Newcastle United vs Chelsea – Betting Tips & Predictions – 18/01

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Although they are very far apart in the Premier League standings, both these sides have been pushing for change. Chelsea have been struggling with inconsistency – consider their up-and-down outing against Arsenal for proof of that. A disappointing follow-up draw against Brighton hardly helped matters either. Still, a 3-0 victory over Burnley did show them in finer form than we have seen for some time. This is something they will be looking to prove as a turning point in this game.

Things have looked even worse for Newcastle. While in the midst of an injury crisis, they lost three games in a row to round off 2019 and welcome in the New Year. However, a gutsy draw against Wolves, alongside a terrific 4-1 win over Rochdale in the FA Cup, have given them a sorely needed boost. Both have points to win and plenty to prove.

Newcastle United vs Chelsea Prediction: Newcastle 0-1 Chelsea

While each of these teams have issues that are being addressed to some extent, there’s little doubting that the problems in the Magpies’ camp are simply more severe at the time of writing. Heartening though recent performances have been, the fact remains that Newcastle have not yet won a match in the Premier League this year. Although not perfect, Chelsea are a terrifically tough club to try to make a clean break against. Not only that but we feel Chelsea’s improvement have more chance of making a lasting impact beyond the past few weeks. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 1-0 to Chelsea.

Our recommended tip: Total goals under 2.5

We predict this is going to be a close game due to the resilience of the teams involved and how important this game is for each of them in terms of the turnaround they are trying to make. For that reason, we think there’s a solid chance that both will be playing relatively conservatively. Not only that but five of Chelsea’s last seven games ended with two goals or less being scored. If you want to bet on this being a tight-knit low-scoring match, you’ll find competitive 5/4 odds on a total goals under 2.5 wager at 888Sport.

Previous matches

You’d better believe that two legendary sides like Newcastle United and Chelsea have had some absolute wars over the years, with over 150 matches taking place across a century. Chelsea hold the overall statistical advantage but not by as much as you might think. They’ve won 74 matches to Newcastle’s 53. However, this has changed over time, with Chelsea becoming much more dominant in the modern era. Out of the last 10 matches between these two, Chelsea have won seven and the Magpies won two. That tells us two things: historically, Chelsea have the advantage, and their games overwhelmingly go to a clear finish.

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Players to watch: Martin Dúbravka & Callum Hudson-Odoi

Newcastle United: Martin Dúbravka

With the Magpies likely to be on the back foot for a lot of this match, they’ll need superb defences to be able to take the fight back to Chelsea. Their last line of defence is, of course, goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka. He will be absolutely vital in ensuring that Newcastle can stay alive long enough – just as he did with two terrific saves against Wolves – to strike back in what will likely be a tense contest.

Chelsea: Callum Hudson-Odoi

After his goal against Burnley, Frank Lampard declared that the ‘real Callum Hudson-Odoi’ had returned following a rather reluctant season due to an Achilles injury back in April. With that goal from 30 yards, his glimmering potential once again came to to the forefront of people’s minds. And just like them, we are excited to see whether this return to form is long term.

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