Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur – Betting Tips & Predictions – 11-08

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021

Two teams with a century-long history are set to open their first round of 2018/19 Premier League matches in what will surely be a tough and hard-fought battle of wills. These opening matches are so important when it comes to setting the stage for each side’s confidence going into the rest of the season, particularly when it’s against two very closely matched teams. You can easily make the argument that this is one of the most vital games either will play anytime soon.

Confidence will matter a great deal for both sides, especially Newcastle United who have been in a bit of a slump as of late. This is nothing unusual for the team though. In fact, when we look over their season, we can see a pattern emerging. More than most, Newcastle seem affected by momentum: once they get into a winning streak, as we recently saw through much of March and April, they tend to stay there. Unfortunately, on the other hand, once they fail to win for a game of two, more often than not, a negative trend continues for some time. As of right now, with only one of five pre-season matches going their way, they find themselves somewhat on the back foot heading into this match.

Spurs on the other hand certainly have had a better run coming up to this match. They ended their previous Premier League season in third place and on a high note with back-to-back wins, with one of them notably being against Newcastle themselves. However, they’ve not found Newcastle United easy to beat in the past, even considering that recent victory. Plus, their 4-1 mauling by Girona in their last match has certainly shown their vulnerabilities.

As a pace setter for the tournament and a fascinating entry in the history of the two teams’ rivalry, this is certainly one you won’t want to miss.

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur Prediction: Newcastle United 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur

These are two top tier teams that know each other very well and are unlikely to make many mistakes. We would certainly say that to see any kind of very dominant win here would be quite unlikely.

However, one thing that we must acknowledge about Tottenham is that they managed to maintain a clean sheet against a lot of strong teams in their previous season, and did so against AC Milan very recently. Perhaps more vitally, they also managed to avoid conceding a single point against Newcastle mere months ago in May.

We think then, taking that into account, along with how close we think this match will be and the edge that Tottenham have in recent performances, that the away side will just about walk away with the win here, while also managing to avoid conceding a goal. That means that our prediction for Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur is that history repeats itself and Tottenham once again beat Newcastle United 1-0.

Our recommended tip: Tottenham clean sheet

Tottenham Hotspur are the favourites by the bookmakers to win in Saturday’s Premier League contest against home side rivals Newcastle United. Online operator novibet are giving them the advantage with odds of 21/20 on an away side victory, compared to 27/10 for a Newcastle United win and 23/10 for a drawn result. As the odds are already in their favour, punters looking to back Tottenham to victory can predict that they will not only win their first Premier League 2018/19 match at St James’ Park but put in a confident performance by keeping a clean sheet. Novibet are offering competitive odds of 33/20 on this result, making it a medium risk but one with the potential to give a higher ROI than a simple match result wager.

Previous matches

We’ve already mentioned – as it’s almost impossible not to in any discussion about this upcoming match – that Tottenham Hotspur already own a very recent victory against Newcastle from when they beat them 1-0 in May of the previous season. It’s a huge boost to any side’s confidence when they’re going into a match knowing that they’ve already got the job done once before in a recent match. This is especially true when you consider they also won their 2017 clash 2-0.

However, we couldn’t completely give the advantage to Spurs. Historically speaking, those two matches only make up a drop in the ocean of the contests that these teams have had over the years and rarely has one managed to hold much of an advantage over the other for any significant stretch of time. Right before these victories, Newcastle bested Tottenham 5-1 in a devastating loss, and won before that again in a much closer 2-1 contest. Going further back, things go back-and-forth on literally dozens upon dozens of occasions. If history is teaching us anything here, it’s just how evenly matched these two have been for such an extraordinary period of time.

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Players to watch: Jamaal Lascelles & Christian Erikson

While there are plenty of Newcastle players who we could have easily chosen here instead, for consistency alone, we have to go with the ever-reliable team captain Jamaal Lascelles. If there’s one thing that Newcastle United need when heading into a high pressure Premier League match off the back of some disappointing results, it’s the man that is the poster boy for cool, calm and collected. However, that’s not to say that he’s only here for his sensible head for the game. He has sparkled plenty of times this year in and out of the Premier League. When you consider he’s managed to shine while also leveraging the pressures of being captain of a once volatile side, his accomplishments seem even more impressive.

If there’s one man to look out for – one who Newcastle and the rest of the league will be worried about as an up-and-coming show stealer and all-around threat on the field – then it’s the man that many in the know consider to be the most underrated player in the world, Christian Eriksen. He has been both an incredible playmaker and goal scorer, and quite simply is a master of taking advantage of opportunities to make them count. With Newcastle’s defence looking vulnerable lately, he very well could be the difference in this closely fought contest.

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