League season when Leicester out-duelled the league to come on top. The lesson is simple: you can find a lot of value to be had when you look beyond the general top ten in a league. This can work for a number of sports: Formula One, Nascar, or if American college sports are your thing, Division 1 basketball. In the case of Betsafe, you can try betting on teams in South America in addition to Álaves and Leganés in La Liga besides your Premier League comfort zone.

3.Get the most out of all the promotions:

Besides the Betsafe bonus explained above, Betsafe has a lot of other offers and promotions on the Sportsbook throughout the year. When opportunities arise, you can allocate money in your bankroll to put in for any of these promotions and then use them to your advantage. The benefit of free bets and free money is more rewards for making more stakes. You always want to be checking on the sportsbooks consistently, especially when you have big events coming up on the calendar when the opportunities are plentiful.

4.Timing is key:

One of those cliché expressions is “at the right place at the right time”. The same can be said for sports betting because the question of when you place your bet can make a difference. Even though there’s no straight universal time that can be correct for all sports, you want to make sure that you beat the closing line. If we think about a Manchester City match, if the match is on a Sunday at 3:00, that sweet spot could be on Saturday between lunch and afternoon tea. Or maybe it’s right before the whistle blows. Make sure that you’re looking at the odds that are out there to see whether they have a potential for going up or down.

5.Before you wager, give your football systems a dry run:

Since Betsafe has a tremendous amount of football to make wagers on throughout the calendar year, it’s important to have football be at the centre of one of our expert betting tips. In the days of more technology and a more paperless world, punters will still find pen and paper useful when you want to test out your strategy. You can think hypothetically about who would bet on, and after checking on the progress of the course over a sizeable number of games, like 20 for example, you can see whether you’re equipped to try out a football betting system or not for real money.

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