Manchester United vs Fulham – Betting Tips & Predictions – 08/12

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


While the betting odds for these two might be light years apart, they do have one thing in common in the fact that they have both had very interesting seasons, and not always for the right reasons – actually, in the case of Fulham, it’s pretty much never for the right reasons.

Manchester United’s tensions have been well-documented and, coming off the back of a trio of draws and a 3-1 loss to Man City, they clearly aren’t over yet. Meanwhile, Fulham are having an absolutely brutal season, sitting at the bottom of the pile with a mere nine points to their name. Beating United would certainly be quite the way to make a comeback, while their opponents will see the struggling side as a way to rebuild their momentum.

Manchester United vs Fulham Prediction: Man United 2-0 Fulham

Looking for hope for Fulham hasn’t yielded many results this season. However, we do have one example for you: Manchester United were held to a draw by Southampton recently, a team that Fulham bested 3-2. If Fulham and United repeat the quality of these performances, we could be in for a shock result.

Is that enough to peg Fulham as favourites? Quite frankly, no. While this shows that a win here is possible, it’s simply not enough to make it likely. Plus, we think Manchester United will be going in hard here, hungry for a win. Therefore, we predict that Man United will defeat Fulham 2-0, leaving the latter still at the bottom of the table and giving the legendarily home side something to cheer about.

Our recommended tip: Man United win to nil

There’s no doubt about it, the stats are definitely in the home side’s favour in this contest. Manchester United are coming into this content with a huge 71% win probability, compared to just 11% for Fulham. Ladbrokes are offering match result odds of 5/6 on The Red Devils, making this a very safe bet indeed. However, if you still want to back the favourites but with a higher potential ROI, then we recommend you predict that they will win to nil, as the bookmaker have 27/20 odds available on this wager.

Previous matches

Another silver lining in Fulham’s cloudy skies is that the last time they met Manchester United, they managed to hold them off to a 2-2 draw in a brilliant performance by the underdogs. It’s something that should be studied intensely by the team as they work out a strategy for the challenge ahead.

Unfortunately for them though, not all their past matches were this fruitful. They lost several between 2014 and 2010, when they once again drew 2-2. Aside from an astonishing set of back-to-back wins in 2009, the side have fallen to United time after time. These results reinforce what we thought: a Fulham win is possible but quite unlikely.

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Players to watch: Romelu Lukaku & Aleksandar Mitrović

Manchester United: Romelu Lukaku

With Man United plagued with injuries at the moment, it could be a great opportunity for Romelu Lakaku to once again prove his worth to his team. He may need it after he failed to make an impression after being brought off the bench in the second half of their 2-2 draw against Arsenal and pundit criticism by former star Paul Ince. Against a team with the difficulties of Fulham, and with less competition to take the spotlight, this would be an ideal time for the forward to make his presence known. Let’s see if he manages it.

Fulham: Aleksandar Mitrović

Could there really be any other choice? Fulham may not have impressed as often as they would have liked so far this season, but one man who has is the brilliant Aleksandar Mitrović. His goal-scoring prowess may have single-handedly saved the team from utter embarrassment throughout their recent Premier League tenure. His run of six goals in four matches is the stuff of legend, and he’s absolutely the difference maker this struggling side needs to break out of this slump and move into a higher gear.

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