Manchester City vs Chelsea – Betting Tips & Predictions – 10/02

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


The Premier League is made for matches just like this, with Chelsea and Manchester City being among the best the world has to offer. As we move into the latter stages of the season – with both having plenty to prove and time running out –, we’re hoping for a brilliant, passionate display of football.

Both teams have shown that they are up to the task. Chelsea’s recent sterling performance against Huddersfield and City’s toppling of Arsenal and Everton are evidence of this. However, they have also each encountered instances where they have shown their weaknesses, such as Man City’s losses in December and Chelsea’s brutal 4-0 loss to Bournemouth.

Each have made strides to patch up their flaws and come into this with renewed vigour, and there are few better teams to test their mettle against than each other.

Manchester City vs Chelsea Prediction: Man City 2-0 Chelsea

Despite each team having a mixed bag of results in recent months, the fact is that Chelsea’s lows have been deeper than Manchester City’s. Not only that but it feels like Chelsea are still working some things out strategically, while City have – despite slip-ups – largely gotten their house in order.

Against most teams, Chelsea can afford to be a little experimental, as we saw against Huddersfield. Unfortunately for them, City are not most teams. Considering this and just how vital this game is to City’s title hunt, we think they will just be too much for the Blues to handle. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is for Man City to win 2-0.

Our recommended tip: Manchester City win

While they may be tied on points with rivals Liverpool, Manchester City are currently back at the top of the Premier League. Although Chelsea are in a respectable fourth place position, it’s just not enough to sway the odds in their favour over the defending champions. The stats speak for themselves, with the home team coming into this contest with a 65% win probability, which gives them the significant lead over Chelsea’s 14%. Therefore, we recommend that punters play it safe and back the favourites to victory to get low-risk 1/2 odds at Coral.

Previous matches

Although we have predicted Manchester City to win, Chelsea fans will find hope in their previous encounter. This saw the Blues defy the odds and come out with a 2-0 win mere months ago. It’s a win that was very much needed to provide Chelsea with some confidence heading into this contest, especially considering it came after a trio of losses to the defending champions.

These are the most relevant games to this match but City and Chelsea do have a long and fascinating history. It is one that stretches all the way back to 1907 and sees Chelsea come out with a small advantage in terms of winning percentages.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Sergio Agüero & Gonzalo Higuaín

Manchester City: Sergio Agüero

Despite failing to capitalise on his chances in their 2-0 victory over Everton in their last Premier League outing, Sergio Agüero remains an absolute standout in a team full of them. And when you’re going up against a team of the calibre of Chelsea, you have to rely on your big guns to get the job done. After his astonishing hat-trick against Arsenal, there can be little doubt that there are few deadlier than Agüero.

Chelsea: Gonzalo Higuaín

There is no one more important to Chelsea’s offensive strategy than recent signing Gonzalo Higuaín. There were a lot of doubters following that disastrous Bournemouth clash but Higuaín bounced back with a sterling performance that helped lead the team to their excellent 5-0 win over Huddersfield. This not only proved his value but also the effectiveness of Higuaín and Hazard as a strike force. However, there’s no bigger challenge than this and if Higuaín can prove himself here, few will question his position.

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