Bournemouth vs Watford – Betting Tips & Predictions – 12/01

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


We’re at the point of the Premier League where every match each team has can be considered a battle for survival. At the bottom end of the league standings, the stakes don’t get much higher than this.

Despite all the doom and gloom, there has been room for some optimism, particularly in the Watford camp. They won their last two Premier League outings in highly respectable contests against Wolves and Aston Villa, and even bested Manchester United a few weeks back. Another victory here could see them escape the bottom three spots and finally turn their season around for good.

Things are a little bleaker for Bournemouth who – despite exciting displays against teams like Arsenal and Tottenham, and even a win over Chelsea – have had a dreadful set of results overall.

Bournemouth vs Watford Prediction: Bournemouth 1-2 Watford

The bookmakers seem to favour Bournemouth by the smallest of margins but we’re actually going to disagree and give the edge to Watford. Despite the potential Bournemouth have shown, they’ve just been unable to remain consistent enough for us to be confident in them here. Put it this way, Bournemouth have won only one of their last five Premier League matches, while Watford have only lost one. Not only that, but we think Watford have the versatility of talent to surprise Bournemouth. Still, it will be a very hard contest – both teams know how important this is. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 2-1 to Watford.

Our recommended tip: Double chance Watford draw

While we’ve gone with Watford to win for our scoreline prediction, it was a much closer call than the vast majority of matches we cover. We may think that is the most likely outcome, but the possibility of a draw is very close behind. For that reason, our recommended tip is a double chance Watford draw bet, especially for those of you who want to lower your risk here and have a better chance of netting a return. You can get good low-risk 14/25 odds from MarathonBet if this tip makes sense for your preferred style of betting.

Previous matches

If you want proof of how evenly matched these two teams are, consider that in 136 contests, their overall record is separated by a mere two victories, giving Watford the slightest of edges statistically. However, you can argue that the age of many of these games mean they lack relevance, and that would be a fair point. What can’t be disputed though is that out of their last nine matches, they have drawn a whopping seven times, with the other two seeing each team pick up a victory. These two are a close as they get.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Harry Wilson & Gerard Deulofeu

Bournemouth: Harry Wilson

It’s very tough to pick a player to watch for Bournemouth and sadly, this isn’t entirely for positive reasons. Nonetheless, there have been bright spots in their season and one of those is undoubtedly Harry Wilson, who has recently stated that he’s now “feeling good again” following a difficult leg injury. We last saw him at his best against Tottenham and we’re hoping a fit and healthy Wilson can showcase his talents to the fullest here.

Watford: Gerard Deulofeu

This is another tricky choice, although perhaps in a more optimistic sense than their opponents in light of recent performances. Watford truly work as a team, meaning that several players have the opportunity to stand out. Here we’re going with Gerard Deulofeu who often gives Watford the edge they sorely need, as we saw against Wolves and Sheffield United.

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