Chelsea vs Liverpool – Betting Tips & Predictions – 29/09

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


It’s impossible to mention this highly anticipated bout between two Premier League heavyweights without bringing up their Carabao Cup match from a few days before. Chelsea came from behind to win 2-1 in a hard-fought contest which could easily have gone either way.

Outside of this match in the Premier League, Liverpool have been on an absolute roll as of late, remaining undefeated thus far, even toppling the likes of Tottenham, Crystal Palace and Leicester in the process. While Chelsea will – as they’ve just been reminded of – arguably represent an even tougher challenge, they’ve certainly put themselves in a good position to meet it.

Chelsea, on the other hand, almost had as good a start to the season. Sadly, a disappointing draw against West Ham prevents them from coming into this match with a blemish-free record like their opponents. Still, there’s plenty for both to be proud of.

Chelsea vs Liverpool Prediction: Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool

While you might think that having beaten their opponents just the other day would automatically make Chelsea the favourites, we don’t see it that way. That match could easily have shifted the other way, so dynamic wise, not much has changed.

We, therefore, think the best way of predicting this match is to look at who has performed better over the last few months, and as close at is, we still think Liverpool have the edge in that regard. With both team’s no doubt recalibrating their defensive strategies after their last encounter, we think this will end with a low score of 1-0 to Liverpool.

Our recommended tip: Liverpool win to nil

Despite that aforementioned Carabao Cup victory over their opponents, Chelsea are still the slight underdogs going into this contest. After all, Liverpool didn’t get to the much-coveted top spot of the Premier League table without consistently brilliant performances. It’s therefore no surprise that the odds are in their favour, with Ladbrokes offering 7/5 odds on a Liverpool win compared to 7/4 for a home side victory. As we already predicted that Liverpool will manage to keep a clean sheet, you can go higher risk for a potentially bigger ROI and back the team to win to nil to get more competitive 4/1 odds.

Previous matches

Well, we’ve already talked at length about their most recent encounter, as it was pretty much unavoidable considering its close proximity to this match. However, it is interesting to note that it is not Chelsea’s only victory over Liverpool this year, as they also hold a 1-0 win from earlier this year. If nothing else, back-to-back wins will certainly help Chelsea gain a psychological advantage.

Before that things are fairly even for quite a few years, trading draws, wins and losses until before the games can be considered relevant to a modern meeting. Overall then, Chelsea comes out on top in their recent meetings.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Eden Hazard & Daniel Sturridge

Chelsea: Eden Hazard

The ever-dangerous Eden Hazard has been a threat to every team that has stood before him so far this season, as Liverpool have already learned to their detriment thanks to an 85th-minute stunner that knocked them out of the Carabao Cup. He’s the highest scorer in the Premier League so far and one of the best players in Europe – and indeed, the world. We expect brilliance from Eden Hazard every time he’s on the pitch, and he rarely lets us down.

Liverpool: Daniel Sturridge

Although overshadowed by Eden Hazard’s brilliant strike in the closing stretches of the match, Daniel Sturridge’s goal was still world class and one that is worth remembering. We’re certain Chelsea won’t be forgetting it, even if the papers have. However, what will sting more is his baffling miss of a completely open net, and we think it’s worth watching to see if a determined Daniel Sturridge is able to silence the critics this time around.

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