Chelsea vs Huddersfield – Betting Tips & Predictions – 02-02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Considering Chelsea’s recent car crash outing against Bournemouth, most of their opponents would have their chances considerably bolstered going into this contest. However, Huddersfield have the unfortunate distinction of being dead last in the Premier League table, and by some margin at that. This means that even off the back of a disastrous 4-0 loss, Chelsea fans are probably still feeling pretty confident about this one.

While the Blues haven’t had a dream season by any means, it must look like one from where Huddersfield are sitting. The Terriers have gone 12 games without a win – 11 of which were losses. Therefore, Chelsea will be viewing this as an easy way to bounce back and really, at this point, it’s down to their opponents to prove everyone wrong.

Chelsea vs Huddersfield Prediction: Chelsea 3-0 Huddersfield

The only real argument that can be made for an underdog victory here is that Huddersfield did fare better against Bournemouth than Chelsea did. Their match ended in a loss, but 2-1 is still better than 4-0, even if it doesn’t make much difference to the standings.

However, the fact is that Chelsea are much better than that one disappointing performance, and when you look at how both teams played throughout this season, there really is no comparison. Chelsea looked a league ahead of Huddersfield, and unless the latter manages to turn things around soon, they quite literally will be.

Factoring in Chelsea’s determination to prove themselves after such a setback and we think they’ll manage to push their way to a fairly comprehensive victory of 3-0 when all is said and done.

Our recommended tip: Chelsea win to nil

Sitting right at the bottom of the Premier League standings and trailing 36 points behind their opponents, it’s no wonder that Huddersfield are the major underdogs here. They come into this contest with a 6% win probability to Chelsea’s 82%. Therefore, a bet for the home team to win is a safe one, and Ladbrokes are offering 2/11 Chelsea match odds compared to the much higher-risk 16/1 on a Huddersfield upset. If you want to increase your potential ROI, then we recommend you predict that Chelsea will win to nil in order to get odds of 7/10 at the bookmaker.

Previous matches

When you consider all the things Chelsea have achieved, it may come as a surprise that the less decorated Huddersfield actually has an even amount of victories in their head-to-head history. However, this is due to many matches taking place over half a century ago, and their modern wins are much rarer.

The Blues won their last encounter 3-0 and every game before that since 1999, when Huddersfield bested them 1-0. If you think that’s quite the gap, their previous victory came in 1964 in a 2-1 FA Cup match. The stats don’t lie and in this case, they are pointing towards a likely home team win.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Willian & Steve Mounié

Chelsea: Willian

While WIllian was unable to be a difference maker in their match against Bournemouth, he has more than proved his abilities with a double hitter to help them move past Sheffield Wednesday in a 3-0 FA Cup clash. He also shone in the Premier League when he helped his team triumph 2-1 over Newcastle with a 57th minute curling shot into the back of the net. This might be the ideal chance for Willian to further position himself as one of the team’s finest goal-scorers.

Huddersfield: Steve Mounié

The lack of success of Huddersfield’s forwards has been one of the most embarrassing parts of their disastrous season. The fact that defender Mathias Jørgensen is their lead goal-scorer exemplifies just how ineffective they’ve been. The last man to score this season – or indeed in general at this position – was Steve Mounié against Burnley with a 33rd minute header. If ever there was a time for someone to break out and show the fans what they’re made of, it’s now. We’re hoping Mounié manages it once again.

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