Chelsea vs Newcastle United – Betting Tips & Predictions – 19/10

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

Despite the gulf between them in the Premier League, both Chelsea and Newcastle United have, in a sense, had a similar experience this season. Each have fallen a touch below expectations but with reason to be optimistic. Chelsea appear to have settled into more of a groove following a very respectable 2-1 loss to Liverpool. They since tore apart Grimsby in a 7-1 EFL Cup contest, bested Brighton 2-0, toppled Lille by 2-1 in the Champions League, and come into this match following a comprehensive 4-1 victory over Southampton.

This may make Newcastle United’s chances seem pretty grim. They sit next to Southampton, and a few places behind Brighton, after all. However, a shock 1-0 win over Manchester United – which could easily been more – reminded the world to never underestimate the Magpies. Will they continue to surprise or be another victim of Chelsea’s renewed focus?

Chelsea vs Newcastle United Prediction: Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle

While we do think that Newcastle’s recent victory gives us room to pause, we still have to come to the conclusion that Chelsea are the likely winners. One match does not undo all of the Magpies’ issues, nor does it change the fact that Chelsea are leaps ahead performance wise this season. Consistency is key and Newcastle have a long way to go before unlocking it. However, Chelsea have only survived with a clean sheet once this season. Considering Newcastle’s renewed firepower, we think they’ll manage to bruise Chelsea on their way to defeat. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 3-1 to Chelsea.

Our recommended tip: Chelsea score three or more goals

That may be a bold prediction for the scoreline but we actually think there’s a good chance that Chelsea could go even further. Their recent performances and particularly their offense against Southampton and Brighton would seem to signal so. In any case, they would only have to score a minimum of three goals in this wager for you to win. If you think, like us, that the home side are more than capable of carrying on their sky-high scoring potential, you can get good low-risk 11/10 odds from SkyBet on this result.

Previous matches

The results between these two really are a window into the shifts between the abilities and performances of both sides. At the turn of the millenium, said momentum was very much on Chelsea’s side. But it got more wobbly as the decade went on, with a few peppered in losses and draws. By 2010, things had shifted considerably, with Newcastle United briefly looking stronger until around 2015. But, once again, the tides have shifted. Chelsea have won six of their last eight games, losing only one. Nonetheless, they were close contests, meaning that Newcastle shouldn’t view these results with despair.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Jorginho & Matty Longstaff

Chelsea: Jorginho

People will probably assume that we would choose one of the four men who scored against Southampton in their last outing, especially considering we are viewing this as likely being a high-scoring affair. However, our pick is a man who may not have tasted the back of the net, but was absolutely fundamental in constantly pulling the game back to Chelsea through that 90 minutes. If they want a similar result here, Jorginho will be their key to maintaining dominance.

Newcastle United: Matty Longstaff

How could it be anyone else? Well, to be fair, you could make a solid argument for many other Newcastle players. But, in your heart of hearts, you know that following that debut, the only choice for player to watch here can be Matty Longstaff. He scored the winning goal against Manchester United at 19-years-old in his Premier League debut. He could even have scored another were fortune on his side.

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