Ajax vs Tottenham Hotspur – Betting Tips & Predictions – 08/05

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Things turned sour for Spurs very quickly. Throughout the last couple of months, Tottenham not only lost their first leg against Ajax but also fell to the likes of West Ham, Huddersfield and Bournemouth in the Premier League. Worse still, their opponents Ajax have barely put a foot wrong throughout March and April, having lost a single game to AZ Alkmaar in all that time.

Not only that but it’s clear that Tottenham are letting the build up of pressure get to them. We saw them boil over against Bournemouth, resulting in two red cards, with one even being taken out against the usually level-headed Son Heung-min. Right now, Spurs are as chaotic as Ajax are cool and measured. And if they don’t address that lack of balance, Ajax will no doubt take advantage.

Ajax vs Tottenham Hotspur Prediction: Ajax 2-1 Spurs

Ajax will no doubt be quietly confident here. They’ve been brilliant in and out of the Champions League and thanks to their 1-0 first-leg win, the pressure is firmly on their opponents. Tottenham, on the other hand, will no doubt be looking to their recent history of comebacks for inspiration in overcoming the steep hill they have to climb. However, with injuries still plaguing Spurs, alongside the difference in recent form, we have to think that Ajax will pull away with the victory here, using their more comfortable position to carefully pick their spots. For that reason, our scoreline prediction is 2-1 to the home team.

Our recommended tip: Ajax win

Sitting at the top of their domestic Eredivisie league and holding the advantage from the first-leg, it’s no surprise that Ajax are the favourites coming into this Champions League clash. They enjoy a 45% win probability, while Tottenham Hotspur have a 29% win probability. In fact, a drawn result is almost as probable as an away win at 26%. Therefore, for your best chance of winning your wager, we recommend that you back the home team to victory here. If you choose to support the Dutch side, then you’ll find low-risk 11/10 match odds at Paddy Power.

Previous matches

So important is the first-leg result to this match that we couldn’t help mentioning it elsewhere. And its significance is further bolstered by the fact that their only other matches took place way back in 1981, which is far before what could reasonably be considered relevant to a 2019 match prediction. For what it’s worth for Tottenham fans, they did win both of those matches. However, the only result that really matters in their head-to-head history today is that 1-0 first leg victory to Ajax. Despite the statistical advantage of Spurs, the home team retain the edge here.

Top 3 Champions League Bookies

Players to watch: Donny van de Beek & Son Heung-min

Ajax: Donny van de Beek

Tottenham don’t need a reminder of just how dangerous Donny van de Beek can be. He was the difference maker in that first-leg match, scoring within a mere 15 minutes. However, that wasn’t his only taste of Champions League success. He was the team’s opening goal scorer against Juventus in their 2-1 second-leg victory and provided a vital assist in Dušan Tadić’s goal over Real Madrid. He’s been absolutely vital in Ajax’s success thus far and we sense that trend is likely to continue here.

Tottenham Hotspur: Son Heung-min

Despite the loss to Ajax in the first leg, there were actually a lot of positives in Tottenham’s performance that night. However, what was obvious is they lacked any serious attacking bite, failing to threaten Ajax’s defences throughout the game. There’s a good chance that were Son Heung-min available, things would have turned out differently. Here, we get the chance to find out if he really was the missing ingredient, especially as it appears Harry Kane’s injuries will once again leave him out of action.

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