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Our guide to bingo rules – How to win at bingo

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Welcome to our guide to bingo rules where we will explain how to understand how to play this classic game of chance. We will help you understand how the bingo number caller’s announcements will help you fill up your bingo board so that you can get a bingo win and maybe even make some decent profits too.

Bingo might be known as being a pretty simple game to play, but like any other game, it’s essential to know the rules so that you can join in the fun and avoid some common mistakes. Even if you have plenty of experience in playing bingo, it never hurts to brush up on your gaming knowhow so that you can make sure that you’re not overlooking anything important. So regardless of whether you are a newcomer to bingo or are an experienced pro, here’s a quick look at some of the most important rules of bingo.

Bingo rules – the basics


Bingo is a game of chance that requires you to cross off numbers on your bingo board in accordance to the numbers announced by the caller. Regardless of whether you are playing 90 ball bingo or 40 ball bingo, the core concept remains the same of trying to cross off numbers ahead of your competitors.

So how to you actually win at bingo? If you are playing blackout bingo, then you will need to cross all of the numbers off your bingo board. By doing this ahead of any of the other players, then you will get a ‘house’ or ‘bingo’ and then you will win the main prize.

However, there are other things that you should be looking out for. You can also get prizes for making certain kinds of patterns with the numbers crossed off on your bingo board. From making a diamond shape to getting a horizontal line, there are plenty of ways that you can make some decent profits from your bingo gaming. The main thing to remember is that you can only cross off the numbers on your bingo card after they have been announced by the caller, and the caller will only call the numbers at random so that each game is completely unpredictable.

Bingo rules for different games

Depending on which variety of bingo game you choose, then you will get a different amount of numbers that you have to cross off. As there are more numbers in a 90 ball game of bingo than a 40 ball game of bingo, it should be obvious that it’s harder to win a 90 ball game of bingo.

But despite the wide variety of bingo games that you’ll come across, the basic rules remain the same and they are that you have to cross off the numbers on your bingo board. But remember that different bingo variants allow you to create different patterns that will be rewarded appropriately.

You might get modest prizes for getting a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Plus you can also get rewarded for creating a diamond-shaped pattern or even forming an X-shape out of two diagonal lines. Your ability to create these patterns is dependent upon the size and shape of your bingo board as 75 ball games of bingo have bingo boards with 5×5 dimensions which means that X-shaped patterns can be created.

But what about those empty spaces on your bingo card? These can be used to create any pattern you wish so if you see an empty space in the middle of your card, it means that you can use it to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, an X-shape or even use it as part of your winning blackout game.

So how do you actually win at bingo?


There’s a massive amount of variety in terms of how you play bingo online. But the majority of all online bingo games will make it easy for you to understand how to win as you will probably be playing a game of ‘blackout bingo’.

Blackout bingo just requires you to cross off all of the preallocated numbers on your bingo cards. So if you were playing a game of 90 ball bingo where each bingo card contains 15 random numbers, you would need to buy six bingo cards that contain all 90 numbers and get all 90 numbers crossed off before your competitors so that you could claim a ‘full house’ or ‘bingo’.

Just remember that there are a few other ways that you could get rewarded for your bingo gameplay. These include getting a horizontal line of five numbers, getting the numbers in four corners of your bingo card, or getting special patterns such as an X-shape. All of these special bingo wins will vary according to the type of bingo game that you are playing.

Why you need to know the rules to get a bingo win

As bingo is a game of chance, then you might think that there’s not much use in knowing all of the various bingo rules. After all, if you only have to cross off all of the numbers, then there’s surely not much more that you need to know? But we have found that if you are willing to take the time to carefully examine the rules of each game of bingo, then you will discover the different bingo variants that have the potential of giving you the biggest gaming profits.

Whilst bingo is much more simple to play than casino games like blackjack, poker and even roulette, it’s worth knowing the rules so that you feel a little more confident about your gameplay and know when to keep playing and when to walk away.

Can the bingo number caller influence the gaming outcome?


We’ve already mentioned the fact that you will be reliant on the bingo caller for knowing when you are on a winning or losing run. But does this mean that the bingo caller has the power to influence the overall outcome of your chosen game? The basic answer is that the bingo caller is purely there to announce the number of the next ball to pop up, and the ball is selected purely on a random basis.

This is something that’s made explicitly clear on online bingo sites that all use an independently tested random number generator to give you a fair and honest game of bingo that’s impossible to predict. So whilst old-school bingo callers may add a certain amount of entertainment to each bingo game, they have no power to influence your chances of winning in this classic game.

How to master your bingo board

As you are given the task of crossing off the numbers on your bingo board in accordance to the caller’s announcements, then the pressure is on you to carry out this important task. Whilst many bingo games can be fairly fast-paced, we are fairly certain that even the biggest newbies should be able to cross off the numbers relatively quickly and not get left behind.

But if you are concerned about missing out on the next big bingo win as a result of being slow in crossing off the numbers, then you should find an online bingo site that has a handy auto-dab feature. This great little technological innovation will automatically cross out the relevant numbers as soon as they are called so that you just have to sit back and wait until your lucky numbers come home. Whilst the auto-dab feature might sound like cheating, it’s commonly used at most decent bingo sites and we’d thoroughly recommend using this so you can relax and enjoy the gaming fun.

Need help with understanding bingo rules?

Despite bingo being one of the easiest online games to play, we are aware of the fact that many newcomers to bingo might initially be fairly confused about all of the unusual jargon that accompanies this game. However, there are many resources that should be able to give you a helping hand, plus don’t forget that many online bingo sites often allow you to play bingo games for free so that you can get to know the bingo basics before playing with your own money.

In addition to this, all decent online bingo sites will have a gaming rules section and a FAQ so that you can get suitably informed about all of the bingo games on offer. And if you are still stuck with working out how to play a particular online bingo game, then you should usually be able to contact the bingo site’s customer service team via a free live chat feature.

Putting your knowledge of bingo rules into action


So if you are reasonably confident about knowing how a game of bingo works, how do you go about putting that knowledge into action? The first thing that you will need to do is to find a bingo site that gives you a decent range of bingo games to play.

We’ve included a shortlist of some highly recommended bingo sites that all have a proven track record of delivering a wide range of bingo gaming options. Whilst it might be tempting to start with some of the bingo games with the largest jackpots, remember that these games can be tricky to win, so it could be a good idea to begin with the smaller bingo games where there are less competing players so that you can get your eye in.

Once you start to get a little more confident, then work your way up to the larger 90 ball bingo games where you’ll start to see larger prizes as more gamers contribute to the prize pool. But remember that bingo is a game of chance, so that whether you are newcomer or an experienced bingo player, you all have a fairly equal chance of winning big.

Finding the perfect bingo site

We’ve already stated that we’ve included a shortlist of our favoured bingo sites where you stand to get a safe and fair gaming experience. But here are a few things that you should look out for in any bingo site so that you can quickly put your knowledge of bingo rules into action.

Bingo gaming options

Most decent bingo sites will give you plenty of options for the kinds of bingo games you can play. Expect to see many varieties of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, but you should be able to find other variants like 80 ball, 50 ball and 40 ball bingo too. In addition to this, you can also find some unusual themed bingo games that are based on things like TV shows. But despite the superficial differences, they will all usually require you to play blackout bingo where you have to cross off all of the numbers on your bingo card.

Safe gaming environment

As you will be playing with real money, you should always check to see that the bingo site is fully licensed and regulated by an organisation such as the UK Gambling Commission. In addition to this, make sure that the brand has reliable customer service options so that you can get in touch with someone should something go wrong. Plus make sure that the bingo site only uses safe and trustworthy payment options so that you can make your deposits and pick up your winnings in an efficient and reliable manner.

Bonuses and special offers

If the standard game of bingo wasn’t exciting enough, many bingo sites will also put on plenty of interesting special offers that can really boost your gaming profits. It’s fairly common to see handy welcome bonuses for new customers, but also keep your eye out for special promotions for existing customers that can reward you for your gameplay and give you extra betting funds to win big with.


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