Shrewsbury vs Liverpool – Betting Tips & Predictions – 26-01

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


It could be one of the biggest upsets in FA Cup history. While we don’t want to give away our prediction just yet, we think you can probably guess which way we’re leaning.

Shrewbury’s season in League One is going about as expected. In fact, they sit in the exact same position – 16th – that they finished up at the end of the 2018/19 season. They come into this game off the back of an upset victory over Bristol City with a last minute strike by Pierre.

Liverpool, on the other hand, are running away with the Premier League title and look to do the same with the FA Cup. They will be hoping to make quick work of their underdog opponents. You need only look at their brilliant 2-1 victory over Wolves mere days ago to see that their light shines as brightly as ever.

Shrewsbury vs Liverpool Prediction: Shrewsbury 0-4 Liverpool

To look at Shrewsbury’s position from a positive, if you want some very high odds on a team to win, this is the game for you. Liverpool are likely to utterly outmatch Shrewsbury here, and their game is so complete that we don’t imagine they will be able to deliver much in terms of a return. Everything is, of course, possible in the world of football – just look at Liverpool’s shock 5-0 loss to Aston Villa at the end of 2019 for proof of that. However, we think in all likelihood, this will be a very dominant victory. With that in mind, our scoreline prediction is 4-0 to Liverpool.

Our recommended tip: Liverpool win by 4+ goals

Due to the mismatch here, not only do we think that a final scoreline of 4-0 to Liverpool is a realistic prediction – consider that the much more accomplished Leicester fell to Liverpool by exactly that amount a month to the day of this contest – but we think it is entirely possible that Liverpool could win by an even greater margin. It’s an entirely reasonable outcome given the gulf in expectations and you can get pretty generous odds on this wager, with Betfair offering 9/1 odds.

Previous matches

We’ve said time and time again that one of our favourite things about the FA Cup is its ability to throw together exciting and innovative match ups. Well, there’s few better examples than this. Shrewsbury and Liverpool have never met before – not in the FA Cup or any domestic league, ever. This is a more historic clash than you may initially realise then and it’s a dynamic we think better benefits Shrewsbury, as the element of surprise is often better utilised by the underdog team. Not that we think it will be enough to get them the win in the end.

Top 3 FA Cup Bookies

Players to watch: Aaron Pierre & Jordan Henderson

Shrewsbury: Aaron Pierre

Since Shrewbury are hoping to seriously defy the odds here, we may as well go with the man that brought them to the dance, Aaron Pierre. He surprised many with a goal against Bristol City. Realistically, we think he will be best served in his position in defence, as we imagine Shrewsbury will be on the back foot for much of this. But it’s good to know he has that game changing ability within him.

Liverpool: Jordan Henderson

There’s so many brilliant players in the Liverpool team that realistically, there’s always several names that could easily justify being the player to watch each and every week. This time around, we’re going to have to go with Jordan Henderson, thanks to his sensational performance in that thriller against Wolves days ago. Not only did he score and provide the assist, but he was absolutely brilliant throughout in his first game for the club since April.

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