Huddersfield Town vs Chelsea – Betting Tips & Predictions – 11-08

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

If you were to ask a casual football fan who they think is going to win in any match between Huddersfield Town and Chelsea, they would probably pick the latter without any hesitation. And they very well may be right. In fact, Chelsea are the clear favourites. They certainly have more accolades, greater prestige and a better overall record. However, even though they still hold a clear advantage, we would say that recent events should at least give people pause for thought.

Huddersfield had a disappointing end to their previous season. They avoided relegation, but that’s about as positive a a judgement you could make on much of their final matches. Funnily enough, their last Premier League match against Arsenal, where they looked dominant for much of the game, was perhaps one of their finest. Nonetheless, they still lost 1-0.

After that, their pre-season didn’t fare much better. Their initial 4-0 win against Bury appeared to be a false dawn as they failed to win their next five games. Then, out of nowhere, they made a comeback. Sure, it was in the pre-season where wins don’t count towards anything, but after a difficult few months, winning three games in a row – against Lyon which went 3-1, Bologna which ended 2-1 and RB Leipzig which went to a one-sided 3-0 – felt like a renaissance for the side.

It’s enough to put the result into question, but only just. Chelsea are still one of the best teams in the world. They still just won the FA Cup and remain a threat to anyone in any league. That being said though, they have looked more vulnerable as of late, particularly in their devastating final Premier League match of the season, with a 3–0 loss to Newcastle, and their 2-0 FA Community Shield loss to Manchester City. As a pace setter for the Premier League, this contest should be a fascinating battle of momentum and willpower.

Huddersfield Town vs Chelsea Prediction: Huddersfield Town 0-2 Chelsea

We said that many would pick Chelsea here without much hesitation at all – and while we’re not convinced of the certainty of the result like some others are – there’s still little doubting that in all likelihood, they are going to walk away with the victory here. Recent turnarounds have created some doubt, but not enough to sway the odds in favour of the home side. We therefore think Chelsea will win this one by a couple of points. We also need to consider the fact that, before Huddersfield had this recent run of good matches, they struggled to score at all. Considering the caliber of team they are up against, our prediction is that Chelsea will win the match 2-0, managing to maintain a clean sheet in their opening 2018/19 Premier League match.

Our recommended tip: Chelsea finish victorious

It may not be the highest risk of bets to make, but Chelsea are the clear favourites going into their first Premier League 2018/19 match up against home side Huddersfield Town. This should hardly come as a surprise though, considering the juggernaut status of the London team, who have already managed to snatch the FA Cup Final this year.

While Huddersfield Town’s recent performances have seen them experiencing their fair share of losses, Chelsea have been able to get the job done more often than not, while looking confident on the pitch. The stats coming into this game reflect this, with the away side claiming a 60% win probability compared to Huddersfield’s 16%. In light of this, Paddy Power’s match odds of 4/7 on a Chelsea victory do seem pretty competitive and a pretty safe way to wager your money.

Previous matches

When you look at the overall head-to-head history of Huddersfield Town vs Chelsea in terms of pure stats, you might be surprised to learn that there actually isn’t all that much in it. However, it’s not quite the fantastic news the Huddersfield fans might be hoping for while pulling for their team to cause a big upset at the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season.

While it’s true that the results are quite balanced overall, what matters today are their most recent clashes. The reality is that while a game which took place 50 years ago might count towards the overall win/loss ratio, it doesn’t have much bearing on what we’re likely to see in the upcoming contest. When we look at the modern encounters, things are very different, with Chelsea holding the clear advantage. They may have drawn 1-1 back in May but before that, Huddersfield suffered three losses in a row; losing 3-1 twice and 2-1 before that. There’s then a large gap between matches to the point you could argue that they don’t have modern relevance, but even if they did, it doesn’t look any better for the underdogs.

Unfortunately for the home side, when you dig deeper into the facts, Chelsea are still looking likely to come out on top.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Christopher Schindler & N’Golo Kante

Not only is N’Golo Kante one of the most talked about players in the Chelsea squad, right now he is one of the most talked about footballers in the world. He comes off the back of a series of legend-crafting performances at the 2018 World Cup, where he helped his home nation of France to reign victorious for the first time in twenty years. He is just as vital to Chelsea, where he sparkles consistently and seems immune to the lulls that the side have occasionally struggled with. He’s not just one to watch in this match but in football in general as his magical performances have captivated football fans of all persuasions.

While he might not have the international prestige of N’Golo Kante, Christopher Schindler is nonetheless an astonishing player and a vital cog in the Huddersfield machine. After all, can you get much more important to a club’s success than being the man whose astonishing spot kick goal at the Skybet Championship play-offs put them in the Premier League in the first place? He’s only gone from strengh to strengh since then, providing a sturdy base for Huddersfield to build upon. He helped get them into the Premier League: now it’s time for him to help them climb it.

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