Ajax vs Juventus – Betting Tips & Predictions – 10/04

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Both Ajax and Juventus have already had an incredibly rough time getting here. Ajax battled back from a 2-1 deficit to defeat Madrid with an aggregate score of 5-3. Meanwhile, Juventus arguably had an even tougher task managing to beat the notoriously defensively tough Atlético Madrid in an astonishing second-leg comeback of their own. They overcame a 2-0 disadvantage to win 3-2 overall.

With both proving not only their resilience but how much this tournament means to them, we expect whoever wins this to do so with great difficulty. Not only that but each sits atop their respective domestic leagues. That means with this contest, we are getting exactly what the Champions League should be about: the best clubs from across the world going at it in a high-stakes, nerve-shattering clash.

Ajax vs Juventus Prediction: Ajax 1-2 Juventus

Questions surrounding injuries and similarly excellent recent outings make this is a terribly tough one to call. However, if we look a little further than recent encounters, we would have to conclude that Juventus has been performing better for a longer period of time. Either has what it takes to win this one on the right night. That being said, Juventus have managed top-level performances more consistently and, therefore, look more likely to pull off the win here. For that reason, we predict that the scoreline will be a tight 2-1 win for Juventus.

Our recommended tip: Juventus win

These teams may both be at the top of their respective leagues – with Ajax coming first in the Eredivisie and Juventus claiming the number one spot in the Serie A standings – but the away side have a clear advantage. They come into this contest with a 42% win probability to their opponent’s 29%, with a draw being just as likely to occur as a home win. Therefore, for your best chance of winning your wager, we recommend that you back the favourites to victory. If you do, you’ll find low-risk 5/4 Juventus match odds at Ladbrokes.

Previous matches

With nearly a decade having passed since their last encounter, you could certainly argue that those previous contests have limited relevance to a match in 2019, especially considering how quickly club football moves on. However, whatever advantage is to be had must go to Juventus. They beat Ajax 2-1 in the 2010 Europa League Knockout Stages and also bested them twice in the Champions League in 2004 in two 1-0 victories. Certainly, even though each side has gone through massive changes since then, going up against a team that you have never beaten must put you at a psychological disadvantage.

Top 3 Champions League Bookies

Players to watch: David Neres & Cristiano Ronaldo

Ajax: David Neres

Having scored six goals in his last seven matches, there’s statistically a very good chance we’ll be seeing David Neres hit the back of the net here. His recent form is definitely something that Juventus will be keeping a very careful eye on. Although Neres may not have the household recognition of Juventus’ most famous forward, he has proved himself a deadly distraction for any team’s defences.

Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo

Speaking of that internationally renowned forward, Cristiano Ronaldo looks likely to return against Ajax here, should reports be believed. And if so, there’s little doubt that everyone will be looking to see what kind of a difference he can make in this quarter-final clash. We are sure that you are all already aware of his abilities and the kind of impact he can make in a game such as this.

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