Brighton vs Fulham – Betting Tips & Predictions – 01-09

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Some games feel likes teams are going through the motions and while you can never predict greatness on the pitch, this certainly feels far from being just another Premier League contest. Both these teams have something big to prove going into this matchup.

Brighton & Hove Albion had a middling last season, and out of nowhere, they seem to have caught some of the fire that they’ve failed at producing for a long time. Despite losing their first game to Watford in a disappointing 2-0 loss, they followed this up with one of their biggest wins in recent times: besting league legends Manchester United 3-2. They then went on to suffer a 1-0 loss to Liverpool, but in looking so competitive in defeat, they managed to stoke the hopes of their fans that this season could see them hit the higher gear they’ve been promising for so long.

Sadly though, these hopes were somewhat dampened after a 1-0 loss in the League Cup to Southampton. Brighton will be desperate to prove that, when it counts, their recent victories – whether we’re talking about points or surpassing performance expectations – were no fluke, and they can win when it counts. Against a newly promoted Fulham, they’ve got that opportunity.

Their opponents, on the other hand, will be facing the pressure that all promoted sides face: the need to prove that they belong in their new league. They failed to win their first two Premier League encounters, falling to Crystal Palace 2-0 and Tottenham Hotspur 3-1. They finally arrived with a 4-2 win against Burnley, and backed up the impression with a League Cup win against Exeter. They’ll be looking to show that they’ve worked out the kinks in their newly supercharged squad, and that the money, and their fans expectations, were well placed.

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Fulham Prediction: Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Fulham

A lot of interesting dynamics here make this a very tough one to predict. Both sides have given their fans reasons for hope and despair, and how this game goes very much depends on who brings their A-game. Hopefully, the answer to that question will be both and we get to see a fantastic game of football between two passionate teams with a lot of pride to play for.

However, when we look at all the variables to see who has the edge, we think the home field advantage, as well as boosted confidence from some sterling recent performances, will likely push Brighton to win this one, despite losing their last two matches. That being said, there’s not much in it. We think Brighton have an edge, but it is only a slight edge.

With that in mind and considering we usually see a few goals between these two, we think the most likely end result is that Brighton manage to squeeze by with another 2-1 victory.

Our recommended tip: Home side victory

Looking at the current 2018/19 Premier League standings alone, it may seem as though the away side should be taking the advantage here. Fulham are currently in 11th position, while Brighton & Hove Albion are hot on their heels in 12th place. Despite this, the statistics give Brighton a 44% win probability compared to Fulham’s 27%, with a draw actually being a more likely result at 29%.

This is likely down to Brighton & Hove Albion’s impressive recent performances against dominant league teams, alongside them coming into this matchup with the home field advantage. It’s therefore hardly surprising that bookies are pegging them as the favourites too. Ladbrokes are offering odds of 9/4 on a match result for Fulham, compared to competitive 6/5 odds on match betting for Brighton. It may not offer the biggest potential ROI in the world, but in terms of placing a safe bet, we recommend backing the favourites by wagering on a Brighton & Hove Albion victory.

Previous matches

Our prediction that Brighton & Hove Albion vs Fulham will go to a 2-1 result is not without historical precedent. It’s actually how the majority of their recent matches have ended up. Brighton bested Fulham 2-1 three years in a row: in 2017, 2016 and 2015. We don’t think that’s a coincidence either.

These are sides that are very close in terms of ability and performance. Even though there have been changes lately – especially after Fulham’s recent signings – we don’t think that element of their dynamic has changed all that much when you consider that Brighton have raised their game at the same time as well. Therefore, they end up neck-and-neck once again, and remain with a penchant for reasonably high scoring matches.

Speaking of high scoring, in 2016 Brighton & Hove Albion managed to beat Fulham 5-0 in an uncharacteristically one-sided affair. In fact, of recent games, Fulham have only managed to win once back in 2014, and of course, it ended in a 2-1 final score.

As much as some things change, others remain the same, and we think enough has, especially in the light of these results, to still consider Brighton the favourite.

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Players to watch: Alireza Jahanbakhsh & Aleksandar Mitrovic

There’s little doubt who is the most exciting of Brighton & Hove Albion’s recent signings, and that’s the brilliant Alireza Jahanbakhsh, best known for his international appearances for Iran. He brings a lot more versatility to Brighton’s offensive game, opening them up for more creative attacking options. The Iranian seems more than capable of holding up his end of the deal, considering he left the Dutch Eredivisie as their top scorer, hitting the back of the net no less than 21 times. He’s an exciting, confident and creative player, who should bring something new to freshen up Brighton’s Premier League season.

With so many changes in the Fulham squad as they try to make the best of this golden opportunity in the Premier League, it is hard to pick just one who we really think will be the key difference maker. However, with a few games under their belt, no one has stood up and made their former side regret their departure more than Aleksandar Mitrovic. He stole the show in their match against Burnley, the one which finally got the side back on the right path, and even managed to score a goal against the mighty Tottenham. He’s been absolute dynamite for the team so far and he’s barely even begun. We can’t wait to see what he can do as the year goes on.

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