Arsenal vs Manchester City – Betting Tips & Predictions – 12-08

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


The 2018/19 Premier League is officially underway and when we look at the opening set of matches, arguably none are as exciting as Arsenal vs Manchester City. This is such an important match up because both teams have so much to prove this season and there’s no better way of making a mark than by besting one of the top contenders for this year’s title so early on in the competition.

Arsenal want to show that their future is going to be just as bright as their past, while Manchester City will be looking to prove that they belong in the history books as one of the finest teams to ever lace up a pair of boots, although many argue that mission has already been accomplished.

Arsenal ended their previous season well enough, finishing off sixth and ending things with a humdrum set of results. They lost 3-1 to Leicester, scraped by with a 1-0 win against Huddersfield, and their pre-season outings haven’t been half bad either. Despite losing to Atl Madrid in the International Champions Cup on penalties, they managed to beat PSG by an impressive 5-1, bested Chelsea, also on penalties, and come into this having beaten Lazio in a 2-0 friendly battle. Against most teams, this would be enough to be favourites, but most teams are not Manchester City.

The ‘Blues’ had a legendary Premier League season last time around. We don’t need to go through the results there because everything that we can say about their 100 point tour de force already has been. However, we will say that, despite all those accolades, Manchester City aren’t invincible. They recently lost to both Dortmund and Liverpool, and a loss to your closest tournament rivals must sting your confidence. However, they bounced back beating Bayern Munich 2-3 and then by winning the FA Community Shield in a 2-0 thriller against Chelsea.

Manchester City can be beat: the question is are Arsenal the team to beat them?

Arsenal vs Manchester City Prediction: Arsenal 0-1 Manchester City

Although a Manchester City win is by no means a certainty, we have to think that they are most likely to come out of this one as the victors The fact remains that when they have a match with something to win or something big to prove, they tend to bring their A game: and this is a perfect example of the latter. It’s their first match of the season against one of their key threats to keeping the title, aside from Liverpool. A win here, especially a dominant one, would set the tone in their favour and put the rest of the league on notice.

We think this determination, mixed with their incredible ability, will net them the victory. However, Arsenal are nothing if not motivated. They need to prove that they are still a heavyweight team post-Wenger and there couldn’t be a better opportunity to do that. We think that Manchester City will likely prove too much for them, however, but not by much. Therefore, our prediction for Arsenal vs Manchester City is that the away team win 1-0.

Our recommended tip: Manchester City Win

Manchester City have been an absolute force to be reckoned with lately in the world of football. It’s hardly a surprise then that the away team are not only the favourites to win their first Premier League 2018/19 match against home side Arsenal but to win the entire tournament altogether. A few factors are working in their favour, including the fact that they are coming into this match up in the Emirates Stadium with a third Premier League title win to their name, as well as two back-to-back dominant wins over their rivals already in the bag from earlier this year. All this adds up to a decisive 49% win probability over Arsenal’s 26%. That’s not to say that the home side won’t put up a fight, but anyone looking for a wise wager should put their money behind a Manchester City match result, with odds of 19/20 available at Ladbrokes.

Previous matches

When we were making our prediction for the scoreline of this game, the previous matches between the two sides were paramount in our mind. These two have met on dozens upon dozens of occasions over the years, with a history that is over a century old. It’s also worth noting that Arsenal do have the overall advantage, winning 96 times to Man Citys 53 (they have drawn 45 times). So, how does this result in a prediction for a Manchester City win?

Well, there’s only so far back you can go and consider that result relevant when sizing up an upcoming contest. The fact that Arsenal dominated decades ago doesn’t have much bearing on the chances of both modern iterations of the teams. And when it comes to their most recent outings, Manchester City have the clear advantage, having beaten Arsenal 3-0 in their last couple of matches, and again in a 3-1 victory, all in 2018/17.

Before that, they traded draws, wins and losses pretty much evenly for the last couple of years, meaning that the edge in Man City’s favour is slight but definite.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: David Silva & Mesut Ozil

There are plenty of other candidates here – Manchester City didn’t clear the league by 100 points off the back of one man, after all – but if we had to pick a standout, we’d go with the astonishing David Silva. Despite missing out on a bunch of games due to a personal tragedy, he still managed to pull off arguably the finest season of not only his career, but out of anyone in the Premier League. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is. Eight goals, 16 assists and sheer magic on the field, there’s rarely an occasion on which David Silva fails to sparkle.

It’s a shame that, as of late, the controversy in his home country of Germany leading to him quitting international football has often overshadowed the absolute brilliance that Mesut Ozil has shown on the field. Germany’s World Cup defence was disappointing, no doubt, but when it comes to club football, Ozil has proven to be a born leader and a technical wizard with a flair for creating magic out of nothing. He has provided no less than 12 assists, as well as scoring five goals of his own last season. If there’s one man who Manchester City should worry about this season, it’s Mesut Ozil.

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