Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur – Betting Tips & Predictions – 21/09

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

Each side has managed two wins, two draws and a loss in the five matches they’ve participated in thus far in this season of the Premier League, leading to a tightly run showdown. Leicester may have looked lucky to survive their first outing against Wolves but their point against Chelsea was hard earned, and their wins over Sheffield United and Bournemouth were absolute stunners. Only their loss to Manchester United truly exposed their weaknesses.

Spurs have been no slouch either, besting Aston Villa to kick off their season in style, and looking great in draws against both Manchester City and Arsenal. Just like Leicester, they only looked truly weak in one outing, and that’s their drab 1-0 loss to Newcastle. Still, Spurs bounce back fast, as evidenced by their dissection of Crystal Palace. Viewed in a vacuum, there’s very little to pull these teams apart in the season thus far.

Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur Prediction: Leicester 1-2 Spurs

You can’t view this season in a vacuum though. Spurs have the better record over a longer period, giving them an edge here. On top of that, we think if we were forced to pick a better team thus far, we’d have to give it to Spurs by the slightest of margins. There might not be much between them but considering how vulnerable Leicester’s defences looked against United, and Tottenham’s blistering last performance, we’d say Spurs do have a small advantage. Their offence-driven style usually forces their opponents to respond likewise, meaning few of their games end with less than two goals. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 2-1 to Tottenham.

Our recommended tip: Both teams score

We’ve already gone over why we think this game is unlikely to end without at least a few goals. Just to reiterate though, only one of Tottenham’s last seven games have ended with a single goal at the final whistle. While it is less unusual for Leicester, we generally find that because of the pressure of Spurs’ creative offence, teams either fire back in a similar fashion or they fold completely. Considering the resilience of Leicester, we doubt it will be the latter. That means we think they’ll manage to at least walk away, victory or not, having penetrated the Tottenham defence. You can get low-risk 7/10 odds on both teams to score at SportingBet.

Previous matches

Another reason to give Tottenham the nod here as likely winners is their previous matches. Spurs won their last three encounters, with the most recent being a 3-1 clash back in February. Indeed, if we see anything close to resembling their epic 5-4 encounter from 2018, we’ll be in for a supremely thrilling game of football. Leicester last won this fixture in 2017 and also picked up wins in the two previous years. But they are statistically still lagging behind when you look at the whole picture. All in all, what you see in these stats reiterates our view that Leicester are in with a solid chance, but also don’t seem like the likely victors.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Jamie Vardy & Heung-min Son

Leicester City: Jamie Vardy

Considering his performances thus far and the calibre of player he is in general, we really couldn’t pick anyone else. If you’re looking out for someone to break through the defences of a team of the quality of Tottenham, Vardy is that level of player. Not only has he scored three league goals this season, leading his team to victory twice, but he also averaged a goal a game in his last four outings against Spurs.

Tottenham Hotspur: Heung-min Son

Similar to our last example, Leicester know the sting of Heung-min Son just as Spurs have felt the same from Vardy. Heung-min Son has scored two-for-two against Leicester in their previous couple of games. And, of course, we shouldn’t need to tell you of his generally astonishing abilities and record. Actually, two seems to be the magic number, as he also managed a brace against Crystal Palace in Tottenham’s last Premier League outing.

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