Huddersfield vs Manchester City – Betting Tips & Predictions – 20/01

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

Although the last few months have been neither of these team’s finest hour, the degrees between their issues is gigantic. On one hand, we have the defending champions who – despite losing their undefeated streak towards the start of December and suffering further setbacks later that month – remain one of the most dangerous teams in the Premier League and major contenders to win the entire tournament. On the other, we have Huddersfield who currently sits at rock bottom in the table with a mere 11 points and an eight-match losing streak to their name.

This is about as close to a David vs Goliath matchup we’re likely to find in the Premier League. And although we always reiterate that anything could happen in the world of football, there’s no doubt that a Huddersfield win here would be a huge, history-making upset.

Huddersfield vs Manchester City Prediction: Huddersfield 0-2 Man City

We’re not going to pretend that Huddersfield are anything other than very unlikely to win this match. With that in mind, our scoreline is going to have to reflect the gulf between these two sides, and because City does have such a well-rounded squad, we don’t expect that they’ll be conceding any goals here. They’ve managed to keep clean sheets against Wolves, Burton and Rotherham this month and we see that continuing here.

Not only that but their ferocious offence will likely go to the well more than once. With that in mind, our predicted scoreline is 2-0 to Manchester City.

Our recommended tip: Man City win to nil

It’s hardly a surprise that the odds are massively favouring the defending champions who are battling it out for the top spot of the Premier League over the one currently sitting right at the bottom of the table. Manchester City comes into this contest with a huge 84% win probability to Huddersfield’s meagre looking 4%. This is reflected in the odds, as Ladbrokes are offering 18/1 match odds for the home team and significantly better 2/15 odds on an away side victory. However, to increase your potential ROI, we suggest predicting that Man City will once again keep a clean sheet, as they have in their last three matches, to get slightly higher-risk 6/10 odds.

Previous matches

Overall, Manchester City has only won a handful more games than Huddersfield. However, that all changes when we move to the present day and this is a clear example of the transformation that City have undergone since the millennium.

The important statistic here is that the last victory for Huddersfield was way back in 1999 when they beat City 1-0 in a Division 1 match. Since then, the best they’ve managed is a handful of draws, and their most recent loss saw them fall to City in a bruising 6-1 result.

Man City may not have a huge historical advantage but in terms of recent contests, the results are clear.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Mathias Jørgensen & Gabriel Jesus

Huddersfield: Mathias Jørgensen

Right now, Huddersfield needs a couple of things to have any hope in this contest: one is an excellent defence and the other is the element of surprise. The man simply known as ‘Zanka’ has the ability to provide both. Shockingly, he remains the top goalscorer for the season and well, right now, Huddersfield needs someone capable of shocking a team of the calibre of Man City. It will be interesting to see whether the strikers start pulling their weight or whether defender Jørgensen will once again take the lead.

Manchester City: Gabriel Jesus

He might not be the first name that pops into your head when you think of Manchester City goalscorers but really, that’s more due to the depth of the team’s talent rather than an indication of the abilities of Gabriel Jesus. In case anyone needed reminding, his huge impact in that massive 9-0 win over Burton, and his double hitter against Wolves, surely silenced any doubters regarding his brilliance. We’re looking forward to seeing what he can do here.

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