Leeds United vs Sheffield Wednesday – Betting Tips & Predictions – 13/04

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Every match matters from this point on. Leeds have seen their place atop the Championship mountain taken from them and then almost move out of view as the season winds down. They have a huge task ahead of them, especially with 2019 being such a mixed bag thus far in terms of both performances and results. However, they have shown what they are capable of in recent matches with Millwall and Preston.

Standing in their way though is Sheffield Wednesday. They may be closer to the centre than the top of the Championship but they’ve recently impressed with a dominant 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest. And if you’re thinking that Leeds have an edge in terms of motivation here, remember that Wednesday are themselves hoping to make the top six in order to go to the play-offs. Two talented teams with plenty on the line: what more could you ask for?

Leeds United vs Sheffield Wednesday Prediction: Leeds 1-0 Wednesday

While both teams will certainly be motivated, we think the pull of potentially winning the Championship is just stronger than making the top six. That, alongside the gap in form over this season – Leeds United are where they are for good reason, after all – means we think the home team will walk away with the victory here. As we’ve mentioned though, recent performances from Wednesday certainly suggest this will be a tough battle to win. So. even though we predict that Leeds will come through, it will only be by a scoreline of 1-0.

Our recommended tip: Leeds United win

The home side are currently in second place of the Championship, sitting eight places and 20 points ahead of their upcoming opponents in the standings. So, it’s no wonder that they are the bookmakers’ pick to win this contest. At Ladbrokes, Sheffield Wednesday fans will find medium-risk 5/1 match odds, with a drawn result actually getting safer 29/10 odds. In contrast, Leeds United have low-risk 4/7 odds to win. Therefore, we recommend that you back the favourites to victory for your best chance of earning a return on your wager.

Previous matches

Leeds have the slightest of advantages against Sheffield Wednesday when it comes to overall games, winning five more fixtures out of close to 100 games. It’s a similar story when we look at modern matches: it’s very close but Leeds just snatch the edge there. They went to a 1-1 draw in their last Championship match in 2018, while Leeds pull away with two prior victories. However, Sheffield Wednesday have dual wins of their own before that, with the sides continuing to trade wins and losses all the way back to 2012. Leeds’ wins are more recent but this suggests a very close contest.

Top 3 Championship Bookies

Players to watch: Patrick Bamford & Marco Matias

Leeds United: Patrick Bamford

Doubts arose over Bamford’s striking abilities after he failed to make good on several chances against Birmingham. This failure was made all the more disappointing as it led to the team falling out of the top two positions for a time. Well, what a difference a game makes, as Bamford silenced his doubters with a brilliant performance against Preston, with his double pulling them back to a top spot in spectacular fashion. He’ll once again be a key figure to watch here.

Sheffield Wednesday: Marco Matias

Just like our other player to watch, Marco Matias gets the nod here for his fantastic performance in his last outing and for scoring the double against a tough opponent. It was a stunningly comprehensive victory, in which Matias played a decisive role. If Wednesday manage a similarly shocking dominant performance, expect this man to feature prominently.

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