Chelsea vs Manchester United – Betting Tips & Predictions – 17-02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


There’s nothing quite like seeing two Premier League heavyweights go at it. Chelsea have been having a sleeper hit of a season, with their consistency landing them in third place, even if they haven’t hit the headlines as often as many of their opponents.

Manchester United’s recent history has, of course, been fascinating to behold – like seeing a sleeping legend try and regain its powers once more. The battle here then is one of a reliable team going up against a chaotic but occasionally brilliant side in a state of evolution. Much of the doubt surrounding the result of this match depends on which version of the latter shows up.

Chelsea vs Manchester United Prediction: Chelsea 3-1 Man United

All this uncertainty makes this a very tough one to predict. Consider that Manchester United bested Manchester City mere days after losing to Burnley for an example of the difficulties of assuming a level of performance here. However, when we are talking about what’s most likely, we have to go with the side that has delivered far more often than they’ve faltered – and that’s Chelsea. Taking into account the abilities of both these teams, and the fact that each is capable of scoring high as well as conceding a fair amount of goals, our scoreline prediction is 3-1 to the home team.

Our recommended tip: Total goals over 3.5

We’ve explained why we expect this match to be a high scoring one, and that’s also backed up with recent results. Chelsea ended games against Leicester and Arsenal 2-2, while Manchester United recently beat Tranmere and Norwich by 6-0 and 4-0 respectively. If you agree with our logic but don’t want to tie yourself down to a specific scoreline and instead bet more generally on the kind of game these two are likely to have, then a total goals over 3.5 wager may be right for you. You can get quality 23/10 odds from Unibet on this prediction.

Previous matches

With over a century of history and nearly 200 matches between them, Chelsea and Manchester United have every bit the kind of epic history you’d expect. And it’s one, for the most part, that the latter has dominated. Manchester United have a significant advantage both in terms of overall statistics and recent clashes. They haven’t lost any of their last five outings in this fixture, and won three of them. In fact, they bested Chelsea 4-0 as recently as last August. The fact that they come into this match as underdogs really showcases just how abrupt and devastating the issues United have faced this season.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Antonio Rüdiger & Brandon Williams

Chelsea: Antonio Rüdiger

Chelsea will need firepower and resilience to overcome Manchester United. With that in mind – alongside the incredible performance against Leicester – we couldn’t think of a better candidate for player to watch than the brilliant Antonio Rüdiger. His ability to dominate a game in terms of regaining possession, matched with scoring potential, makes him a very dangerous proposition.

Manchester United: Brandon Williams

The rehabilitation of Manchester United as a top tier Premier League side is a marathon, not a sprint. And if they want staying power, then all eyes should be on the newer talent who are improving each and every week. For our money, no one is a better example of that than the young full-back Brandon Williams. He seriously impressed against Wolves and has already proven to be a vital cog in making Manchester United the well-rounded team they need to be.

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