Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa – Betting Tips & Predictions – 10/08

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


This is a very interesting match up, as the recently promoted Aston Villa face an enormous challenge in the form of Premier League heavyweights Tottenham Hotspur. How will Aston Villa cope being thrown into the deep end with one of the toughest sides in English football?

It should be an interesting one too, because if you look at each of these teams in terms of recent wins and losses, Villa have a significantly better record. However, Tottenham have done well over significantly tougher competition. We have to view wins over the likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid as more of an indicator of success than victories over Millwall and Bolton, without intending to undermine the efforts of those teams nor Villa’s achievements. But there’s no doubt that a win here will be a success on another level. Aston Villa will surely be eager to prove they have what it takes.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa Prediction: Spurs 2-0 Villa

While everyone likes an underdog tale, we have to say that we think Villa’s chances of victory are minimal. Despite all they have achieved, they have not proven themselves against a team with the experience or the abilities of Tottenham. On top of that, this is the exact kind of game Spurs love to take advantage of and really show off their offensive prowess: bewildering underprepared opponents with a flurry of creative attacks. We think for this reason, Tottenham will likely just be too much for their newly promoted opponents. We’re predicting a final scoreline of 2-0 in the home team’s favour.

Our recommended tip: Tottenham win to nil

Reiterating both our scoreline prediction and the reason behind our recommended tip, we believe that the strength of the offence from Tottenham will keep Aston Villa on the backfoot. We expect that, as a result, they will be unable to mount much of an offense of their own due to the effort needed to keep Spurs out of their goal. If 2-0 is too precise a precision, then winning to nil is a lower risk bet. You can get 109/100 odds from MarathonBet. If you’re looking for a medium risk bet, you can get 23/10 odds from Ladbrokes on Harry Kane scoring first.

Previous matches

Despite Aston Villa’s journey to the Championship and then back to the Premier League again, there’s not actually too notable a gap in the head-to-head history between these sides. It is also a fixture which Tottenham have largely dominated. They won the last contest – an FA Cup bout – by 2-0 in 2017. They were also victorious on several occasions during Aston Villa’s last Premier League run. These two had 16 Premier League matches from September 2008 to the present day. Aston Villa only managed to win two of them. In other words, a Villa win is a possible but very unlikely outcome here.

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Players to watch: Moussa Sissoko & Wesley Moraes

Many people picking a player to watch this game will immediately go to Harry Kane, especially with the absence of Son Heung-min. However, we are going to go with the sensational French football machine Moussa Sissoko. We think he could really go all out in impressive for his team’s opening Premier League contest. Considering how outstanding he was last season – and amidst rumours of a position change – it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The star signing for Aston Villa heading into this season is no doubt Brazilian striker Wesley Moraes. Despite signing for £22 million, many still view him as a bit of a bargain considering his astonishing ability and potential. He’s also one of the most anticipated debuts amongst all of the Premier League’s opening matches. Assuming he does hit the field during this game, all eyes should be on him.

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