Leicester City vs Fulham – Betting Tips & Predictions – 09/03

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


While Leicester have had an absolutely dreadful run lately, it must seem like a dream compared to what Fulham are going through, as they stare into relegation abyss with the clock slowly running out. However, the home team don’t actually have too much of an advantage in recent results.

They’ve managed to draw against league contenders Liverpool and best Everton and Brighton this year. While Fulham have only beaten the latter team, it’s arguable that, although Leicester’s form has been better than their opponent’s, they are close enough to make this a hard-fought contest.

Another thing which makes this an interesting matchup is that relegation pressure. Leicester have something to prove, for sure, but sitting in the middle of the Premier League, they’re unlikely to go into this match with the sense of urgency and importance of their opponents. Whether that pressure will help or hinder Fulham remains to be seen.


Leicester City vs Fulham Prediction: Leicester 2-1 Fulham

Although there’s plenty of uncertainty heading into this match – both over each side’s recent form and managerial changes –, it’s hard to come to any conclusion other than a home team victory. Not only have Leicester done better in recent results but they’ve also shown a lot more in terms of performance, as evidenced by that draw against Liverpool. Fulham, on the other hand, haven’t managed a draw since December, with a single win over Brighton being their sole respite. Nonetheless, they’ll understand the importance of this game and go in all guns blazing. Considering that Leicester have struggled to retain a clean sheet lately, our scoreline prediction is 2-1 to the home side.

Our recommended tip: Leicester City win

Sitting second to bottom of the Premier League standings and trailing behind their opponents by eight places and 18 points, it’s no surprise that the odds are very much against Fulham for this one. Although Leicester City haven’t fared too well recently, they still come into this contest with a huge advantage, enjoying a 61% win probability to Fulham’s 17%. In fact, a draw is actually more likely than an away win, with a 22% posibility. Therefore, we recommend you back the favourites, and you’ll find good low-risk 8/15 Leicester match odds at Paddy Power.

Previous matches

When Leicester City and Fulham first began facing off at the turn of the 20th century, Fulham were quite clearly the dominant side, gaining six victories in a row. We’re sure they would be very content to have a similar reign of recent matches to look upon. Sadly though, there’s only two recent enough to be relevant for this game in our opinion.

The last did go to a draw though, meaning there’s more hope in the history books than some may expect. Plus, their previous 4-3 League Cup clash in 2013 was a tough one. However, that’s still a long time ago in the world of football.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Harvey Barnes & Aleksandar Mitrović

Leicester City: Harvey Barnes

Although Jamie Vardy might be the obvious pick here, we think it’s up-and-coming prospect Harvey Barnes who will be the most interesting to watch heading into this match. The winger didn’t have the opportunity to make an impact in their outing against Watford but was absolutely electric on the wing in their win over Brighton. He’s even managed to look good during losing performances. He’s a top talent for the club.

Fulham: Aleksandar Mitrović

Leicester City fans have the luxury of being able to enjoy their up-and-coming players show what they are made of in this contest. Fulham, on the other hand, are currently staring down the barrel of relegation. Therefore, they need results. And with André Schürrle’s injury status under question, there can only be one man for the job and that is their key goalscorer Aleksandar Mitrović.

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