Manchester City vs Fulham – Betting Tips & Predictions – 15-09

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

This is a true David vs Goliath contest. Man City are the returning champions, and not only did they win the Premier League last time around but they did so with an unprecedented 100 point season.

Fulham, on the other hand, also had a successful last season in the Championship, with a playoff victory over Aston Villa leading them back to the Premier League for the first time in several years. However, they’ve struggled since the leap, losing to Crystal Palace and Tottenham and drawing against Brighton. So far, their only win has been against Burnley, who currently sit a place away from rock bottom in the league table. They’ve also failed to beat Man City for over a decade.

You can never say never in football though, and although an upset is unlikely, always remember that stranger things happen quite regularly in the beautiful game.

Manchester City vs Fulham Prediction: Manchester City 3-1 Fulham

We’re not going to beat around the bush here: it should be fairly obvious that the most likely outcome of this match is a Man City victory. There’s always the chance for an upset, but it seems like a pretty small possibility. The question then is by what margin will City win?

They have been conceding goals fairly often lately, so we think Fulham will probably manage to net one by the end of 90 minutes. That being said, we also think that Man City’s attacking strength will prove to be too much for Fulham on more than one occasion, meaning our best pick for this match is a 3-1 win for Manchester City.

Our recommended tip: Man City Win

The defending Premier League champions are the clear favourites here, with Man City coming into this match with an astonishing 86% win probability compared to their rival’s 4%. Backing the favourites is, therefore, an extremely safe bet and Ladbrokes are offering odds of 1/9 on a home side victory. If you want to increase your potential ROI, then you can go slightly higher risk with your wager by predicting that Man City will keep a clean sheet to win to nil against Fulham, as Ladbrokes have 17/20 odds on this result. Bear in mind though that, as we mentioned, Man City have been letting the odd goal in during their recent games.

Previous matches

If you’re a Fulham fan looking for some optimism in their previous head-to-head encounters, we’re afraid that you’ll be looking for quite some time. These two teams last faced in 2014, in a match which ended in a comprehensive 5-0 win for Manchester City.

Before that, things get little better for Fulham. They were defeated 4-2 and 2-0 in 2013 and things go on like that, with the occasional draw for close to a decade – long before you can reasonably consider a victory to be relevant to a modern meeting.

This is another clear advantage for Man City, although if Fulham want to take some comfort, they do retain some element of surprise.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Sergio Agüero & Aleksandar Mitrović

Manchester City: Sergio Agüero

The Argentinian striker missed the end of last season due to knee surgery in April, which he’s said has left him feeling “the best in years” – and it shows. He’s been an absolute house on fire so far this season, scoring a hat-trick in their utter mauling of Huddersfield and coming close to netting the winning goal against Wolves. With him likely leaving when his contract expires in 2020, his presence may prove irreplaceable.

Fulham: Aleksandar Mitrović

Despite playing only half a season, Aleksandar Mitrović went above and beyond all expectations by completely transforming Fulham’s attacking game, giving them a fresh and dangerous offence. How much further can Mitrović go this year without the handicap of starting late? Fulham may not have set the world on fire, but with three goals to his name after four games, Mitrović is a player that no team – not even City – should underestimate.

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