Norwich City vs Aston Villa – Betting Tips & Predictions – 05/10

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Not only is this a battle between the two teams most recently promoted from the Championship but it is also an early fight for survival, as this game could send either team into the relegation danger zone. However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Norwich may have only won two of their six games in the Premier League thus far. But considering one – their 3-1 win over Newcastle – featured an astonishing hat-trick by Teemu Pukki, and the other saw them beat none other than defending champions Manchester City in the biggest upset of the league so far, there’s plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic.

Aston Villa too have had their moments, although their single victory against Everton remains their only truly consistent performance so far this season. Perhaps an old Championship rival will bring out the quality they need.

Norwich City vs Aston Villa Prediction: Norwich 1-1 Aston Villa

Without any disrespect to Aston Villa, Norwich, despite their issues, have played better both so far this season and in the last Championship season. However, injuries have absolutely plagued them as of late, with no less than a possible 10 players being out on the injury list. You can see in their failure to follow up on their epic win over Manchester City how badly this has hurt them in both performance and points. This hugely increases Aston Villa’s chances, but considering their struggling form, it’s not by enough for us to give them the nod here. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 1-1.

Our recommended tip: Both teams score

If you’re not completely sold on our scoreline prediction, then both teams to score is an excellent choice for a wager. That’s because it provides a greater chance for success while still keeping in mind our reasoning behind our previous points. These two teams just seem too closely matched – both in their strengths and vulnerabilities – for a clean sheet for either side to seem the most likely outcome. Plus, both teams have scored in their last four encounters. If you agree with our recommended tip, then you’ll find good low-risk 13/25 odds on this result at MarathonBet.

Previous matches

Well, we’ve already given away that, if nothing else, the previous encounters between these two sides were certainly action-packed. They were also – at least in terms of their most recent outings – all going one way. Norwich bested Aston Villa in their last three matches, and that’s really no surprise considering just how dominant Norwich were in the 2018/19 season. Before that, things are pretty much back-and-forth, and many of those recent games were very close. However, due to that recent hot streak, Norwich get the advantage in previous matches.

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Players to watch: Teemu Pukki & John McGinn

They may be reeling from a truly terrible list of injuries but at least Norwich City can still rely on Teemu Puuki for some serious firepower. Not only did he score that sensational hat-trick over Newcastle United, but he also scored the winning goal against Manchester City. Without exaggeration, Norwich could be without a win this season without Pukki. And here, he may be the key to unlocking victory once again.

They may be having an inconsistent season – even more so than their opponents – and are facing some injury concerns of their own but Aston Villa do have a rock of performance quality in John McGinn. He has scored two goals in his last three Premier League games, making his opponents fearful of his ultra accurate left foot strikes.

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