Cyprus vs Scotland – Betting Tips & Predictions – 16-11

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

With Cyprus eliminated from Euro qualification and Scotland gearing up for the play-offs, many people are wrongly considering this one of the less interesting upcoming international fixtures. However, there’s plenty of intrigue here.

Cyprus were only denied a draw due to a goal in the 89th minute in their encounter with Scotland back in the summer of 2019. Considering this and that Scotland’s form has been all over the place – they lost 4-0 to Russia and Belgium before roaring back with a 6-0 win over San Marino – this game looks to us to be a lot more evenly-matched than many are predicting.

It really depends on how Cyprus approach the match. They could easily come into this demotivated or they could see it as an opportunity to gain a measure of revenge on an opponent who might not be putting their best foot forward

Cyprus vs Scotland Prediction: Cyprus 1-1 Scotland

This is a tough one to predict because it’s all about psychology. If Scotland view this match as vital for their momentum heading into the play-offs, that energy and passion could be what puts them over the line. On the other hand, they may be tempted to use this match as an opportunity to rest and remain injury free. This would allow Cyprus – who have no such commitments – to take full advantage and show the world they deserved that spot. We think the reality will land somewhere in the middle. With so little dividing them performance wise and the closeness of their last game, our scoreline prediction is 1-1.

Our recommended tip: Both teams score

There’s plenty of reasons to think both teams scoring, regardless of the result, is a likely outcome. Both scored in their last three meetings and their most recent clash showcased they still have a fiery chemistry. On top of that, Scotland’s Steven Naismith made it clear in a recent interview how important this game is to the team, despite the lack of stakes on paper. So, we think there will be both passion, chemistry and a willingness to take risks. If you also predict that both sides will hit the back of the net, you can get low-risk 19/20 odds from BetHard.

Previous matches

That encounter in June is so significant because it’s really the only game they’ve had recently enough to be relevant. Their second most recent encounter was back in 2011 and before that way back in 1989. It doesn’t matter how long you go back though, as Scotland are actually undefeated. They’ve won all seven games with Cyprus, with the first taking place in 1968. This may sound pretty bad for Cyprus but, like we said, only one game really can be considered especially relevant. Plus, the last time they lost by more than a single goal was in 1969. Still, knowing they’ve never beaten Scotland may be a psychological disadvantage.

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Players to watch: Ioannis Kousoulos & Lawrence Shankland

Cyprus: Ioannis Kousoulos

The Cyprus squad don’t have the same concerns of keeping themselves fresh for the play-offs that Scotland do. They are free to come into this match firing on all cylinders, which will be a major advantage no doubt. We think in that case, Ioannis Kousoulos is the man to watch. Not only did he score the equaliser against Scotland last time around but he also scored the winning goal against Kazakhstan in their last successful outing.

Scotland – Lawrence Shankland

Of course, this is a tricky one because we aren’t sure how conservative Scotland are going to be with their team picks. Nonetheless, we think Lawrence Shankland is likely to be on early because this match does still matter to the morale of the Scottish side. Plus, they’ve been struggling with injuries as of late, with Andy Robertson, Ryan Fraser and Scott McTominay all out. Therefore, it very well could be Shankland who once again steps up and delivers for his nation.

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