Burnley vs Arsenal – Betting Tips & Predictions – 02-02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


With Burnley performing a little better than last season – at least in terms of points and position – while Arsenal continue to struggle to rise beyond the mid-ranks of the standings, the gulf between these once worlds-apart teams is steadily getting smaller and smaller. If the home team can pull off the victory here, they may finally surpass the Premier League juggernaut that is Arsenal.

However, that is going to be easier said than done. For all their flaws, Arsenal have managed to drag very tough games down to a draw, just as we saw against Chelsea in their last league outing. And their 2-0 victory over Manchester United showed they weren’t ready to simply paddle in mediocrity this whole season. Burnley have their own reasons to be confident though, winning two straight Premier League games. This one could easily go either way.

Burnley vs Arsenal Prediction: Burnley 1-2 Arsenal

This is a very tough one and a 1-1 draw was a very serious possibility for our scoreline prediction considering the quality of these teams and Arsenal’s recent results. With that said, the Gunners have shown us enough in the quality of their performances in the last month for us to think they will break through here, especially after they came back with 10 men to match Chelsea in their last encounter. The improvements at Burnley have been impressive, just not quite as impressive as Arsenal. It’s razor close but in the end, we have predicted a 2-1 win to Arsenal.

Our recommended tip: Gabriel Martinelli first goalscorer

Speaking of that Chelsea match, who could forget the astounding efforts of Gabriel Martinelli? He was, for many people, the man of the match in an all-around excellent performance. With his incredible goal from the 18-yard box, he turned the tide for Arsenal, and is the kind of player that a team needs to break a game open. We think there’s a good chance he will do the same here, which is why our recommended tip is for Martinelli to hit the back of the net first. You’ll get 5/1 odds from BoyleSports on this wager.

Previous matches

We talked about how Burnley have been closing the gap on the generally more dominant Arsenal – and from the perspective of Premier League standings, that is true. But they remain solidly behind when it comes to their head-to-head encounters. The Gunners have the overall statistical edge, but even that pales in comparison to their modern run of fixtures against Burnley. They are undefeated in 13 games in a row, of which they won 12. The last encounter was a close one, ending in the same scoreline as we are predicting here, but that feels like a small comfort considering the away side’s historical advantage.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Ben Lee & Gabriel Martinelli

Burnley: Ben Mee

Make no mistake, Burnley winning here would be absolutely massive. Just look at the streak they would conquer. It could represent them truly moving up to another level, and we’re not just talking about the standings. To pull off such a feat, they’ll need consistency above all else. For that, Ben Mee – who provided an assist and made the most clearances in their win against Manchester United – will be absolutely key.

Arsenal: Gabriel Martinelli

Considering our recommended tip, it would be somewhat contradictory to pick anyone else here. However, we would like to point out that it isn’t only his amazing goal against Chelsea that put him in this position. Gabriel Martinelli can always be the one to watch for his sheer potential. At 18-years-old, he has become the first teenager to hit double figures in a season for Arsenal in two decades and has been called the talent of the century by Klopp. An unreal talent.

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