Norwich City vs Arsenal – Betting Tips & Predictions – 01/12

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


This is a very interesting time for both Norwich City and Arsenal, with a very complicated dynamic heading into this match. On one hand, Arsenal are favourites. However, few would argue that they won’t be affected by upheaval in light of the sacking of manager Unai Emery. Ever since they lost that classic 10-goal encounter with Liverpool, it has been as though something has been a touch off for the Gunners. They have failed to win seven games and few have denied that something needed to change at the Emirates Stadium.

Norwich actually went on an even more dreadful run – a seven-match draught of their own, with only a single draw to help them gasp for air. However, Nowich looked so reinvigorated in their recent win over Everton, that there is a serious sense of momentum behind them heading into this match.

Norwich City vs Arsenal Prediction: Norwich 1-2 Arsenal

This is such a tough one to predict because it rests largely on whether Norwich can provide another knockout performance. It’s entirely possible, but one match doesn’t transform a season full of disappointments. We feel they’ll fall a little short of that mark, and also of defeating Arsenal. There was serious consideration though, based off Arsenal’s recent record of dragging games to stalemates, the same would happen here. However, we sense that dam is breaking in terms of their patience, meaning they’ll go all out here. And we think that’s a tactic that will see them rewarded. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 2-1 to Arsenal.

Our recommended tip: Both teams score

The reasoning behind this recommended tip is simple: we think both sides will be highly motivated to go heavy on the attack. We’d be surprised to see a conservative effort here. Considering that Arsenal at least manage to score in the vast, vast majority of their outings – while Norwich will come into this game highly motivated by the desire to capitalise on that win over Everton – we think both will manage to score by the end of the 90 minutes. You can get good low-risk 4/9 odds from BetVictor on this wager.

Previous matches

Perhaps we should be surprised that the bookmakers aren’t giving Norwich even higher odds considering their head-to-head history with Arsenal. Norwich last bested Arsenal in 2012. If that doesn’t sound too bad for a recently promoted side, consider that these two have actually faced six times since then, with the Gunners winning every one of those outings with the exception of one 2015 clash that ended in a draw. On the plus side, Norwich have had quite the transformation since their last encounter, and will be hoping to defy history once more.

Top 3 Premier League Bookies

Players to watch: Kenny McLean & Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Norwich City: Kenny McLean

After that performance in Norwich City’s comeback spectacular over Everton, how could we give our coveted players to watch spot to anyone other than Kenny Mclean. He was simply phenomenal with 72 touches and 41 passes. Little happened on that field without Kenny being involved in some way or another. We’ve said Norwich need to repeat that quality here to win, and Kenny will be key to that.

Arsenal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The bottom line is that, right now, Arsenal don’t need memorable performances. They had that against Liverpool and look at what good it did them. They need results. And there’s few better in the world at providing those results than star forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He hasn’t scored in the Premier League for nearly a month – an absolute age for a player like Aubameyang. However, he did see the back of the net in the Europa League, and will no doubt be hoping to bring some of that magic back home.

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