Manchester City vs Crystal Palace – Betting Tips & Predictions – 18/01

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


At first glance, the story heading into this match seems like a simple one. Manchester City are steamrolling through the competition in the midst of a likely fruitless but nonetheless exhilarating comeback following a disappointing season. Crystal Palace – who on the face of it aren’t doing terribly but seem to be treading water in the middle of the standings – look like mere bait for the vengeful former champions.

However, if City think they are going to make an easy meal out of this one, they may find they have bitten off more than they can chew. No doubt the home side are the favourites, but Palace have proven terribly tough to beat. Just look at the fight they put up against Arsenal for proof of that.

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Prediction: Man City 3-0 Crystal Palace

While we predict Manchester City will have a tougher time than many fans seem to think in this match, we still have to put them as favourites to win it. However, there is of course the option of a draw. Considering that Palace have managed to pull a point out of five of their last eight encounters, it’s certainly within their wheelhouse. Unfortunately for them, City are no ordinary team, and so we don’t expect Crystal Palace to achieve the ordinary result here. For that reason, our scoreline prediction is 3-0 to Manchester City.

Our recommended tip: Sergio Agüero scores twice or more

We think City will be so dominant here for two simple reasons: their track record and their quality all across the pitch. Crystal Palace may very well learn that tactics which work against lesser teams fail to succeed against the mighty Manchester City. With that said, who do we think will be behind the ball? The main issue with this prediction is that there’s so much talent to choose from. However, after that amazing hat-trick over Aston Villa, we think Sergio Agüero is a solid bet to score two or more goals. You’ll get competitive 15/8 odds on this wager at Betfair.

Previous matches

There’s probably not as many matches between these two as you may think, with a little more than 60 encounters in nearly 100 years. That seems so little for teams with their level of history. Even so, City run away with the overall statistical advantage, and as is generally the case with this side, their stats become more dominant in recent years. They’ve won nine out of 11 of their last contests with Palace, often in decisive fashion. However, the away team do have one recent memory to give them hope, thanks to their dramatic 3-2 win in the 2018 Premier League. With that said, City have a clear historical advantage.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Sergio Agüero & Jaïro Riedewald

Manchester City: Sergio Agüero

Considering our recommended tip, how could we go with anyone else? The merits of the Aston Villa encounter alone would be enough to make him the player to watch but Sergio has been consistently astonishing us in and out of the Premier League. We are simply amazed that he seems to keep finding new ways of making our jaws drop to the floor. As always, we’re excited to see what he will do next.

Crystal Palace: Jaïro Riedewald

Crystal Palace may not have been able to pry a victory away from Arsenal but they looked incredibly impressive at the end of the 1-1 draw. And for us, the player that stood out the most was the terrific Jaïro Riedewald, whose consistent defending kept Palace alive throughout. Considering the onslaught they are likely to come under here, they’ll need his skills more than ever.

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