Liverpool vs Everton – Betting Tips & Predictions – 04/12

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


We aren’t going to beat around the bush here. Unless you have stumbled across this article by accident, there’s a very good chance that you know that Liverpool are coming into this contest as overwhelming favourites. We would like to say that it’s simply due to the brilliance of the Liverpool team but sadly, it’s also down to Everton’s significant flaws.

That’s not to say that Liverpool have been anything less than brilliant. Their form in and out of the Premier League has been sensational over the last several months, with only a couple of disappointments – like the draw against Napoli – showing weakness.

Everton, on the other hand, hang just above the relegation zone – even if their win against Southampton and their recent performance against Leicester do suggest that they deserve more. Still, that has seemed to have given few bookmakers much confidence here.

Liverpool vs Everton Prediction: Liverpool 2-0 Everton

Well, there are a couple of reasons that an underdog victory is a possibility. First off, virtually anything is in the Premier League, and we have seen far bigger surprises than this. Furthermore, Everton are far from a bad team and have shown, even in the difficult seasons, their clear potential. Finally, the Merseyside derby may help motivate their performance. Having said all this though, we still think it is a long shot. Possible does not mean probable, and the gulf in the standings is no accident. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 2-0 to Liverpool.

Our recommended tip: Liverpool win to nil

While Liverpool do have defensive flaws, the struggling firepower of Everton makes us think that this is a game where they can walk away with that clean sheet. Not only have Everton failed to pull the trigger on many occasions over the last several months, but they also may be looking – and we certainly aren’t arguing with the tactic – to grind this one down and walk away with a point. We don’t think they will succeed, but that will further worsen their chances of scoring. Based on that, our recommended tip is Liverpool to win to nil, which has competitive 6/4 odds from BetVictor.

Previous matches

Many may be surprised to learn that Everton’s all-time winning record against Liverpool isn’t actually that bad. They’ve won 82 compared to their opponent’s 119 victories, which is respectable against one of the finest teams in English football. However, that first match was way back in 1894 and things are looking much bleaker for the Toffees in modern times. While they regularly draw against Liverpool – it’s close to a 50% likelihood each time in recent years – they last won a game back in February 2010, in a memorable Premier League battle. No doubt about it, this is a big historical advantage for Liverpool.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Virgil van Dijk & Mason Holgate

Liverpool: Virgil van Dijk

It’s always so tough to pick one player in a team of all-stars like Liverpool. We could choose almost any member of that squad and it would look like a convincing choice, so high has the bar been set. However, after his performance in their last match against Brighton, we’re going to go with Virgin van Dijk. That’s not just for hitting his first goal of the season since the first game, but for his incredible pass accuracy glueing his team together.

Everton: Mason Holgate

We think when you’re looking at a game as difficult as this one, your defence may be even more important than your offence. Realistically, Everton haven’t had much success in winning this derby in a long time, but they have managed to defend successfully and walk away with a point on many occasions. If they manage to do so here, we expect the exceptional Mason Holgate will be a big reason why. Plus, his ability to thrive under pressure is a huge advantage in an environment like this.

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