Arsenal vs Everton – Betting Tips & Predictions – 23-02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


While it hasn’t grabbed as many headlines as some other upcoming fixtures, this is one of the games that intrigues us the most as we head into the later portion of the Premier League. These two sides have been grafting away, making improvements and getting points. In fact, if they manage to walk away with at least a point here, that will be 10 games Arsenal have gone without a loss.

Everton are at half that run but considering how impressive their performances have been – and that they fell at the hands of Manchester City and Liverpool – we still think these two can be considered neck-and-neck. Only two points separates them, meaning that for two teams looking for a game to break free of the middle portion of the standings, there’s few better opportunities.

Arsenal vs Everton Prediction: Arsenal 2-1 Everton

We have had some incredibly tough matches to predict here and this sits among the absolute toughest. Strangely though, the bookmakers don’t appear to agree, underratting Everton by what we consider to be a fairly sizable degree. With that said, the fact that Arsenal have gone unbeaten for so long can’t be denied and we don’t think that Everton are the ones to do it. We seriously considered the possibility of a draw but Arsenal have been turning a bit of a corner in finding that finishing touch. It’s close but in the end, our scoreline prediction is 2-1 to Arsenal.

Our recommended tip: Richarlison to score

Although we eventually went with Arsenal as winners, we’re surprised by the odds for Everton, and in more ways than one. We think, especially considering the importance of this game, that there’s a solid chance that Richarlison – a man who has proven time and time again his abilities to truly turn things around for his team – will score at some point during those 90 minutes. As the bookmakers seem to have different ideas on the likelihood of this outcome, you can get what we consider to be pretty solid odds. So, if you’re thinking the same way, you can get generous 47/20 odds from 888Sport.

Previous matches

Although they stand above them – even by the small number of two points and a single place – in the Premier League standings, there’s little doubt that Everton has been on the back foot when it comes to Arsenal for much of their history. The Gunners have won nearly double the games in this fixture than the Toffees, although a win and a draw for Everton in 2019 will no doubt give them confidence. With that said, we have to give the historical advantage to Arsenal for consistency, which is something that has also defined them this season.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Nicolas Pépé & Richarlison

Arsenal: Nicolas Pépé

He may not have made too much of an impact in Arsenal’s Europa League outing – he didn’t arrive until the 75th minute after all – but Nicolas Pépé’s astounding performance in their barnstorming victory over Newcastle United meant there could be no other pick for our player to watch. The man had a direct hand in three goals and was an absolute menace to the opposition throughout. If he turns up in similar form here, Everton are in trouble.

Everton: Richarlison

The Toffees have shown they are capable of great performances but if they are to win here, we think they will have to pull off something very special. And that kind of magic is Richarlison’s wheelhouse. All you need as proof of his brilliant talents is his astounding 70-yard run and goal, which turned the game around against Crystal Palace.

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