Liverpool vs Cardiff City – Betting Tips & Predictions – 27-10

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Liverpool are riding high this season. Although they sit in the spot below defending champions Manchester City, they do so on the same points and look to be in a position to remain a serious threat and contender to the Premier League crown. Cardiff, on the other hand, find themselves perilously close to the relegation zone and only a recent win against Fulham has given them some breathing room after a brutal losing streak. They seem like a team that are really struggling to find their way after promotion and quite frankly, Liverpool are an incredible challenge for a side trying to adapt to the tougher Premier League environment.

Liverpool vs Cardiff City Prediction: Liverpool 4-1 Cardiff

Well, we think we’ve made it clear who our pick in this prediction is. Honestly, we think you’ll find it hard to find any reputable prediction that pegs Cardiff City as being most likely to win this contest. There’s simply no metric – whether it’s recent performances, results or their head-to-head history – by which we could see an away side victory being the most probable outcome. The question then is by what result do we see Liverpool winning?

Cardiff have managed to score against some tough teams even in defeat. So, here we think we’ll see a repeat of their result against Chelsea, with this match ending 4-1 to Liverpool.

Our recommended tip: Both teams score

When you consider that we’ve already said why we think Cardiff will manage to get at least a goal in – they managed it against Chelsea and Arsenal, after all – and that they are also the firm underdogs in both our opinion and in general, then the prediction for both teams to score is really a simple, logical conclusion to our analysis thus far. With odds of 6/5 available from Betfair, this is a solid low risk-bet, even if the predictions are right and it ends up being fairly one-sided.

Previous matches

One ray of hope that Cardiff City can enjoy is that they are the overall winners of their head-to-head history against Liverpool. Unfortunately, when it comes to what really matters – and that’s their modern clashes – they are the obvious losers. That’s because, while the statistics might be interesting, their wins in the 1950s aren’t going to be much use to them here we’re afraid.

They’ve had four games this century and Liverpool have won every single one of them. Before that, their last contest was in 1959, where they faced off in the second division and Cardiff City were on a five-match winning streak. They’ll no doubt be hoping to turn back the clock this Saturday.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Mohamed Salah & Sol Bamba

Liverpool – Mohamed Salah

One thing that has been especially impressive about Liverpool’s excellent season thus far is that they’ve done so with a large set of injury issues. This remains true for their upcoming contest against Cardiff. So, with that in mind, we’ll give the nod to Mohamed Salah. He has silenced critics as of late with brilliant performances following a disappointing start to the season, as we’ve seen in his fabulous double against Red Star Belgrade.

Cardiff – Sol Bamba

A huge piece of the puzzle when putting together Cardiff’s brilliant Championship season, Sol Bamba is both the type of man they hoped would bring them promotion last year and, this time around, a player many hope will keep them in it. We feel we haven’t seen the best of Sol Bamba so far though. It’s hard to shine in a struggling squad, but we’ve got flashes of his brilliance, and we’re hoping to see a lot more. Cardiff worked so hard to get here off the back of players like Bamba, and for them to fail to show off their talents on this stage would be a great shame.

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