Barcelona vs Inter Milan – Betting Tips & Predictions – 24/10

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Although there’s little doubt that Barcelona are doing better in their country’s top tier league, there’s certainly a sense that the gap between their performances is closing. This is for a couple of reasons: for one thing, Barcelona are at the top of La Liga, but only just. They stand a single point ahead of their closest rivals, Espanyol, after a rough couple of weeks. You might say that it’s real a testament to just how great Barcelona are, that merely just being at the top of the La Liga is considered a disappointment, but they really are that good. Inter Milan, on the other hand, find themselves in the bronze position of Serie A, off the back of a recent winning streak. This movement in dynamics might be more of a drift rather than a sea change, but it’s enough to make this an interesting Champions League contest.

Barcelona vs Inter Milan Prediction: Barcelona 2-0 Inter Milan

While recent performances have given this match more intrigue, it’s not enough for us to consider an Inter Milan victory anything other than an upset. The fact is that Barcelona are still one of the best teams in the world and Inter Milan, performance wise, remain a step below that in terms of consistency. A win for them in this match certainly wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility – far from it – but if we’re talking about likely results, few could make the case that Inter Milan are the favourites. So, how do we think the scoreline will go? Well, Barcelona have a tendency to walk away from their matches with a clean sheet, and we think they’ll repeat their 2009 performance with a 2-0 win here.

Our recommended tip: Barcelona win to nil

It’s hardly surprising that the team currently topping the 2018/19 La Liga table has the advantage over their opponents, who are residing at a respectable third place in the Serie A tournament. The stats give the home side a whopping 66% win probability compared to the away side’s 14%, with Barcelona enjoying match odds of 4/9 at BetVictor. The same bookmaker gives high risk odds of 11/2 for an Inter Milan win. However, if you want to increase your potential ROI, then you can predict that Barcelona will not only be victorious but will also keep a clean sheet to take advantage of BetVictor’s competitive 9/5 odds on this result.

Previous matches

One other thing that makes this match such a fascinating one to watch is that these two big name teams haven’t actually faced each other all that often. They last met way back in 2010, which is a lifetime ago in football terms. Barcelona did win here – as expected – by only by a single goal.

Earlier that year, Inter bested Barcelona 3-1 in a huge victory, providing proof that they are capable of besting the legendary side. Before that though, the momentum swings right back to Barcelona with a 2-0 win in 2009 and a 5-0 mauling the previous year, giving the favourites the clear advantage.

Top 3 Champions League Bookies

Players to watch: Philippe Coutinho & Mauro Icardi

Barcelona: Philippe Coutinho

With Lionel Messi out on injury, there’s a space that needs to be filled for a dangerous difference maker in this game. There are few better men to take up that mantle than the man who kicked off their 4-2 win over Sevilla, Philippe Coutinho. One of the beacons of hope in Brazil’s disappointing World Cup run, he has made himself a formidable force in club football.

Inter Milan: Mauro Icardi

He might be an obvious choice but, sometimes, that’s with good reason. The captain of Inter Milan, Mauro Icardi’s prolific goal-scoring resume is incredibly impressive, and we just saw what he’s capable of with a brilliant late-match winner against AC Milan. He’s almost become a victim of his own success: his brilliance so frequent that something that would be a career headline for others is just viewed as another day in the office from this ferocious striker. He’s dangerous against any team in the world, and that’s exactly the type of player Inter Milan will need to take on the mighty Barcelona.

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