Norwich City vs Chelsea – Betting Tips & Predictions – 24/08

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


Shocking though it may be to say, but the newly promoted Norwich City actually come into this game with more points and more momentum than the mighty Chelsea. It didn’t start off so well. They were introduced to the top-tier of English football with a comprehensive 4-1 loss to Liverpool. There’s no bigger introduction to the jump in competition than a game like that.

However, Chelsea suffered an even more devastating result, losing 4-0 against Manchester United. And they don’t have the excuse of inexperience to help them through. They also didn’t manage to bounce back like Norwich, who stunned Newcastle with a brilliant 3-1 victory. This result announced to the rest of the league that they weren’t a team to be taken lightly.
Can Norwich continue to defy the odds, or will the Premier League legend Chelsea finally affirm their place as a threat this season?

Norwich City vs Chelsea Prediction: Norwich 1-2 Chelsea

Sure, the Blues had a disastrous start to the season. However, their 1-1 draw against Leicester was a comeback in everything but the result. It showed a young, energetic version of Chelsea who were unlucky to not have walked away with three points. If they can simply match that performance, their opponents are going to have a nightmare pulling a victory from such a hungry side. However, Norwich City aren’t going down easy and will fight tooth and nail to pull off this huge upset. We think they’ll fall just short, leading us to a scoreline prediction of 2-1 to Chelsea.

Our recommended tip: Both teams score

Neither team has managed to walk away with a clean sheet in the Premier League thus far, nor have they looked likely to. When you consider that and the fact that both have so much riding on this game – Chelsea have a reputation to uphold, while Norwich will be desperate to cling onto their precious and hard-won momentum – we don’t think either are coming away from this without conceding a single goal. If you want to go with our recommended tip, BetFred offer good low-risk 4/7 odds on both teams to score.

Previous matches

The overall fixture statistics between these two are probably a lot closer than many would expect. Chelsea do take the advantage, but only by six games in over 40 meetings. Unfortunately for Norwich fans, most of their victories came a long time ago. In fact, their last win over Chelsea took place in 1994: a 3-0 win in the Premier League. We’ve little doubt they’d be ecstatic were that piece of history to repeat itself here. Since then, almost every meeting has seen Chelsea victorious – although a draw in the FA Cup last year does provide another pocket of hope for the underdog side.

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Players to watch: Teemu Pukki & Mason Mount

Could it be anyone else? After his astonishing hat-trick over Newcastle United, there is no other player we could really pick to be this game’s one to watch. And this was far from a one off. Teemu Pukki was the difference maker for Norwich last season, scoring 29 goals throughout. Many wondered whether he could covert that success to the big league. If his astonishing performance against Newcastle has provided a hint to the answer, then a similar outing here may very well confirm it.

Not only did Mason Mount score in under 10 minutes in their ultimately unsuccessful outing against Norwich City, but he proved to be a shining example of the youthful and exuberant Chelsea that we hope to see grow under Lampard this season. Mount was everywhere that game, completing 31 passes and creating chance after chance. This time around, perhaps more of those chances will break through.

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