Hungary vs Wales – Betting Tips & Predictions – 11/06

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


This is likely to be a close one. Both Hungary and Wales have had a very seesaw like couple of years, making this a tough one to call. Up and down results saw each fail to qualify for the World Cup, and get any serious momentum since. However, Hungary might be starting to change that, considering they won four of their last five matches.

On the other hand, Wales still seem trapped in a cycle of wins and losses as consistent as a coin flip, but there are improvements. The away side are a work in progress – that is clear from their defending against Croatia. But you only have to look at how they performed against Denmark to see the amount of potential that is there. Whether they will seize that potential in time to make these qualifiers count remains to be seen.

Hungary vs Wales Prediction: Hungary 2-1 Wales

One of the key reasons this is such a tough one to call is that there’s a sense that both of these teams are finding their feet. Therefore, depending on how each of their plans come together on the night, either could easily walk away with the victory here. And we do think there will be a decisive result: both play to win and a stalemate would surprise us. Nonetheless, we think that Hungary’s home advantage, recent consistency, and the fact that they hold a victory over a team that just beat Wales, gives them the nod here. Our scoreline prediction is 2-1 in their favour.

Our recommended tip: Hungary win

The bookmakers are expecting this to be an extremely close contest. At Coral, Hungary have 15/8 odds on a win, while Wales have 13/8 match odds. However, the home side have simply been on more consistent form lately. They have won four of their last five matches to nil, while Wales have only won three of their five most recent contests. Therefore, despite their slightly higher risk odds, we recommend that you back the home side to victory here for your chance to get a higher potential ROI on your wager.

Previous matches

As it’s been close to 15 years since these two last met in an international friendly, we don’t think we’ll be finding many conclusive answers here when it comes to predicting the outcome of this match. However, for what it’s worth, it is positive news for Wales. They have won the majority of the games in this fixture, and also won the last two encounters. The advantage this gives them is limited because of the time that has passed, but it’s still reason for Welsh fans to be optimistic. If Hungary won here, it would be the first time they have bested Wales since 1985.

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Players to watch: Ádám Szalai & David Brooks

Hungary: Ádám Szalai

One thing that will be hugely important to Hungary’s chances of victory here is taking the opportunity to score early on. Ádám Szalai might just be the man to provide them that gift if recent performances can be repeated. He scored first for Hungary against Croatia with a vital strike to lead them to victory, and opened things up against Finland. Not only that, but both these results were at home. This means he’s no doubt one to keep an eye on in this fixture.

Wales: David Brooks

On two occasions now – once in their Nations League disappointment against Denmark, and their recent clash with Croatia – we have seen Wales lose but one man’s performance be so spell-binding that he feels like a winner even in defeat. David Brooks has proven himself a game changer as of late. If he starts, it will be interesting to see what he can do from that position. If not, he will remain an extremely dangerous substitute.

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