Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea – Betting Tips & Predictions – 22/12

Last updated & checked: 10/08/2021


If you were simply to look at the stats alone, you would imagine that there would be little difference in terms of psychology heading into this match. After all, we have two Premier League juggernauts looking to finish in the top four in the midst of a seesaw season. However, there is a huge gulf in momentum and positivity heading into this contest.

Despite Chelsea being ahead in the standings, they have suffered desperately from defensive issues as of late. Tottenham, on the other hand, have bounced back from a disastrous start this season, with their recent war against Wolves being a perfect example of how far they have come. No doubt, Chelsea’s former manager Mourinho – who took over the post at Spurs – has had a huge impact on their improvement. Still, Chelsea more than have what it takes to stand up to top teams when they are on the right form.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea Prediction: Spurs 2-1 Chelsea

Our scoreline prediction is going to be a close one and most bookmakers seem to agree, barely putting much space between each side’s winning odds. However, a mix between Chelsea’s often lacklustre defence and Tottenham’s ability to take advantage of defensive weakness means that we are going to have to give the edge to Spurs here – especially after their last sensational Premier League outing. We also think that this dynamic will lead to a high scoring offensively minded match, meaning an action-packed if close scoreline prediction of 2-1 to Spurs.

Our recommended tip: Tottenham score over 1.5 goals

Tottenham have the tendency to drag matches into high scoring shootfests on many occasions. Against a team like Chelsea – whose defensive issues mean they are likely going to have to go all out in this regard – this kind of dynamic seems very likely. If you also follow that logic but don’t want to tie yourself down to a specific scoreline, we’d say that a bet for Tottenham to score over 1.5 goals is a solid choice. You’ll find good low-risk 10/11 odds available on this prediction from Marathonbet.

Previous matches

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that these two huge Premier League names have gone to battle many times over the years, from League Division One in 1909 all the way to the Premier League today. Most people also likely imagine that they’ve maintained a fairly close race over that time, and they’d be right. However, one team has managed to gain the advantage. Chelsea have both the overall statistical edge here and won the last two fixtures against Tottenham. This means they just pull ahead, even if we’re not sure it will be enough to see them victorious on this occasion.

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Players to watch: Son Heung-min & Tammy Abraham

Tottenham Hotspur: Son Heung-min

As part of our commentary on this match, we’ve made it clear the kind of contest we think we’re most likely to see, and that’s a forward, action-packed game. With that in mind, our players to watch will need to reflect that and there’s no shortage of potential goalscorers on the Spurs squad. We’ve decided to go with Son Heung-min who, alongside Harry Kane, must be considered one of Tottenham’s most devastating hitmen. And for us, that beautiful goal against Burnley just pushed him ahead.

Chelsea: Tammy Abraham

The Blues will need firepower of their own to battle back and we think there’s no better candidate right now than the sensational Tammy Abraham. Shockingly well-rounded for a 22-year-old, you only need to consider that the last couple of wins for Chelsea saw Abraham hit the back of the net to understand the kind of impact he can have. It’s worth pointing out too that both these goals were early in the game – something Spurs should be very wary of.

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